ECAT Past Papers PDF Download ( 2010-2023) With Answer Key PDF

Here is the UET ECAT Past papers PDF. You can download the Past Paper PDF File. These Papers will help you to prepare for ECAT according to the syllabus.

Download ECAT Past Papers PDF

Click on the download button below. The past paper file of ECAT will be downloaded within a few seconds.


  • Matric Score 25 %
  • FSc Score 45%
  • Entry Test Score 30%

ECAT book is available according to the latest syllabus!!! Read Below.

UET Announced ECAT Test Date

ECAT’s upcoming update will be announced, so all students are ready for the ECAT test & searching for past papers ECAT because of the University of Engineering and Technology.

What Is The Procedure for Taking Tests This Time ??

As all of you know about the current situation (Lockdown) in our country, UET decided to take the ECAT test online, so keep in mind your ECAT Test 2024 this time will be Online, not going to any UET sub-campus or Center. So, here the question arises: how to take the test online? So don’t worry about the details in the paragraph below step by step.

The virtual university already has taken tests Online means the procedure of the virtual university is Online, like many students getting degrees Online. So the agreement will be done between UET & VU, that they are taking the ECAT Test all over Punjab.

How have I Given Test Online?

You will go to your nearest Virtual University Campus ( as all over the city’s campus are working ) and attend your test for 2 to 3 hours on the laptop under the consideration of VU Staff, and they will guide you if you have any confusion about taking an online test.

MOCK Test Held Before Final Test

So, a mock test is a sample Test before taking the Final Entry Test, which you consider a Practice Test. To take this test, go to your nearest VU campus. This Mock Test will be held in 2 days, so you go both days or one day for practice as you like.

Download ECAT Solved Past Papers In PDF

As all of you know the ECAT test will be held in May as already you see the date on the above paragraph, so many students start their preparation for getting high marks in the ECAT test then they search many books and past papers that will be related and more resemblance to the entry test so that they got admission in best Engineering universities of Pakistan.

So if you’re searching and want to easily find ECAT past papers pdf that will be easily downloaded, then this will be the right place for all of you and especially for ECAT students. Here you will get many past papers & ECAT test papers in the form of MCQs with answer keys. Also, you will find UET Original past papers and many past papers solved PDF downloads.

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ECAT Notes PDF Download

Many students wanna search and find out the exact paper because they want to get a recent paper of each paper. So, if you wanna download it in pdf, then read this article to the end. You will download UET’s original past papers.

So, if you need many ECAT past papers for the entry test and get 90% plus marks in the UET Lahore entry test 2020, then you need a plan and think about how I get the highest grade in the ECAT test and read all subjects that will be according to the entry test syllabus When your study plan is good and you will confidence on your hard-working then no anyone stops you from getting your goal.

All dear students Do you know? How many subjects in the ECAT test, and which subject will you need to focus more on? I will give you an explanation, don’t worry. First, you need to know what the syllabus is. Then we’ll provide you with a UET entry test past papers free download, so stay with us.

This EntryTest contains Four(4) subjects Math, physics, English & Chemistry/Computer. And also, many questions arise in your mind: what are the entry test and ECAT test? How To Apply? What is the Pattern? and How to Prepare? Then You just Click here to get complete information about the entry test for pre-engineering and topper interviews sharing his experience about UET entry tests 2018, 2019, and 2020.

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THE ECAT Past Papers PDF Download

As you are landing in the right place here, you will get many samples and past papers for the preparation of the entry test with pdf files that consist of important MCQs, data, questions, and sample papers for the previous years. So, here are the past papers with answers pdf available. Just click on the download button.

  • ECAT past papers 2005                                                     Download
  • ECATsample papers 2006 papers                                      Download
  • Entry test past papers 2007 pdf free download               Download
  • ECAT past papers 2008 pdf                                              Download
  • ECAT 2009 sample papers                                                Download
  • ECAT 2010 past papers free download                            Download
  • ECAT past papers 2011                                                    Download
  • ECAT sample papers 2012 PDF                                        Download
  • ECAT test sample papers 2013 pdf                                  Download
  • Entry test papers 2014 free download                             Download
  • ECAT Past Papers 2015                                                     Download
  • ECAT past paper 2016                                                      Download
  • ECAT Past Papers 2017                                                     Download
  • ECAT 2018 Paper                                                              Download
  • ECAT chemistry Past papers                                             Download
  • UET past papers                                                               Download
  • ECAT English Past Papers-PDF                                         Download
  • ECAT Past Papers Math in PDF                                        Download
  • UET Taxila past papers                                                    Download
  • ECAT past papers solved                                                Download

These all entry test papers will be very helpful for preparing for the entry test and getting the highest marks in the ECAT test, so all the above past papers you download here easily, and any data you have found here and read all these, so from these you have an idea of how the type of test and what kinds of questions.


As all of you know a lot of books are available in the market, So we are giving you the ECAT Preparation Books for those who wanna get the highest marks in the entry test. So be ready. Here we are providing you with a smart ECAT book that’s in note form, with features & key points explained below.

ECAT Preparation NOTES

So, during this lockdown time, every student will be very worried about his future and mostly upset due to this “How to Prepare my ECAT Test 2021” Many factors are involved in this upset situation. ( Institute closed, Online Study Starts that’s not good for students, and many others confusion.

Because of that, we are going to help the Entry Test Students who are preparing, so we will help them Online. From this platform, you will be updated about the ECAT latest news, when ECAT will be established?, and many more things like students needing important data and most important MCQs in pdf with free download.

3 Important Parts In This Note

  1. ECAT Past Papers With Answers Keys ( 2010-2020) ( Not Full Description )
  2. Important Points 1200 Each Subject ( Q/A )
  3. Each subject has 300 questions ( Math, Chem, Phy, Eng )

These are the complete UET ECAT past papers PDF Download. These will help you in preparation for the entry test.


ECAT is a difficult and one of the most crucial exams for any candidate who wants to apply to a university in Pakistan. However, due to the lack of knowledge, many candidates don’t know what to do or what to prepare. Here are some of the most frequently asked questions:

1. Are there any additional fees for ECAT?

As the registration fee is included in the application processing fee, there is no separate fee for the entry test.

2. Are engineering college admission tests subject to the principle of negative marking?

The ECAT is an MCQ-type entry test, and four marks are awarded for each correct answer and one point is deducted for each incorrect answer.

3. How foreign students/candidates can apply for ECAT?

In order to sit for the entry test, candidates who hold a foreign qualification, such as A Level, will have to obtain an equivalence certificate from the I.B.C.C.

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