MDCAT Past Papers 2023 PDF Download

Pre-medical students take tests every year after their FSc exams. PMC administers the NMDCAT three to four months following the FSc test. Here is PDF MDCAT 2022 paper. These previous papers will help you in MDCAT Preparation.

Students must prepare PMC MDCAT past Papers before taking the PMC Entry Test. They will be able to comprehend paper patterns by completing these papers. Solving Past papers gives them practice in controlling their time. while mdcat registration is open.

The level of preparation can also be assessed using past papers. If students finish the paper within a certain amount of time, they can assess their preparation (2 hours and 30 minutes). Check the answer key and compute a result after you have finished the paper. If a candidate gets 180 or more correct MCQs, he or she will be considered successful. It is an excellent level of preparation.

190 or more correct MCQs indicate outstanding preparedness. If a candidate’s score is less than 180 correct MCQs, he or she will be eliminated from the competition. More practice and preparation are required of him.

Why Do We Suggest MDCAT Past Papers?

A man becomes perfect with practice.

A student should finish all of the topics in the curriculum in order to be adequately prepared for the tests. They should set aside enough time before the MDCAT Exams to review the material. Students can use these UHS MDCAT past papers to improve their grades. This will enable them to see where they need to improve their preparation and how to do so. This will aid in their exam preparation.

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Act self-assured during the exam

Solving these PMC MDCAT Past papers can assist students in making educated guesses regarding the MDCAT paper’s pattern and question kinds.

Examining Yourself

A student should get into the habit of filling out questionnaires from the previous year on a frequent basis. This will aid in their exam preparation. Using these PMC MDCAT Past Papers, they should assess the topic’s strengths and flaws.

Effectively Manage Your Time

Solving Past papers from prior years will assist students in determining the best technique to prepare answers during exams. It will also assist them in efficiently managing their time at this point. If students practice solving previous year’s questions, they can enhance their time management abilities for solving the question paper.


Is the MDCAT examination simple and basic?

Passing the test is a difficult task. However, by studying the entire curriculum and following a few tips and strategies, one can pass the test.

MDCAT contains how many MCQs?

A total of 210 MCQs will be selected from the prescribed curriculum. Every subject’s topic is openly declared in the syllabus, allowing students to prepare accordingly. For Physics, English, Biology, and Chemistry, you can download the mdcat syllabus 2023.

In order to pass the MDCAT, what percentage is required?

Students with a 12th-grade education, an HSSC educational certificate, or equivalent education are all eligible to apply for the MDCAT. 60 percent is required for MDCAT.

What is the duration of the MDCAT exam?

The Test is 150 minutes long (212 hours). The total marks are 1100 because each question is worth 05 points.

Meanwhile, the 10th Class 2023 Punjab Board Result date is announced.

Bottom Line

PMC National mdcat past papers 2022 are beneficial to all students since they allow those who are preparing for the first time to read and understand the paper. As a result, before sitting for the tests, review the previous papers and ensure that you are well-prepared for the exam.

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