ISSB Test 2024 – Everything you need to know

The Inter Service Selection Board test is among the toughest selection processes in Pakistan. This board examines the candidate’s physical, mental, cognitive, moral, and social skills to determine his or her suitability for any position in the armed forces.

In Pakistan, the Inter Services Selection Board (ISSB) is responsible for selecting officers for the armed forces, navy, and air force. Its purpose is to select the leaders of tomorrow in the Armed Forces of Pakistan. 

This test checks the applicant’s leadership, confidence, knowledge, and personality skills. You must be self-motivated and confident to succeed on the test. Further, you must demonstrate your leadership skills and good expression during these four days to pass this test.

What is the ISSB Test

ISSB is a gateway test for different branches of the Pakistan Army. It is conducted by the Inter-Services Selection Board (ISSB) to recruit civilians for commissioned service in the armed forces.

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Candidates belonging to certain professions are required to appear in ISSB as per instructions issued by ISSB. Applicants who want to apply for this examination need to register themselves at 

ISSB Test Centers

Candidates across the country can appear at the following centers for the ISSB test.

  • Kohat
  • Gujranwala
  • Malir
  •  Quetta. 

ISSB Selection Process

Applicants are selected through a five-day psychological screening to test their ability, aptitude, and personality. The candidates must undergo a rigorous five-day procedure which includes testing by the psychologist, Group Testing Officer (GTO), and the Deputy President.

As part of its selection process, the ISSB follows a three-dimensional methodology. 

Psychological Dimension

The psychologist dimension is concerned with uncovering the subconscious of candidates through carefully designed tests.  

Psychological tests are designed to calculate your IQ, so you must answer the maximum number of questions. You should be aware of the fact that your answer should reflect your thought process. There are four categories of psychological tests.

  • Test on Picture Story Writing
  • Test of Word Association
  • Test of Situation Reaction
  • Test of Self-Description

GTO (Group Testing)

Through situational tests, the GTO (Group Testing Officer) measures the candidates’ behavior in a group setting. Always keep the group’s interests in mind and be alert. 

The selectors will readily recognize your qualities if you are confident and genuine. The following things will be judged in outdoor tests.

  • Group discussion
  • Group planning
  • Group tasks
  • Command tasks
  • Individual tasks
  • Final Group Tasks
  • Group Planning Exercise
  • Progressive Group Tasks


Interviews are conducted to determine a candidate’s intelligence, emotional patterns, and social behavior. 

During the final interview, the Vice President will ask questions about family background, education, intelligence, mathematics, general knowledge, and quick response.

ISSB Training Centers

After passing the selection procedure, Candidates qualified to attend officer training at military academies provided they passed a physical, medical, and general knowledge test.

  •  Pakistan Military Academy at Kakul
  •  Pakistan Naval Academy at Manora
  •  Pakistan Air Force Academy at Risalpur
  •  The SPD’s (Strategic Plans Division) Centre of Excellence for Nuclear Security at Chakri

ISSB General Guidelines For Candidates

You should follow these guidelines to prepare for the ISSB test in Pakistan. 


An individual’s appearance can reveal a great deal about their personality. At the ISSB test, demonstrate your original personality. Selection Board members look for clarity of thought, calmness under stress, teamwork skills, and willingness to participate. 


Physical activity can improve your brain health, help you manage your weight, reduce the risk of disease, strengthen your bones and muscles, and improve your ability to perform daily activities. You may be more likely to be selected if you are physically fit.

If you are seeking training and guidance, avoid training centers. Their training is too restricted and rigidifies the thinking process.


The key to turning a good idea into action is motivation. It would help if you were convincing and sincere in your reasons for joining the military. Clearly understand what you will do and why you are joining the forces. Neither do they want you to be rash, aggressive, dull, or spiritless?


Participating in group activities, accepting responsibility, and exercising independence are all effective ways of developing self-confidence and maturity. Group activities are also considered in the ISSB test. Do not display over-consciousness, false projections, or superficial behaviors.


Your academic performance will determine your ability to absorb the training of advanced and sophisticated equipment. Ensure that you have a good understanding of English and Mathematics.


Make an effort to seek out positions of responsibility in academics, sports, and extracurricular activities, as well as other expeditious tasks and available opportunities. Be honest and straightforward.

Good Communication Skills

Participants should have good communication skills, both in Urdu and English, as well as a clear sense of direction and a good vocabulary and grasp of grammar. Try to improve these skills by participating in group discussions and debates.

General Knowledge

Keep yourself informed of current affairs and defense issues in your community and read good newspapers, articles, and magazines about military matters.

Schedule for ISSB Test

150 PM L/C
27 JUN – 13 OCT
24 – 28 AUG
05 JUL-01 AUG
09 OCT-12 NOV
08 NOV-21 DEC 2022
22 – 26 NOV

Required Documents

  • Board-issued original matric result sheet. 
  • Original matriculation marks sheet.
  • Detailed marks sheet of part I, along with the hope certificate. 
  • In addition to the original and equivalent certificates, bring Form B or CNIC in the case of O/A levels.
  • Candidates applying for graduate/postgraduate should provide their original result sheets and detailed marks sheets for matriculation and intermediate studies. 
  • The secretary/controller board must attest duplicate or revised/amended certificates before coming to ISSB. No attested copies will be accepted.
  • Applicants who belong to backward areas and have been given relaxation in marks should bring their original Domicile Certificate.
  • Candidates must keep a copy of their educational certificates with them as their certificates will need to be submitted to the academy after final selection.  


In case of any query regarding the documentation, you can call GSO-II ISSB Kohat at this telephone no: 0922-510557

Email: [email protected]

Telephone: 0922-920085

Required Dresses

For different tests, the following attire will be required. 

  • Two white shorts 
  • Shoes for physical training 
  • White socks (2 pairs) 
  • White sports shirts (2)
  • White sweater/jersey tracksuit (for winters only)
  • A Blue pen or ballpoint 


Candidates appearing in ISSB tests must bring a closed-collar dress (Pants, Shirt, and Tie) and a Shalwar Kameez with a Waistcoat, which is the dress for dining in the ISSB candidates’ Mess.

Female candidates can wear PT shoes with a Shalwar Kameez / Tracksuit for their outdoor tasks. 

Best Books for Preparing the ISSB  

  • Dogar Brothers’ ISSB Test Success Guide
  • Dogar Brothers’ Test Master ISSB
  • Inter Services Selection Board Test by Aamer Shehzad
  • 130 PMA Long Course – ISSB Preparation Institute
  • A comprehensive guide to the ISSB from Dogar Brothers


The candidates shall be rejected on the following grounds.

  • Medically unfit
  • Who do not meet the eligibility criteria for the course
  • The ISSB has screened him out twice.
  • Not recommended twice by the board.
  • She was dismissed from the Defense Forces cadet college for disciplinary reasons.
  • Employees of the government or armed forces who have been dismissed for disciplinary reasons or have been found unfit to perform their duties.
  • Convicted by a court 

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How soon after entering the ISSB premises can one leave?

Ans: On the fourth day of your ISSB, you may leave the premises at noon.  

Do I need to pay for lodging and messing?

Ans: No, The selection board will provide you with lodging and meals at government expense.

For ISSB, what is the age requirement?

Ans: The ISSB requires applicants to be between 17 and 25.

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