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LCAT – Everything you need to know

Welcome to the journey through the LUMS Common Admission Test, often known as the LCAT. You are not alone if you have fantasized about witnessing the intellectual richness of Lahore University of Management Sciences (LUMS).

LCAT is your critical first step in traversing its illustrious hallways. This exam is an integral part of the admissions process, helping LUMS to identify students who are prepared to succeed in its lively educational environment.

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Given the importance of the LCAT in shaping your career, it is critical to grasp what it includes thoroughly. This post will deeply examine the organization, purpose, and preparation tactics for LCAT, providing insights and assistance to help you through this critical period.

So, let us go on this illuminating adventure together and peel back the layers of LCAT, bringing you one step closer to realizing your dream of being a member of LUMS!

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LCAT Test Structure

Now that you know what the test is, let’s get straight to what the test is going to look like. This paper pattern will help you prepare for the admission test and get good grades. After LUMS added LCAT as an alternative to SATs, it is an excellent opportunity for students in Pakistan who didn’t go through the Cambridge education system.

LCAT SectionsDuration (Minutes)
Verbal Section 130
Math Section 130
Verbal Section 225
Math Section 225
Verbal Section 325
Math Section 325
Verbal or Math Section 425
Verbal or Math Section 525

It is important to note that LCAT is an optional test. However, it is a much better option for those students who have studied in matric and intermediate.

The following are different schools in LUMS where you can get admission to based on LCAT.

  • Suleman Dawood School of Business
  • Syed Babar Ali School of Science and Engineering
  • Mushtaq Ahmad Gurmani School of Social Sciences
  • Shaikh Ahmad Hassan School of Law

How to prepare for LCAT?

As far as the syllabus is concerned, there is no defined syllabus for LCAT. However, you must have a solid grasp of Matric and Intermediate level Mathematics and English. If you have a solid foundation, preparation will become easier for you.

There are different books for LCAT preparation in the market. We cannot choose a particular option now, as the test was reinstated in 2021. Hence, sticking to your textbooks is excellent.

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Stick to the textbooks. However, you have to practice the knowledge as well. Students should find practice MCQs from the internet or other books and test their concepts and knowledge.

Time management is a key to preparation as well. We cannot emphasize it strongly enough. If you go through our blogs, we have spoken about how you can save yourself from the procrastination monkey.

Another thing that you can do to maximize your preparation is practice on mock tests. You can do it yourself as well. Download any past paper and attempt it within the time limit. This will help you assess your knowledge and help you form a strategy for the test.

LCAT Registration process

Here is the step-by-step guide for applying to take LCAT:

  • Submit the online application on the LUMS website. Admission will open soon.
  • Pay the submission fee. You can do that in the following ways:
    • Pay the payment online.
    • Submit a bank draft in favor of LUMS
    • Pay the fee at the Muslim Commercial Bank (MCB) Booth at LUMS.
  • After submitting the form online, send the following documents to the LUMS office.
    • 2 x Passport size photo
    • 2 x Photocopies of CNIC
    • Either the bank draft or the online payment receipt

Once you have successfully submitted your application, you will get the test registration card at your LUMS portal. You will get these cards 5-7 days before the test.

Remember that LCAT Test applicants must pay Rs. 5500/- in total.


LUMS Common Admission Test (LCAT) is an important step in realizing your desire to attend Lahore University of Management Sciences. While the LCAT is optional, it is quite important in the admissions process at LUMS.

This article has provided significant insights into its organization, purpose, and preparation tactics. Success requires a solid foundation in Matric and Intermediate level Mathematics and English, as well as practice and efficient time management.

Understanding the test format and registration process mentioned here puts you one step closer to realizing your LUMS ambition.

Good luck, and we hope that we will see your name in LUMS soon!

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