How To Prepare MDCAT 2024 Biology – Lectures, MCQs, Notes, Past Papers

PMC has allocated the highest percentage of the MDCAT Test to the subject of Biology, and that’s why it is considered the most important subject in the PMC MDCAT syllabus. Students often find the preparation for the biology section lengthier because, aside from concept building, it requires a lot of cramming too, along with an understanding of different diagrams.

MDCAT Biology preparation can be overwhelming and might leave you frustrated because lots and lots of concepts, topics, diagrams, and values can make you question where you should start first. Not just where to start, but also which topics have more weightage and require more of your attention.

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Well, if you are also struggling with preparing for MDCAT Biology, we recommend you have a look at the 10 tips to prepare for MDCAT Biology we mentioned below. We know you will be leaving with a proper guide as to where to start and what to do.
So, let’s have a rundown of the best tips to prepare for MDCAT Biology.

Make a list of all the important topics and concepts

The PMC MDCAT syllabus can help you in this regard. You can have a look at the Biology section to get an idea of which topics have more concepts to cover and which ones will need more of your attention and preparation. For example, bioenergetics is an important concept in biology, and in the MDCAT Test, you can easily find more MCQs from this topic as compared to biodiversity.

Similarly, the Kingdom of Animalia and enzymes seem to have more weightage as compared to evolution. So, it is recommended to list all the important topics on a page for you to give more focus to these topics.

Understand the Main Concept

Take this as the most important tip out of all the 10 tips to prepare for MDCAT Biology. After you have jotted down all the important and difficult topics, try to learn the basic concepts about them. In simpler words, have an overview of the whole topic first, like what this specific cycle or organ does and what its advantages are.

Then, once you know the main concept, you can dig into the details like where it is occurring in the body, which paths any specific cycle takes, how many enzymes or elements are included in this, etc. Following this technique, you can finish all the important topics one by one easily. And in less time than if you started doing every topic with full details, including the not-so-important ones with less weightage.

In MDCAT Biology, there are not many values and figures. But still, there are some, and that is very important for you to remember, like blood pressure, heartbeats, the value of 1 ATP molecule, etc. Dig out all these values make a table of them on a separate sheet and save them somewhere to cram later.

You can learn them or cram them a few days before the test. It will save you time, which you can give to other more important things like remembering difficult pathways and molecules of Krebs’s Cycle and Glycolysis.

Revise Whole Chapter

It is said that you must read the whole biology book at least 3–4 times while preparing for MDCAT Biology. This is because PMC takes out MCQs from the least expected places. After you are done preparing difficult and important topics, now is the time to thoroughly revise all the chapters of the book (those included in the MDCAT Syllabus).

Underline the important stuff so that you can save more time and read more specific stuff in your next reading session.

Solve the chapter-wise MCQs

Teachers, Tutors, Mentors, and almost everyone asks the MDCAT students to practice Biology MCQs chapter-wise. Because each chapter has a lot of important concepts, one has to keep them in mind and learn them by heart. MCQs can help students understand the type of questions that can be asked in the test and how PMC can ask questions about any of the topics.

You can solve the book’s exercises. Also, there are many chapter-wise Biology MCQs-based books and papers available on the market. You can buy them and start practicing them. After you are done with each chapter, you can assess your learning by solving the MCQs for that chapter.

Note Down All the Stuff

The major mistake students make while preparing for MDCAT Biology is that they spend a lot of time learning and re-learning the same topic. They keep on cramming and reading the topics they think they are weak in while neglecting the other important topics.

That’s why our next tip is related to this. When revising the topics, if you get stuck on one, note it down to revise again later and move on to the next section. Never give each topic more important when you are in the first round of your preparation.

After you are done with the rest of your MDCAT 2024 Syllabus, come back to the topics you noted down separately for later revisions. Now read and understand those topics in detail and in as much time as you want.

Practice MDCAT Biology Past Papers

We cannot stress this enough. MDCAT Biology past papers are key to scoring high marks on tests. Solving past papers gives an idea as to how PMC can ask questions about any specific topic.

These Biology Past Papers will help you to learn each concept in different ways so that you can solve different kinds of MCQs related to the same topic.

When preparing for MDCAT Biology, keep making tables of the important information you think you don’t want to waste time searching for in books and other materials. Make notes of these tables and separate them from your other materials.

These tables will help you with compact and more specific yet detailed revisions during the last few days. It will also help you to save time from reading the extra and unnecessary stuff in books.

Learn from diagrams

Diagrams and figures like those of Glycolysis, ATP, Chemiosmosis, Calvin Cycle, Cardiac Cycle, Electron Transport Chain, etc. are the best to learn about these topics. After at least one or two theory revisions, always revise these topics from the diagrams.

Diagrams give you a lot of information in much less time than you usually spend on theory reading.
You can learn the names of enzymes, products, and reactants of cycles, intermediate products, the amount of energy released, the cells and enzymes involved, and much more information just by looking at the diagram and figures.

Practice MCQs – Online

Unlike Physics and Chemistry, Biology doesn’t need any critical practice in solving equations and difficult numerical problems. It just requires a deep understanding of important concepts and strong brainpower to understand the difficult linkages of different metabolic processes going on in our bodies.

And you can only get a master of this by solving the MCQs as much as you can. Keep on practicing on past papers, chapter-wise MCQs, and online mock tests, and, if possible, go for Mock MDCAT Tests taken by different institutes.

So, we will leave it here. These are the best tips to prepare for MDCAT Biology. We hope our article here helps you to understand how you can start preparing for your MDCAT Biology section because you wouldn’t want to score less in the most important and highest-weighted section of the MDCAT 2023. So, just keep on revising your course books and practice solving MCQs from different sources.

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