How To Prepare MDCAT 2024 English [Ultimate Guide]

Most of the MDCAT students get good grades in science subjects, but due to their low scores in MDCAT English, they have to face doom. That’s why we are here today to give you 10 tips to prepare for MDCAT English.

Before starting, keep in mind that MDCAT English is equally important as other science subjects are. So, do not take the MDCAT English section lightly. The reason why most students leave English out and don’t prepare as much for this subject as for other subjects is that they find it overwhelming to memorize 200+ vocabulary words along with their synonyms.

Also, they get stuck on the fact that they don’t know where they should start preparing the grammar. Well, don’t worry if you are also one of those MDCAT students looking for a few good tips to prepare for MDCAT English. We will tell you exactly what you are looking for.

This MDCAT English MCQs Preparation Guide is written according to the PMDC MDCAT Syllabus 2024. Here I will guide you according to the syllabus.

MDCAT Vocabulary Preparation

Write down all the vocabulary words.

Each year, an extensive list of English vocabulary is provided by PMC to the MDCAT students to memorize along with their synonyms and antonyms. And what almost all of the students do is that they print out that list. That is your first mistake in your vocab prep for MDCAT English.

You cannot memorize hundreds of words written blandly in black and white. But if you write all the words by hand in a separate notebook, it can help you a lot. Use different colored markers to write down words and their synonyms as well as antonyms.

It is because your brain will have an imprint of what you are writing, and that’s exactly what you need in your first round of English vocab prep; an imprint of almost all the words in your brain that you write somewhere.

Practice vocabulary words and English in daily sentences.

This is the best way to prepare for your MDCAT English. Whenever you learn and memorize new vocab words and their synonyms, try to use them in your daily conversation. It will leave an imprint in your brain which will help you during your exam.

Prepare Synonym Mnemonics

Almost 14 questions out of 30 comprise vocabulary and “find correct synonyms” in the MDCAT English test. To prepare for these 14, you have to read and memorize hundreds of vocabulary words, which is difficult.

That’s why students should opt for “mnemonics,” which can be your go-to aid in preparing vocabulary words and their synonyms.

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For example, synonyms for “tackle” include “pulley,” “gear,” “address,” “confrontation,” “approach,” and “question. “You can make a mnemonic for all these words by using the first alphabet of each word, e.g., “PAGA Q C?” which is a Punjabi sentence that translates to “Why did you run?” in English.

You can make as many mnemonics as you want. But sometimes, students often forget the mnemonics too, so don’t go overboard with these either. Just be prepared for some highly problematic words to have unusual synonyms.

Practice Vocab and Grammar from Past papers

Past Papers can help you a lot in preparing for MDCAT English. MDCAT past papers can give you an idea of what kind of MCQs to expect in your MDCAT test. Solve past papers as much as you can, especially the grammatical portion.

Whenever you read an MCQ statement from your course books, go and underline that sentence in your book, and look for other sentences like that in other chapters during reading to prepare better.

Take Online Mock Tests

Last but not least, practice and solve mock MDCAT English tests as much as you can. It will boost your brainpower to solve the English MCQs in the required time and you will feel more confident in your real MDCAT test. Keep a watch by your side during solving the Mock Test. This way, you will be more organized and your time management skills will be sharpened by the end of two months of MDCAT preparation.

Well, this is it for now. We hope our tips to prepare for MDCAT English help you in your MDCAT prep journey. We will advise you to keep on practicing and reading your course books and don’t feel frustrated with a humongous number of words. Because with the right strategy, you can succeed in every field of life.

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