Sargodha Board 9th Class Result 2024

The Class 9 Sargodha Board Result 2024 is announced Here. Just click on the below Check Button to Check Your Result.

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As the 9th class result 2024 will be announced on 22 August, Our team will share the result gazette here. You can check the Result by Name and Roll No. The List of positions Holder will also be available here on the theeducator. pk.

By name– Download the gazeette
– Open the file, give the Find command
– Enter your name and find the result.
By SMS– Send an SMS to the board’s code
– Type your roll number in the message body
By roll number– Open the board’s website
– Type your roll number in the search bar
– Hit the ENTER button.

The Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education Sargodha, Cove The District Sargodha Mianwaoli, Khushab And Bhakkar. More Than 1 Million Students appear in the Ninth Class every year. The purpose of this article is to help out the students. We will also share the latest result updates here.

9th Class Result Sargodha Board By Roll No

The Bise Sargodha Board 2023 Result of 9th Class check by roll no here. Just enter your roll no and click on the check result button.

Our website will check and show your results on the screen here.

You must have read the detailed instructions in the table above.

What to do if I failed a subject? – BISE Marks improvement and rechecking

You will have a clear situation once we reach 22 August 2023. You are good to go if you secured good marks in the 9th class results. Congratulations, you won! But what if you scored fewer marks, or what if you failed a subject?

In this section, we will tell you what to do if you fail a subject or if you want to improve your marks. Now, the passing marks in some boards are 40%. You have to score this much if you want to pass a subject. Unfortunately, not all students can clear the subjects. You may stumble on some points, or you may face failure as well.

Marks improvement and second annual exams

If you want to improve your marks, you must wait for the matric exams. Once the matric exams are over, you can improve either part 1 or 2 of the subject. Before, students didn’t have the liberty to choose this. They had to take both part 1 and 2 exams. But now, you have this choice. This was a 50-year-old policy that the boards have renounced. So, here is a piece of good news for you!

But if you have failed a subject, don’t worry. I mean, you have to worry a bit. But the thing is, you can still progress to the 10th class. You can clear your failed subject in the second annual exam after the matric exams.

Or, if you want to apply for rechecking, you can pay the 1300 PKR per subject fee. Once you have paid the fee and submitted an application, you can recheck or recount the paper. If you are lucky, your marks will improve, and you will get the fee back. But, if your marks do not improve, you will not get this money back.

Still, this is a good way of getting some affirmation.


The results of the 9th class will be released on August 22. Students may get their results by entering their name and roll number on the educator. pk.

Those who did not meet the passing marks or who failed a subject still have opportunities to improve. They can retake the matric examinations to improve their grades or ask for rechecking for a fee.

While test results are essential, remember that they are not the end of your academic career. Continue to remain optimistic, strive for greatness, and best of luck in your future endeavors!

Frequently Asked Questions

In this section, you will read the answers to all the other questions you have been asking online.

Is 50 a pass mark?
No, the passing marks are 40%
How much is the rechecking fee for the Sargodha board?
You will have to pay 1300 PKR per subject.
What are the passing marks of the Sargodha Board?
The passing marks for BISE Sargodha are 40%
What is the admission fee for the 9th class Sargodha board?
The admission fee for matric is 1545 PKR
What is the date of the Class 9 result?
The result will come out on 22 August 2023

keep visiting https://theeducator.pk/ to check 9 class results 2024 Sargodha.

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