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HEC LAT Test Preparation Books 2024

HEC LAT preparation books are an important resource for doing good in LAT. The Law Admission test is the most important step when applying for LLB in Pakistan. HEC conducts this test at least three times a year, and it is easy to clear it. But can you do that without preparatory books?

Some of the books are:

  • LAT Dogar Brothers
  • Caravan
  • Elements of LAT

In this article, we will talk about different books available for LAT preparation. Trust me; you will have difficulty preparing for the test without these PDF books. So yeah, it is an important thing.

So what are we waiting for? Let’s get straight to the article.

HEC LAT Test Preparation Books [PDF]

So, there are three books we are going to talk about in this article. Each book has its pros and cons. But that is a subjective thing. It doesn’t matter what we think a book is like. You must see for yourself and decide on the best preparation book. We can only give you options.

So, here are your options:

  • Dogar Brothers
  • Caravan
  • Elements of LAT

Let’s start with one of the biggest publication houses regarding preparatory books.

LAT Dogar Brothers

What is covered in this book? Well, see for yourself:

  1. LAT Essays
  2. LAT Personal Statement (Self Description)
  3. LAT English MCQs
  4. LAT General Knowledge MCQs
  5. LAT Islamic Studies MCQs
  6. LAT Pak Studies MCQs
  7. LAT Urdu MCQs
  8. LAT Mathematics MCQs

Dogars Publication is called the greatest for nothing. They have covered almost everything in their LAT book.


Another choice you have is Caravan’s LAT book. You can say that they are also one of the best publishers in this genre. Their HEC LAT Admission test book by M. Soban Choudhary is considered one of the best books. Download the PDF book to see for yourself. This book is also a good option if you are short on cash.

Elements of LAT

A student must study a variety of novels from his intermediate classes to pass his LAT. Most of these books are badly written, which increases the student’s confusion and difficulty while studying.

This problem persists throughout the student’s life, whether he is studying for his courses or other examinations, such as the GAT, which LLB students must take after completing their LLB.

Elements of LAT come into play here. Elements of LAT is a comprehensive reference for LAT preparation written by LAT professionals that covers all major areas of the Law Admission Test.

Parting thoughts

Again, we can only give you suggestions. To see if a book is to your taste, you must download it and see for yourself. Some books may have certain stuff you need; some books may not. Again, it is up to you to set your priorities straight and decide what you want for LAT preparation.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which book is best for LAT in Pakistan?

This is a subjective question and we cannot answer it objectively. You can check out Dogars, Caravan, or the Elements of LAT.

What should I study for my LAT test?

You should study Essays and personal statements. The objective-type questions also need a lot of attention.

What percentage is required for LAT?

You need 50% to pass LAT.

Can I get admission to LLB without the LAT test?

No, it is obligatory to take LAT if you want to apply to LLB.

What is the fee for LAT in Pakistan?

You have to pay 1800 PKR.

What is the age limit for LLB in Pakistan?

HEC doesn’t say anything about the age limit.

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