Faisalabad Board 12th Class Result 2023 Supplementary

BISE Faisalabad has announced the result date for the 12 class 2023 2nd Annual. They will announce the results on 23 December.

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There are a lot of standard operating procedures while paper checkers are doing their job. Hence, after a lot of consideration, BISE Faisalabad has finally announced the result date for the 2nd year 2023 result session. Now, you know when the result is going to be announced. All you have to do is wait.

Faisalabad Board 2nd Year Result 2023 Supply

In this article, we will also talk about when the boards are going to announce the result. Some more detail about it, and how you can utilize this time for something productive.

For those who do not know how to check the results, we will also talk about that in our article. Topper’s result date is usually different from the normal result. We will talk about that a bit too.

When will BISE Faisalabad Announce the Result?

Hence, the Punjab boards have a strict policy regarding paper checking. The paper checker has to give the reasoning for cutting marks in a question. Depending on the number of times he or she has to cut marks, they have to give a reason. Now imagine doing this for so many papers. This is indeed a hectic job. So we advise the students to have patience.

But we can also empathize with you. As we have told you before, the second year is a phase of change. And It can be difficult to accommodate that huge change in your life. It is hard on students, but no one addresses this. But we understand your situation. This is why you are concerned about your result too. But all we can tell you is to wait for the result and plan according to the date the board has announced.

How Faisalabad Students Can Check 12 Class Results?

Now let’s talk about this thing, we understand that most of the students already know about this topic. But we also understand that there might still be many readers who do not know how to check their results.

It is good that you are trying to learn this now, whether you are a student or a parent. Rather we say that parents need this article more than students. Because after 4 years of exams on the boards, you learn a thing or two.

So, the following are the methods that you can use to check your results.

  1. Check results online by roll number
  2. See the result by SMS
  3. Download 12 class gazette

Now let’s talk about each of these methods in detail

Check Faisalabad 12th Class Result Online By Roll Number

You can check your result online using nothing but your roll number. This is very easy and you can check as many results as you want with this method. This is all possible because the Punjab boards have digitalized this entire process. Now, you can check your results with a single click. And then you view all the details. However we will discuss the pros and cons further in the blog.

But for now, let’s talk about how you can use this method. For this, you just have to follow these simple instructions.

  1. Go to the Faisalabad board website
  2. Type your roll number in the search bar
  3. Click the search button
  4. Your result will appear


First of all, you can check as many results as you want. This is because we all know this basic thing our internet bills are prepaid. So, you are virtually paying nothing to check your result. It is completely free of cost in a way.

The next advantage is that you check your detailed marks. This is very helpful. After the second year, you get a lot of opportunities in different universities. But it takes some time to get your official result card from your college. So, it is a very good benefit that you get from this method.

Another thing is that you can also fill out the form for rechecking. We must clear one thing, and that is the board doesn’t recheck your paper. They simply recount it. A question is only checked if the paper checker has left any questions unchecked. In this case, your marks will also increase, you will get your rechecking fee back and you will also apologize for this mistake.


One of the disadvantages is that you cannot use this method if you do not have the internet or a device that uses the internet. The primary thing is the internet. If you do not have a good internet connection, you cannot check your result.

The website has to bear a lot of traffic from users these days. Thousands of students are visiting this site at a time on the result date. So it becomes slower. Due to this, you may have to wait longer for the page to appear. In this case, you should not panic. All you have to do is wait it out.

Check your result by SMS

This method is also very easy. One difference is that you send an SMS on a code and get your result in a reply. This is very simple to use. You can get your result while you are sitting at your home. All you have to do is follow these simple steps.

  1. Open your phone’s messenger app
  2. Type your roll number
  3. Send the number given by your relevant board
  4. Wait for a reply

Now, whether the situation is advantageous or not depends on the situation. You will notice that a thing that has some benefits in one situation becomes a disadvantage in another and vice versa. So let’s see the pros and cons of this technique.


One of the advantages of this method is that you do not have to go outside your check your result. You can easily get your result while you are at your home. All the students become busy after the 2nd year. Most of the students are applying to different universities. So, it is very effective to use this

The second advantage is that if you do not have internet or a device that you can use the internet on, then you can use this method. This is the thing that I was talking about. A demerit in one situation becomes an advantage in the other. You can simply send an SMS and get your result.


One disadvantage is that you cannot see your detailed marks. For the detailed marks, you have to go for the previous method or you have to wait for the official result card. When you check your result this way, you only get your obtained marks out of the total marks.

Another disadvantage is that each message costs money. And you can only check one result per SMS. So, you have to keep this in mind if you want to check a lot of results

You may have to wait for a longer period. This is because it takes some time for you to get a reply. And this is a normal situation. But when everyone is using this method, there are chances that you will have to wait sometime before you get your result.

Download 12th Class Result Gazette

This is an old way of checking the result. In the old days, you had to go to the board office to buy a gazette CD. But now, you can download it from the board’s website. This has been digitalized as well. All of this is done to facilitate the student as much as the BISE can.

Anyways, you can use this method the following way

  1. Open the gazette file
  2. Press CTRL+F
  3. Type your roll number
  4. Press ENTER key
  5. Your result will be highlighted
  6. You can also use your name but this is less accurate and time-consuming.


If you are looking for a list where you can get all the results of the Faisalabad board, then you have to use this method. This is even more catered towards the teachers than the students. As a teacher, you may want to view all the results at the same time. And also, you can compare these results with the other students from different schools. This way, a college can determine whether they are doing good or bad compared to other colleges.


The disadvantage is that you cannot view the details. You have to wait for the official result card. Also, it becomes a living hell if all you know is the student’s name. You do not want to go through thousands of results in the file. So it is better to use this file if you have the roll number. Because only then you can be efficient with this method.

Now. Let’s talk about toppers’ results

Faisalabad Board 12th Class Toppers Result in 2023

The Faisalabad board will announce the result of the toppers on 13 September 2023. Not only they will get proper media coverage, but also they will get a ceremony to celebrate their success. The board will also arrange a tour for these students. This is done to reward them for their extraordinary performance as well as to encourage other students to work hard as well.

Frequently Asked Questions – FAQs

How can I check my FSD result in BISE?

You can check your results by different methods. These methods are as follows

  • Check results by roll number online
  • Result by SMS
  • Downloading a gazette from the BISE FSD website

How can I check my result by SMS?

You can check your result by SMS by sending your roll number to 800240

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