Army Medical College Admission 2024 {Complete Guide}

Get admission to Pakistan Army Medical College to advance in a promising field and serve the country with all your heart and spirit. The Army Medical College is one of Pakistan’s top medical schools. Thousands of students complete their MBBS and BDS degrees at AMC every year. The National University of Medical Sciences is connected with Army Medical College (NUMS).

Army Medical College (AM College) is a residential military institute founded in 1977 to provide bachelor-level medical education to chosen cadets. Candidates who do not intend to join the Pakistan Army can also enroll as civilians at the college. The Pakistan Medical and Dental Council has recognized AMC’s degree (PMDC).

Students are admitted to Army Medical College in one of two ways: either through the Medical Cadet Course or through the NUMS admission exam. NUMS places are reserved for civilians, while medical cadets are the only ones who can join the Pakistan Army. Like other medical colleges in Pakistan, foreign candidates can apply based on the results of the SAT Subject Tests instead of the NUMS entry test.

Here, we will give you detailed guidelines about Army Medical College Admission. We will go through all the important details including courses, merits, admission requirements, procedure, eligibility criteria, fee structure, and a step-by-step guide to applying for admission to Army Medical College. So, without any further ado let’s dive into the details.

How can I be admitted to Army Medical College?

Candidates can apply for Army Medical College admission in one of four ways:

  • Army Medical Cadets (Male)
  • NUMS Cadets (Male/Female)
  • Paying Cadets (‏Male/Female)
  • Admission for Foreign Students

Do you Know? Can I join the Army after matric?

For MBBS/BDS, there are two types of tests:
1. Course for Medical Cadets (MC Test)
2. NUMS Entrance Exam (Both for NUMS Cadets & Paying Cadets)

Although the basic method is identical, Army Brats are the only ones who can sit in the Paying Cadets’ seat. Civilians are not permitted to enroll in the Paying Cadets program.

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Courses Offered by AMC

You will find the following types of courses in AMC in which you can take admission:

  • Undergraduate Programs e.g., BDS & MBBAS.
  • Post Graduate Programs e.g. FCPS, Ph.D., MPhil.

Candidates who want to pursue their higher medical studies can get admission to AMC. There are no restrictions on candidates (civilians) to pursue their higher studies in AMC who complete their MBBS and BDS from other medical colleges of Pakistan.

Admission Requirements

Candidates who want to get admitted to Pakistan Army Medical Colleges must have at least 70% marks in both matriculation and F. Sc.

SAT-II Exam with a minimum of 550 points in biology, chemistry, and one of physics or mathematics, or a foreign MCAT with a minimum of 500/528 points. IBCC’s equivalence (in case of foreign qualification). Minimum 70% in HSSC or F.Sc (Pre-medical) or equivalent test after completing a minimum of twelve years of study.

Applicant must have a minimum grade of C in A-Level or 70 percent in FSc (Pre-Medical). Candidates with a 65 percent or higher score from Balochistan, Sind (District Tharparkar, Omar Kot), Azad Kashmir (Upper Neelam Valley), Northern Areas, and FATA may apply.

Admission Procedure

You can take Army medical college admission in 4 ways:

  • Army Medical Cadets (Male)
  • NUMS Cadets (Male/Female)
  • Paying Cadets (‏Male/Female)
  • Foreign Cadet Seats

We will explain how can you apply in each category later in the section. For all the methods, the candidates must visit the NUMS entry test website www.numspak.edu.pk. On the website, they have to fill out the online form. Candidates can only apply via their desktops, PCs, or mobile phones.

AMC Merit

There is a total of 258 seats in Army Medical College for 2024. Out of 258, 204 seats belong to the MBBS, and the remaining 54 seats are for BDS students. 

  • F.Sc (Pre-Medical / HSSC/Equivalent: 25%
  • NUMS Entry Test:25%
  • PMC National MDCAT: 50%

According to the Pakistan Medical Commission, students must pass the MDCAT with a score of 65 percent (137/210) to be admitted to NUMS.

The qualifications for nums cadets are determined strictly by PMC guidelines. MDCAT score receives 50% of the weighting, whereas FSc and NUMS admission test scores receive 50%.

The MDCAT examination, a special test administered by Army recruitment centers, a thorough medical examination, a physical efficiency test (1-mile run, pullups, pushups, crunches, and ditch crossing), an intelligence test, a psychological test, and an interview are among the selection criteria for the military category. GHQ announces the final merit.

Eligibility Criteria

  • Army Medical College Rawalpindi accepts applications from Pakistani citizens, including those from AJK and Gilgit-Baltistan.
  • With a minimum of twelve years of schooling and a minimum of 65 percent aggregate marks in FSc (Pre-Medical) or equivalent.
  • To apply for open merit seats at Army Medical College Rawalpindi, you must pass the PMC-MDCAT with a minimum score of 65 percent.
  • For “M” Cadet: 4th or final year MBBS student at any PMC-accredited medical school.
  • Age: 20 to 26 years old (as of 31 December 2023).
  • 5′-4″ or taller is required as a minimum height (162.5 cm)
  • Nationality: Pakistani citizen and resident of Azad Kashmir/Gilgit-Baltistan. If an applicant has dual nationality and is accepted for MBBS, he must give up his other citizenship.

Eligibility Criteria For Non-Pakistani Students 

  • A student who does not have Pakistani nationality or has dual nationality, is studying outside of Pakistan, or is a non-resident Pakistani citizen, and has completed their HSSC or equivalent 12th-grade degree outside of Pakistan will be considered a ‘Foreign Student’ for army medical college admission reasons. A foreign student’s admittance will be based on open merit seats.
  • Minimum 65 percent aggregate marks in FSc (Pre-Medical) or equivalent, with a minimum of twelve years of education from a foreign school/college/university or its examination body or education system in at least three disciplines, i.e. Biology, Chemistry, and either Physics or Mathematics. In the case of a foreign qualification, IBCC equivalence is required.
  • Applicant must have received a minimum of 65 percent on the PMC MDCAT exam.
  • An English language competency test must have been passed by the applicant, i.e., Toffels, IELTS, etc.

Fee Structure

NUMS Medical Cadets are free while paying cadets costs 220,000 PKR per year.
Cadets from other countries (from other nationalities) have to pay $12,000 per year.

For both BDS (4 years) and MBBS (5 years), the per-year fee is 220,000 PKR. Do keep in mind that it is just a tuition fee. These charges don’t include the hostel or mess fee. While military medical cadets study for free. 

Fee structure for MBBS
InstituteTotal fee (PKR)
CMH Lahore9550000
CMH Multan6816000
Wah Medical College7625000
HITEC Institute of Medical Sciences, Taxila7936877
CMH Kharian7277000
Fee structure for BDS
CMH Multan5458000
CMH Lahore7450000
HITEC Institute of Medical Sciences, Taxila6816000

Ineligibility conditions

Any of the points listed below will preclude you from enrolling in army medical colleges and will make you permanently ineligible for any armed forces career.

  • The medical board of appeals declared him unfit.
  • Because of severe Hepatitis B and C, he was declared unfit.
  • The Armed Forces hospital declared him unfit.
  • The candidate departed any Armed Forces Training/Academy Institution for whatever reason.
  • Disqualified/removed from all government services.
  • ISSB has ruled you out twice.
  • NHQ, GHQ, and AHQ selection boards all rejected me twice.
  1. Admission Through Medical Cadet Course

There are various selection phases for Army medical college admission through the Medical Cadet Course program. Candidates must finish all stages to be considered for the final selection. Some levels of AMC Army medical college tests are listed below.

  1. The initial intelligence exam is broken into two parts (Verbal and non-verbal tests). For the next step, the candidate must pass this test. However, you must pass the verbal test before moving on to the non-verbal test.
  2. Academic Test: This is an army medical college entrance exam that consists of multiple-choice questions from the FSc syllabus that is organized into four sections (Biology, Chemistry, Physics, and English).
  3. Physical Examination: The Army Medical College Admissions requirements include passing a physical examination similar to that of army cadets.
  4. Medical Examination: This examination is held in Army Screening and Recruitment Centers (ASRC) in cities such as Rawalpindi, Lahore, Karachi, Peshawar, and Multan under the supervision of Army doctors. This examination comprises a weight, height, and vision test.
  5. Personality Test: This is important since it allows a panel of specialists to assess your personality and thinking style. GHQ Rawalpindi is the only location where this test is administered. In September or October, candidates who have passed the previous steps are invited to GHQ for two days.
  6. Final Selection: GHQ medical directors will make the final decision based on the candidate’s overall performance.
  7. After graduation from Army Medical College Rawalpindi, students must sign a bond promising to serve in the Pakistan army for at least 13 years.
  8. Military Training: After completing medical education (MBBS/BDS), every graduate of an army medical college goes through a 22-week Basic Military Training program at the Army Medical Corps School and Center Abbottabad, which is run by the GHQ PA Directorate.

Both men and women are eligible to apply. Domicile (if required), Blue background passport size photo, CNIC or B form, Matric result card, Valid email address,  Fsc result card (if required), and Paid Copy of challan form are all required documents for the application.

Original CNIC, Admit Card, and Blue Ballpoints are required at the testing center.
There are 55 seats available for MBBS and 15 seats available for BDS.

After passing the NMDCAT and NUMS, print your result card and go to the nums official website to apply. You will apply for AMC online and pay a Pkr 3000/-challan. There are no fees for medical cadets which is a good thing. Only males can apply to the Medical Cadet course.

  1. Admission Through NUMS Cadets

NUMS conducts entrance exams in all of Pakistan’s major cities. The National Testing Service administers the test twice a year (NTS). The first test is held in August and is based on the candidate’s first-year performance.

Based on the second year’s results, the second test is held in September. Furthermore, a candidate can take both tests. They can also apply the result with the highest score from the tests. Candidates can apply through NUMS whether they are male or female. These tests do not contain an intelligence test. They’re also not required to take any more Army tests.

Registration Steps:

After evaluating themselves according to the Eligibility Criteria, students must follow the steps below.

  • Visit the website of the National Testing Service.
  • For the NUMS Entry Test, click “Registration.”
  • Fill out the NUMS Form completely and choose a test center from the list below: Islamabad, Peshawar, Rawalpindi, Quetta, Lahore, Multan, Karachi, Dera Ismail Khan, Bahawalpur, and Gwadar are just a few of the cities that make up Pakistan.
  • Under your name, a 3,000 PKR challan will be generated; download it along with your Application form. Then print out both documents.
  • Pay the challan at an HBL bank near you. Get your hands on the original challan and get it NUMS stamped.
  • Send the printed application form together with the original paid challan form (NUMS copy) to “National Testing Service (NUMS Project) Plot 96, Street No. 4, Sector H-8/1, Islamabad.”

To avoid any possible delays on the test day, the candidate must be at the testing location an hour before the test begins. On the day of the test, the candidate must bring the following items:

  • Original CNIC, National Identity Smartcard, NADRA token slip, or NADRA and government stamped “B” Form with Candidate’s photo.
  • The Army Medical College admission card or the Roll No. Slip in printed form.
  • Clean up your clipboard.
  • There are two ballpoint pens. No pens, pencils, or points are permitted.

NUMS posts the test answers on its website (www.numspk.edu.pk) for self-evaluation the next working day. The test results will be available on their website or through email in a week. Remember that the Army medical college admissions weightage formula is 50 percent F. Sc. and 50 percent NUMS test. Candidates who score 70% or higher on the NUMS entrance exam can apply for army medical college admission.

Application for Admission

The candidate must purchase a prospectus from Army Medical College, Rawalpindi, to obtain an admission form (cost: Rs 3000/-). Fill out the form completely. Please affix certified copies of the following documents:

  • There are two photos.
  • a copy of the matriculation certificate
  • a copy of your F.Sc., HSSC, or A-level results
  • CNIC copy or “B” form
  • Submit the assembled documentation to the college’s designated admissions office.
  1. Admission Through Paying Cadet

Only students whose parents are in the army or have retired from the army are eligible to apply in this category.

The steps are as follows:

  • Paying cadet form is available at GHQ or every closest army station to headquarters 1- 2 weeks of nums test.
  • Bring the form, fill it out entirely, and deliver it to the General Headquarters in Rawalpindi by the deadline specified on the form and to the location shown on the form.
  • After that, you take the nums test and relax because paying for cadet selection is usually too late.
  • After the number of test results is revealed, you will receive a print of your result and photocopies of your FSc and matric result cards, which will be sent to GHQ Rawalpindi.
  • Every kid whose parents are serving or retired is eligible to apply; nevertheless, serving merit is lower than retired merit. Serving merit was 82.7 last year, while retirement merit was 85.9.
  • Paying cadets have lesser merit than open cadets (Through nums test).
  • After the open merit lists of nums open merit, the paying Cadet selection is always displayed. Seats are distributed as follows: 60% serving, 40% retired.
  • Documents are always submitted via registered mail through the Pakistan Post Office. Sending using private couriers is never a good idea.
  • If you wish to apply for Paying cadets, you must also apply for open merit. You will be disqualified for paying cadets if you fill out a PC form without applying for open merit (via nums).
  • The merit list of PC is not posted. Call letters and phone calls will be used to keep you informed.
  1. Admission For Foreign Applicants

Foreign students with dual nationality are also eligible to apply to AMC. Their qualifying requirements The British Council, often known as the British General Certificate of Education, is a body that certifies educational institutions (A-Levels)

  • Cambridge Higher School Certification (Overseas)
  • Foreign National High School.
  • The candidate must pass biology, chemistry, and physics classes with a cumulative grade point average of 60 percent or higher.
  • They can also take the NUMS entrance exam.
  • Candidates can apply based on SAT-II if the NUMS test is not available. However, on the SAT-ll, they must have a minimum score of 550 in Biology, Chemistry, and Physics.
  • They can also pass the Foreign MCAT with a combined score of 500 out of 528 for army medical college admission.

Army Medical College Departments

In AMC the following medical departments are active, and one can pursue his/her studies in any field ion post-graduation studies depending on merit.

  • Anatomy Department
  • Anesthesia Department
  • Biochemistry Department
  • Ent Department
  • Prosthodontics
  • Medicine Department
  • Orthopaedics Department
  • Paediatrics Department
  • Pathology Department
  • Operative Dentistry
  • Oral Biology & Tooth Morphology
  • Gynecology/Obstetrics Department
  • Community Medicine Department
  • Psychiatry Department
  • Radiology (Afiri) Department
  • Surgery Department
  • Forensic Medicine Department
  • Community & Preventive Dentistry
  • Oral Pathology
  • Periodontology
  • Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery
  • Ophthalmology Department
  • Physiology Department
  • Pharmacology Department
  • Orthodontics Oral Medicine
  • Clinical Pathology
  • Dental Materials
  • Dermatology Department

Army Medical College Hostel

Both boys and girls can stay in separate hostels at Army Medical College. The nicest part about their hostel is that it is within walking distance of their main campus.

The college is a residential institution, and there are seven cadet companies, or dorms, for both males and females.


These are the facilities Army Medical College candidates have access to during their stay in the Army Medical College hostel.

  • Residence
  • Medical
  • Weekly Bazaar trip
  • Sports room (indoor, outdoor)
  • Pick and drop at the weekend
  • Internet
  • TV room
  • LRC
  • Hostel Transport (for different campuses)

Availability of items:

The following items will be available to every candidate upon their arrival and stay in the Army Medical College hostel.

  • Bed
  • Pillow
  • Side table
  • Book Rack
  • Chair
  • Mattress
  • Cupboard
  • Study Table

The Provost Hostels are the hostels’ highest authority. In both Male and Female hostels, there are senior officials and resident advisors, and one man and two female resident counselors work under the direction of the provost hostels. The provost’s services are also provided by the Hostel Administrator. First, the student will apply to the provost for permission to stay at the dormitory.

Summary of the Hostel Application Process

Students who intend to enroll in college should follow the steps below.

  • The Army Medical College Admissions Office will tell the student about seat availability and fees.
  • If a seat becomes available, the student will apply to the provost for permission through the admissions office.
  • After obtaining authorization from the provost, The student will pay the hostel fees in the Fee & Dues Department and submit the Hostel Form to the Admissions Office together with any relevant documents.
  • The application will be forwarded to Provost Hostels by the Army Medical College Admissions Office.
  • The student will be directed to their designated hostel and room by the Provost’s Office.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the fees of Army Medical College?

The Army Medical College prices are quite affordable as compared to private medical colleges, which have starting tuition fees of PKR 950,000 per year. The per-year fees of both MBBS and BDS courses are 220,000 PKR. It is just the tuition fees and doesn’t include any other expenses. For military cadets, the education is free and in fact, they will receive a monthly stipend throughout their study years.

What is the last date to apply to Army Medical College?

The deadline for submitting an entry test application is July 15th. The first test will be held on August 1st, and the second test will be held on August 26th. The cost of the entry test is Rs. 3000/-. Candidates must go to the NUMS website, www.numspak.edu.pk, to apply. Keep an eye on the website for announcements on Army medical college admissions.

Is MDCAT necessary for admission to Army Medical College?

Yes, the MDCAT test is mandatory. According to PMC regulations 2021, passing the National MDCAT with a score of 65 percent will be required for admission to NUMS colleges.

Is phone allowed in Army medical college?

Shortly,, mobile phones or any gadget is not allowed inside the premises of Army Medical College. A mobile phone discovered in the possession of cadets in the house without permission will be confiscated, and the defaulter will be fined Rs. 2000/-.

Are there girls in AMC?

Anyone who meets the qualifications can become a member of the Army Medical College family. When it comes to girls, they are unsure whether or not they can be a part of Army Medical College. It is open to both boys and girls.

Can a girl join AMC after FSC?

Yes, girls can join Army Medical College after FSC. After passing the FSC Pre-Medical, candidates who want to “Join the Pak Army as a Doctor” can apply for this program. The chosen individual receives a free education as well as a monthly stipend. The aspirant would be promoted to Captain in the Pakistan Army after completing his degree.

Does Army Medical College have a uniform?

In AMC and CMH, the Khaki uniform is worn only by Army Cadets and Medical Cadet Course cadets. On Friday, however, the entire college, whether bonded cadets or civilian NUMS students, wears the Khaki uniform.

Bottom Line

So, this is it for now. This is all you need to know about admission to Amry Medical College 2023. Do let us know if you have any queries. We will gladly help you.

Frequently Asked Questions – FAQs

Here, we will try to answer your FAQs that we get all the time.

What is the last date for admission to NUMS?

The last date to apply is 7 April. You have to submit your application before 16:00 Pakistan Standard Time

When does Army Medical College admission start?

Mostly, the admission process starts in the summer. In 2023, the process will start on 8 June. The end date will be 15 July.

How to apply to Army Medical College?

We have covered the entire process in the article above. You have to fulfill the eligibility criteria and apply for the college.

What is the fee for Army Medical College?

The fee is different for different CMHs all over the country. But if you are an army doctor, you will be paid instead of paying any fee to the college. But you will have to serve in the army for a set amount of time.

What is the salary of an army doctor in Pakistan?

The salary of an army doctor in Pakistan is 165000 on average. So yes, it is a lucrative job.

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