2nd year English Past Papers [PDF Download]

English can be a hard subject due to the size of the syllabus. We all can relate to hours and hours of studying the same chapters to cover different sections of the paper. And the syllabus is just too much. Also, the board doesn’t specify many things for this subject. For example, if you are studying chemistry, the paper will come from the book, but when it comes to subjects like English, a lot of paper comes from the textbook. But do not worry, as this is where the English past paper comes into action.

This article will discuss how to study using 2nd year English past papers. Also, this article will have some tips and tricks hidden here or there. So read carefully.

2nd year English Past papers

As we told you before, studying other subjects is easy. But studying English is hard. When preparing for a physics test, you know that all the numerical questions will be asked from the book. Every single thing is asked from the book. But, for English papers, certain things are not predefined. For example, the examiner can ask short questions from any part of the English textbook, but the syllabus is so huge that you cannot cover everything. Also, things like pairs of words cannot be asked from the book or any specific part of the book. Hence, the whole thing becomes a giant mess.

It becomes hard for students to make sure that they cover everything. But what if I told you that you could secure maximum English marks without studying the entire syllabus? Yeah, you can do that by using past papers. Read the following section to know how you can do this.

How to study Past English papers?

If you have read our previous guides, this will be easy for you. You have to follow these simple steps to cover your English preparation.

  1. Starting from essays, make a list of all the essays asked in the board past paper
  2. Many essays will be repeated, mark them using a star or a sign
  3. Start ranking these essays, which have been asked again and again.
  4. Now, you have a list of important essays. Prepare them, and you are guaranteed to score well in this section.
  5. Repeat the same process for other questions as well.
  6. It will be hard to prepare a list for some sections like MCQs and solve them repeatedly.

Parting thoughts

This article showed you how easy it is to prepare for your English exam. The data presented to you in the form of Past papers is sufficient for you to score well in the final exam. But there is one thing, you must study hard the entire year in the subject to score well in the final phases.

We hope you get 95+ marks in this subject using this technique.

We also updated FPSC Past papers Pdf As well MDCAT 2022 Past papers.

Frequently Asked Questions – FAQs

How to download the past papers?

You shall visit our website and download the papers by clicking on the “download” button

Can I secure 90% marks in English?

It is easy to score high if you know the right techniques. Cover the past papers to score high in the exam.

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