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UHS: Schedule of admissions to private medical colleges

So, you are eager to get admission to private sector medical colleges? We have got good news for you. UHS has announced the schedule for admissions to private medical colleges in Punjab. And the best part is that you can apply online. There is no need to visit the college when submitting your documents. You can sit and apply from the comfort of your home.

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Start of applications16 October 2023
Last date to apply31 October 2023
Tentative merit list2 January 2023
Confirmed merit list5 January 2023

The best thing about the application procedure this time is that it is an online process. It was decided in a meeting on 27 September 2023 that the process for application to private medical and dental colleges will be online.

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This article will give you a detailed schedule and merit list dates. Readers will also learn how to apply, the eligibility criteria, and other vital instructions. So, without any further ado, let’s get right into it.

Schedule for admissions to private colleges 2023

Here is the detailed schedule, along with the dates for merit lists and the last dates of fee submission. Remember that the MBBS classes will start on 1 February 2024, while BDS classes will start on 1 March 2024.

Start of applications16 October 2023
Last date to apply31 October 2023
Tentative merit list2 January 2023
Confirmed merit list5 January 2023

Merit list schedule for MBBS

1st merit list8 January 2024
The last date of fee submission in BOP11 January 2024
2nd merit list15 January 2024
3rd merit list22 January 2024
Start of classes1 February 2024

Merit list schedule for BDS

1st merit list12 February 2024
The last date of fee submission in BOP15 February 2024
2nd merit list16 February 2024
3rd merit list22 February 2024
Start of classes1 March 2024

Eligibility criteria

This is the criteria for private colleges

  • MDCAT 2022 is not valid
  • Students must have at least 55% in MDCAT for MBBS.
  • The student must have at least 50% in MDCAT for BDS
  • The candidate must have at least 60% in intermediate or equivalent degree
  • If you are not an overseas student or do not belong to the region where the quote seats are available, do not apply for them.

How to apply

Follow these instructions to apply for private MBBS or BDS.

  • Visit the online admission portal and create an account.
  • Select MBBS, BDS, or both. If you have selected both, select your preference. If you get selected for both, the system will automatically apply your preference and give you admission to that program.
  • Now, choose the category.
  • Fill personal information and educational details.
  • Now, select the colleges and set their preference.
  • Upload documents, with each document less than 2 MB in size.
  • Accept the terms and conditions in the affidavit and apply. Once you hit the apply button, you will get confirmation via SMS and email.
  • Download the challan form and pay the 2000 PKR fee at BOP.
  • Now, your process is complete.

Important instructions

  • Candidates don’t need to submit the form by hand. However, you must have a copy for your record.
  • Do not use fake information or documents. Check the information before you hit the submit button.
  • Once you get selected, the candidate has to pay 10 Lakh PKR; if you are selected for the foreign seat, you must pay ten thousand dollars. You must submit the fee within three days and write to your respective college.
  • You will pay the rest of your dues during the process in your selected college.


This was the schedule and some important details for admission to private colleges. It is a dream of a pre-med student to become a doctor. However, not all the students get selected to government medical colleges. But the private sector is here to rescue. If you can afford, apply to private medical colleges and embark on this journey to become a doctor and serve the medical profession.

Good luck.

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