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The Punjab Public Service Commission is a government body responsible for hiring and administering the civil service and management services of the Punjab Province of Pakistan.

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PPSC keeps posting vacancies for a variety of jobs from time to time. The Punjab government has recently announced several vacant positions in Punjab. However, PPSC exams are mandatory for all these positions. Many people, however, are unaware of how to prepare for the PPSC educators’ exams. And where they can find useful resources. Here you will find all the materials, notes, and books for the preparation of the educators’ test.

Today you’ll learn:

  • What Types of Jobs Are Being Announced
  • How to prepare for the PPSC exam
  • ESE-preparation books and resources
  • SESE-Preparation books and resources
  • AEO Preparation book and resources
  • SSE Preparation book
  • Best publishers for preparing ESE, SESE, SSE, and AEO
  • FAQs

What Types of Jobs Are Being Announced?

A total of 27000+ jobs have been announced for both teaching and non-teaching staff in the province of Punjab. More than 16000 jobs are related to teaching, while more than 11000 jobs are related to non-teaching staff. This article will focus solely on teaching jobs. How can these jobs be secured? How to prepare for these jobs and where to find study materials, books, and notes. You may be able to secure one among the four jobs listed below:

  • ESE:     (Elementary School Educator)                         (BS-09)
  • SESE:   (Senior Elementary School Educator)              (BS-14)
  • SSE:     (Secondary School Educator)                          (BS-16)
  • AEO:     (Assistant Education Officer)                           (BS-16)

How to Prepare for the PPSC Exam

You will find complete information about upcoming educator jobs 2023 in this article, as well as preparation methods, tips, tricks, notes, and books where you will find all relevant materials for educators’ tests. You can easily download these resources from the given links and start preparing for your exams. You need a lot of practice to excel in PPSC exams. You will find these resources to be of great assistance if you read them thoroughly.

ESE-Preparation Books And Resources

ESE stands for Elementary School Educator. This post is on the 9th scale.In order to prepare for the examinations, you should read the Punjab Textbook for all subjects from 5th class to 10th class conceptually and carefully, then read a book for educators such as Dogar or Caravan for your preparation.Once the advertisement is published, applicants who meet the eligibility criteria may apply online at the PPSC website. You can also read newspapers for current affairs as well as for General knowledge.

Below is the link where you will find a complete guide on how to prepare for the PPSC examination for the post of ESE.

ESE arts and science

SESE-Preparation Books And Resources

SESE stands for Senior Elementary School Educator. This is a post in the education sector of BPS-14. As with the ESE test, you can also prepare this SESE test for both categories, such as Science and Arts (that is relevant to you).

Read through all of the subjects in the Punjab textbook related to your category and subjects. If you are applying for a science teaching post, prepare yourself for the science subjects otherwise for the arts.

PPSC Punjab educators’ preparation books are also available in the market. There are few publishers in the market who are providing the best books for PPSC exam preparation.

A Preparation Book And Resources

AEO Stands for Assistant Education Officer. Assistant education officers are responsible for analyzing and monitoring the performance of government schools and improving them where necessary. It is the responsibility of the AEO to sanction the causal leaves for primary school teachers. An AEO is evaluated on the performance of their Markaz based on both access and quality indicators.

It is necessary for you to be familiar with a variety of relevant concepts if you want to pass the AEO test. The following steps can help you in preparing for your exams for the post of AEO.

  • Make a study plan.
  • Read All the textbooks conceptually.
  • Read newspapers for current affairs as well as for general knowledge.
  • Use online resources like pdf books, notes, and MCQs.
  • Take as many tests as you can before appearing in the actual exams.
  • Enhance your ability to recall information.

Below is the link where you will find a complete guide on how to prepare for the PPSC examination for the post of AEO.

SSE Preparation Book

SSE stands for Secondary school Educator. This is a post in the education sector of BPS-14. SSE preparation with all subjects for both Arts and Science categories, you will also find a detailed guide to the SSE, which is a challenging test with a high level of competition. Therefore, prepare for this test with 100% effort and by reading out the materials from 10th class upwards.  

Below is the link where you will find a complete guide on how to prepare for the PPSC examination for the post of SSE.

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Best Publishers For Preparing ESE, SESE, SSE, And AEO

Several books are available in the market to prepare for the educator’s position in 2022. Please find below a list of some of the well-known publishers whose books can greatly assist you in preparing for your PPSC examinations.

  • Dogar Publisher
  • Caravan Book
  • Ilmi Book
  • Bhatti Brothers
  • Educators Notes

Books in all categories including arts, science, and computer science are available, and you can purchase them from us with free delivery to your home.

Before moving on to these books, you should carefully review all Punjab textbooks. In addition, we offer educators notes for all scales, including arts and science, if you are interested in preparing for future teacher jobs in 2022, order us and a book will arrive at your address within one or two days.

Hopefully, this article will be very helpful and informative for all educators. If you have any confusion, problems, or questions, please let us know. We will be happy to assist you in this regard.


Q.When PPSC jobs will be announced

Ans: A summary has been signed and moved forward but the actual dates are not announced yet. As soon as the actual dates are available, we will inform you on this website.

Q. What is the passing percentage for the AEO post

Ans: The passing percentage for the AEO post is 60%.

Q. What is the passing percentage for the Educator’s post

Ans: The passing percentage for the Educator’s post is 50%.

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