How To Prepare MDCAT 2024 At Home [FREE Online]

Test preparation is crucial to passing the test with the highest marks to acquire the qualifying merit. Most students willing to attempt the test are always keen to know how to prepare for MDCAT Online at home. Here, you will learn all about the test pattern, from the best books to online preparation techniques and tools.

TheEducator.Pk – Free Online Testing

For the online test, PMC has developed a website known as the educator. Pk. The modern website is very helpful because it also provides practice tests for MDCAT online preparation. You can practice many model tests through this website. After 30 minutes, you get the result of the practice test you attempted.

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Moreover, you can also get paid practice tests for MDCAT preparation. This test is MCQs based. There are 200 MCQs in the test, out of which 137 marks are passed. However, getting passing marks isn’t enough. You have to score at least 180+ marks on the test. As in the medical field, the merit is at the hair-thin margins. You can repeat the test more than once if you can’t make the required marks in the MDCAT test.

MDCAT Prepare-Excelling in Excellency

Preparing for MDCAT is not a difficult task. Many high school students panic whenever they hear about MDCAT test preparations. PMC also designed the mdcat syllabi according to testing ideology. This syllabus core is mostly based on High School Benchmarks. Hence, there is no need to worry in the first place. Yes, you heard it right! First, you have to control your nerves.

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Best Academy For MDCAT

There are many ways to prepare MDCAT test. Several best academies offer the best opportunity for students to prepare for the test. They share tips and tricks with the students, motivate them, and guide them on how to cover the required syllabus in a given time.

KIPS, Stars, and step are the best academies for MDCAT test preparation. Choosing the best academy is the most important thing. Selection of the best academy not helps you learn but also guides you to attain excellence within the resources and effortlessly embed the information, decoding the questioners and clearing many difficult-to-comprehend concepts.

Books For MDCAT Preparation

Another important thing is the choice of the best books for the preparation for the MDCAT. Sometimes, you choose books in which the content is irrelevant. Many books in the market are present in which content is either outdated or not to the designed syllabus. Those who enterprise these books in the market are just money heists.

MDCAT is mainly the game of understanding. In this way, your teacher or some MDCAT experienced person can suggest which book is best for MDCAT preparations.
Moreover, reading is not confined to the best books related to science subjects, but newspaper reading, blogs, and modern research papers also improve your logical domains. Cognition is never learned, but one can acquire it with consistency and exposure to suitable surroundings.

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Online Preparation At Home

Youtube is one of the best platforms for the online preparation of any kind of study. Many youtube channels provide the best material for MDCAT preparation. Many videos are available.

If you don’t understand one teacher’s method, you can see other videos. Moreover, Facebook and WhatsApp groups are also helpful for test preparation. Sharing ideas and discussions is quite important in the online preparation for MDCAT. Many online tutoring and testing services have significant popularity and proven effectiveness.

MDCAT Paper Pattern

One must know the testing essence to attempt the test with the best outcome. once you know the majors and minors of the testing system, there is no hurdle to excel in the field.
Subject-Wise Preparation

MDCAT has five domains of five subjects, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, English, and now another subject is added, logical reasoning. There are 68 questions, 56 from chemistry, 56 from physics, 20 from English, and ten from logical reasoning. Depending upon the marks distribution, each domain is overlapping the other. To prepare for the test, one must pay attention according to their weakness and not the major marks. Once you start to focus on your weak points, you can improve them, and it will help you emerge with brilliance.

Each subject has a distinctive preparation methodology for the preparation of every domain (subject). Following are some tips that will help you prepare for MDCAT.

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Mainly medical students think physics is a difficult subject because this subject is quite technical. Lack of subject relevancy often-medical students take for granted. One of the reasons for lagging with the subject is cramming rituals followed by pre-medical students worldwide.

  • However, Physics has no edge for crammers and is based on comprehension and understanding. Conceptual learning is the only way to surpass learning difficulties with ease.
  • In the MDCAT physics portion, not all questions are technical. Some are difficult, some moderate, and some are easy.
  • Whenever you start your preparation, read each line of your textbook carefully. Never ignore even a single line of any topic included in the syllabus. The concepts of the questions, which are in the test, are all from textbooks.
  • Read carefully and forget to cram. Cramming blocks cognition, and you cannot decode the question to answer. If you start cramming, you will never solve the question. There is
  • As I already told you, physics questions are somehow technical. So I advise you to understand the main concept and practice these questions from any practice book Practicing makes you learn from test and trial methodology.


After reading the book carefully, I must solve the numerical in the textbook. Many students focus on other practice books and do not focus on the textbook. Solve the questions of the practice book later but must solve textbook questions. It will be helpful.

  1. Revise questions again and again that you find difficult
  2. Practice important questions frequently
  3. Whenever you are stuck at a point and cannot comprehend the concept, get help from YouTube videos.
  4. Revise the whole syllabus at least three times before your Final MDCAT.


In MDCAT, chemistry questions have two portions. One is inorganic chemistry, and the other is organic chemistry. Questions from inorganic chemistry are informational and easy.

At the same time, the questions in organic chemistry focus on chemical reactions/equations. You have to practice chemical reactions repeatedly to grasp the techniques and chemical combinations.

  1. Inorganic chemistry is easy, so study it and remember the informational points. Moreover, highlight the points that you might forget or potentially be forgettable. Reviewing and reinforcing the learned and understood literature is essential for MDCAT preparation routines.
  2. Now the main issue is how to prepare organic chemistry. Preparing organic chemistry is not difficult. Remember the chemical formulas first. In addition, remember their binomial nomenclature names.
  3. Practice chemical equations.
  4. Remember the uses of chemical products.
  5. When you revise the whole syllabus before MDCAT, revise it quickly. And focus on the main points.


Biology questions in MDCAT are very easy. Students have high interests and are obsessed with medically relevant information. Mostly the book wording is relatable to the MDCAT question’s language.

However, you also have to understand the topics in biology and then remember them. The book information and the latest research in the field have a major impression on the testing syllabus.

  1. Try to engulf the information in every line of the textbook
  2. After completing one topic or chapter, practice MCQs from any book
  3. Cover the easy portion first, and then the difficult one-Gradualism plays to win the game
  4. Also, revise it frequently
  5. Must revise four times before MDCAT


This subject decides your percentage. We mainly focus on science subjects and ignore English. We think English is an easy subject, but it is not. There are many rules in English you have to remember.

  1. Remember all the rules of English grammar.
  2. Without remembering these rules, you cannot identify the correct sentences.
  3. Then there will be more chance of mistakes.
  4. If you don’t practice the medical questions, you will never choose the right answer.
  5. Revising all the English grammar rules before MDCAT is vital.

LOGICAL Reasoning

As you know, this subject’s purpose is to test your cognition level. In other words, it is also called an intelligence test. It has no previous data and testing terminologies to cram beforehand.

Logical reasoning questions are deducted from many topics. Critical thinking causes and affects a statement and shapes rearrangement with other cognition and brainstorming questions.

  1. The practice of these questions boosts your thinking level
  2. You think of questions in more than one way
  3. As much as you practice the question, there will be less chance of a mistake

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Whenever you go for your medical, first have sound control over your nerves. Be confident but never exceed overconfidence. Many students mark the wrong answer in excitement and hurry. Read the question statement at least three times, and then mark the right answer carefully.

  1. Solve the biology portion first of all
  2. Secondly, solve the chemistry portion
  3. Thirdly, English and logical reason
  4. In the end, solve physics and give more time to it because these questions are technical.

However, you can also shuffle the arrangements according to your weaknesses and strengths. Focus on your strengths at the testing time but for MDCAT 2023 preparations, always target your weak zones. Because the only thing that can elevate you is your weakness turning into your strength. You become understandable and irreplaceable!

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