How To Prepare MDCAT Logical Reasoning [Ultimate Guide]

Logical reasoning is the simplest portion of your MDCAT test, and proper practice and consistency can make you score 10 out of 10 in this section. So, let us give you the best 10 tips to prepare for MDCAT logical reasoning, which can help you find the right preparation sources and things to focus more on.

This article is written according to the updated MDCAT Syllabus 2024.

MDCAT Aspirant has to use his/her brainpower to understand the critical concepts of the human body. And you won’t be able to grasp those critical concepts unless you have a sharp mind and deep-thinking abilities. That’s why to evaluate the analyzing powers of a student.

PMC has allocated 10 MCQS in the MDCAT test to the Logical Reasoning section. Today, I will give you 10 tips to prepare for MDCAT Logical Reasoning easily.

MDCAT students often get perplexed in this section as they don’t know where to prepare for it. Even the academies and MDCAT guides often cannot provide enough information to students, which creates a sense of panic among them. This leads to the unnecessary hype that “logical reasoning is a difficult subject”. But this is not true.

Take Video Lectures

There are separate video lectures to help students learn about critical thinking, logical deduction, cause and effect, logical problems, courses of action, and the Letter and Symbol series in detail. The YouTube videos are best in this regard, as they will also show you how to solve the questions on logical reasoning that appeared on past MDCAT tests. You can also get help from other YouTube videos if you are unable to understand these videos.

Online MCQs Practice

You can find multiple exercises and questions to solve and practice your MDCAT logical reasoning. the online MDCAT Preparation at home also offers free Online Logical Reasoning MCQs Practice.

Stop preparing from YouTube or books in the final days of your preparation. Now is the time to focus on full Mock Tests. Taking a Mock Test will help you analyze how much time you are taking to solve each question of Logical Reasoning and overall the test.


Books can be very helpful in practicing logical reasoning. The Logical Reasoning Book by Kips Institute is our top recommendation for you. It is right according to the PMC MDCAT Logical Reasoning syllabus.

And almost every technique to solve the reasoning questions is mentioned in this book, along with an ample amount of MCQs for you to practice and prepare for MDCAT logical Reasoning.

There are several practice books available on the market related to learning and practicing logical reasoning. You can get help from those too.

Letter and Symbol Series can be prepared from the Army practice books easily. You can solve verbal, image-based questions, and missing letters and figures questions using those books. But don’t do an in-depth study as it will be a time-waster. Just focus on practicing the questions there to sharpen your evaluating skills.

Past Papers

Past papers are a great tool to practice logical reasoning. After you have learned all 6 parts of logical reasoning, you can solve MCQs from past papers on MDCAT Logical Reasoning. This practice will give you an idea of how PMC will ask questions from each category.

As a result, make sure you give yourself plenty of time to practice with previous papers.

I hope our article here helps you get a clear understanding of what MDCAT logical reasoning is and what practices can help you score high in this section.

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