Bise Sargodha 2nd Year 2023 – Check Result Online By Name and Roll Number

Board of Intermediate Sargodha 12th class 2023 result is announced here. Scroll Down to check Result.

After paper checking, there is a long process of compiling the results and doing all the necessary paperwork.

This paragraph will tell you what you can expect from this blog. You will get to know about the result date in detail. There are a lot of things that the board considers during this process. You will learn about it. We will also tell you how you can see your results.

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There are different ways you can check your 12th class result in 2023. You will learn how to use these methods and in what situation you should use a method.

BISE Sargodha 2nd Year Result 2023

As you all know from the introduction section of this article, the BISE Sargodha has announced the result date for Fsc second year. They will announce the result on 13 September 2023. Now that you know the result date, it is easier for you to plan further for your academic career. This is a good thing that you have clarity now.

Because before this, you didn’t know when you would get your result. A lot of things depend on your second-year result. Whether you will get admission on open merit or not, or whether you will get admission to medical or engineering college or not. These things depend on your marks.

You cannot get your result before the announced date. This is because the papers are still being checked. There are a lot of things that the boards have to consider when they are compiling the results. The thing that has the utmost importance and priority is that they have to make the result free from error.

To achieve this feat, all the Punjab boards have to follow strict protocols. Only then, they can ensure that the result is free from any sort of errors. This is all because they treat your hard work with great importance.

We can understand that you are getting anxious about your result. You may think that your future depends on this. First of all, it does not. But even if you think it like that, you cannot do anything but wait for the result. Later in this article, we may suggest to you what you can do during this time to get maximum benefits.

How to check Sargodha 12th Class Result?

This section of the article is for those who do not know how to check their result. You can be anyone, ranging from a teacher to a guardian, or you can also be a student who doesn’t know how to check the result. It is completely fine not to know things. But it is not fine if you do not know something, but you choose to be ignorant and not try to learn it. For that, you have our respect. Anyway, let’s get to the main topic. This section of the article will tell you different ways you can see your Fsc 2nd year result in 2023.

Following are these methods

  1. Check results online by roll number
  2. See the result by SMS
  3. Download 12 class gazette

In this article, we will also discuss each method’s different pros and cons. These pros and cons depend on the situation. In one situation, it may be favorable to use a method. But at the same time, in another situation, you may be at a disadvantage if you consider using a method. So, let’s start the next phase of our discussion.

Check Sargodha 2nd Result Online by Roll Number

You can check your result by roll number as well. This is done online. You can also use your roll number to get your result offline. But you can do that if you have a gazette file. For this method, you have to follow these simple steps.

  1. Go to the Sargodha board website
  2. Type your roll number in the search bar
  3. Click the search button
  4. Your result will appear

This is how easy it is to check your Sargodha board 12 class result this way. All you need is the following things to use this method:

  • Fast internet connection
  • Smartphone; or
  • Laptop or a PC

If you do not have these things, then you should not use this method. Now, let’s discuss the different pros and cons of this method


  • This method can be considered free of cost. This is because we all use the internet in our daily lives. Nowadays, the consumption of social media or YouTube is way more than what it was 5 years ago. So, we already have paid our internet bills. This means that this method can be considered virtually free
  • You can check as many results as you want. All you need to have is a working internet connection and you are fine.
  • Another advantage is that you can also see how much you have scored in individual subjects. There is a detailed marks sheet on your result page. This is especially very advantageous because you do not have to wait for the official result card to apply to different institutes. Some universities accept this during their application process. So, you can use it


  • The website can be slow during the result days. The reason is that a lot of students try to check their results this way. This problem has been rectified for years but still, the huge amount of traffic is also increasing each year. Hence, the website may slow down a bit due to this number of visitors. If this happens to you, do not panic and wait it out
  • You cannot check your result if you do not have the roll number. Whether you give it a try all day long, the website algorithm only understands the roll numbers and doesn’t recognize the names. So, you have to have the roll number with you.
  • If you do not have a smartphone then you cannot use this method. You need to have the aforementioned things.

Check your 2nd Year Result by SMS

This method is very advantageous when you do not have an internet connection or a smartphone. You can check your result this way by using a simple phone as well. All you need is some money in your prepaid account and a cellphone that can send and receive SMS. If you have these things available then you can simply follow the steps that I am about to mention.

  1. Open your phone’s messenger app
  2. Type your roll number
  3. Send the number given by your relevant board
  4. Wait for a reply

Now, let’s get to the pros and cons of this method.


  • If you do not have a smartphone or internet facility, then this method is made for you. All you need to do is send an SMS provided by the board. You will get your reply shortly. This reply will contain your obtained marks out of full marks. You do not need to worry about the internet or if you cannot afford a laptop or a smartphone. This method is sufficient.
  • You can check as many results as you want as long as you have the roll numbers. This is because you have to send the roll number to the code.
  • You can get your result when you are sitting at your home. Some students live in tribal areas as well. If you are from that area, then you can use this method as long as you have a network available


  • You have to be careful when using this method because this is not free of cost. Each SMS costs you money. So it is very easy that your mobile balance will be zero if you do not have sufficient money in the account.
  • Another thing that you have to keep in mind is that you can only check one result at a time. You cannot check more than one result with a single SMS. You will only waste your money if you try to do so.
  • Also, you cannot check detailed marks using this method.
  • You may have to wait for some time. This is because if a lot of students try to use this method at once, then the servers become slow. Do not panic and wait once you have sent an SMS. Do not send more than one. Otherwise, you will be wasting your money.

Download 12th Class Result Gazette

This is a traditional method. Back when there was no facility on the internet or you could not see your result by SMS, this was the only method you could use. You had to visit the board office and buy a CD. This CD used to have the gazette file. For those of you who do not know, a gazette is the compilation of all the results aboard.

Now, the internet has made our lives easier. You can download the gazette file from the BISE Sargodha website. Once you have the gazette, you can use it the following way:

  1. Open the gazette file
  2. Press CTRL+F
  3. Type your roll number
  4. Press ENTER key
  5. Your result will be highlighted
  6. You can also use your name but this is less accurate and time-consuming.


  • If you are a teacher, then this method is very convenient for you. You can check all the results of your students at once. This is a list that is a compilation of all the students. So, you can also see how your students performed as compared to other colleges. This will give you an idea about the weak spots.
  • You can also check a result if you do not have a roll number. You can simply use the name, but do keep in mind that this method is going to be hectic. Because if it is a common name, then you will have difficulty spotting the candidate that you want to see.
  • You can use this file even if you do not have internet.


  • You cannot view the detailed marks. If you want to see the individual scores of each subject, then you have to either wait for the official result card or you have to check your result online.
  • You need to have a laptop or a cellphone to use this method. Otherwise, you cannot use the gazette file.

For now, let’s talk about the toppers’ results


In this article, we talked about the result date. You can expect your result on 13 September 2023. We also discussed various methods that you can use to check your result. If you are feeling nervous, then we can understand. Shifting from Fsc to university is a big change. We advise you to give yourself some time to accommodate this change in your life. You can wait for the result and in the meanwhile, you can research different universities that you want to apply to. This can be very helpful. Make a schedule and know important dates like the last date to apply to a university. This research will not only help you but your friends as well.

Frequently Asked Questions – FAQs

How to check the 12th class result in 2023?

You can check 12 class results in the following ways:

  1. Roll number
  2. SMS
  3. Gazette

Can I check my result online?

Yes, you can check your result online on the BISE Sargodha website using your roll number

How can I apply for rechecking?

You can apply for rechecking by downloading a form from the BISE website. Then take this form to the board office, fill out the challan form, and submit it to the board office.

Can I check my result using SMS?

Yes, you can do this.

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