BZU Fall semester admissions 2023

Bahauddin Zakariya University (BZU) has announced its admissions for the fall semester of 2023. Students who wish to be admitted to this prestigious institute can apply until 28 July 2023. Yes, the last date to apply is near, so if you wish to get admission to any department, this is your chance.

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Submit an online application and wait for the merit lists. Once the merit lists are out, you can submit your application and documents. But don’t worry; we will discuss how to apply to BZU in this article. So keep reading.

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Admission Schedule for BZU fall semester 2023

Here is the schedule for the fall semester in BZU. All the students should note these dates down. If you miss the date and apply after this, your application will not be considered. So be very vigilant when you are applying to BZU.

Last date to apply for undergraduate programs28 July 2023
Last date to apply for postgraduate programs25 August 2023
Test date for postgraduate in Engineering28 August 2023
Admission Schedule for BZU fall semester 2023

A lot of students always wait for admission to this university. And why wouldn’t they? BZU has been providing affordable quality education to students across southern Punjab.

BZU Fall semester admissions 2023
BZU Fall semester admissions 2023
BZU Fall semester admissions 2023

How to apply?

Now, how can you apply to BZU? Well, you can do that quite easily. Follow these steps to apply online.

  1. Sign up for the online web portal of BZU.
  2. Fill out the application form.
  3. Print the challan form and pay the fee
  4. Upload the challan form on the portal and submit the application fee.
  5. If you are selected in the merit list, take your documents and submit a form to the relevant department.
  6. Congratulations, now you know how to apply.

Important instructions

Here are some important instructions for students, especially those admitted to LLB, engineering, and Arts.

  • LAT is mandatory for LLB
  • Those who want to be admitted to Arts and Design take the test conducted by Multan Arts College.
  • The department will take a test if you want admission to BS Textile and Design.
  • ECAT is mandatory for engineering.
  • Always put valid information in the admission form.
  • BZU can drop any program if it is according to their policy.

Departments where you can apply in BZU

These are some departments where you can apply to BZU.

Faculty of Veterinary Sciences

Students interested in pursuing a career in veterinary science can go to this department. The respective council recognizes its DVM program.

Faculty of sciences

Those students who want to pursue a career in sciences like physics, chemistry, botany, zoology, maths, etc., can attend this department. The merit of BS Chemistry is always high.

Islamic studies and languages

You can go for BS English, Urdu, and other degrees here. The merit of BS English is always on par with sciences, which tells you the high demand.

Agricultural Sciences and Technology

Agricultural sciences are paid special heed in this university. Their department has some of the best facilities for soil sciences and other agricultural research facilities.

Arts and Social Sciences

There are a lot of degree programs that you can go for in this department. Psychology, education, criminology, economics, political sciences, and graphic design are just a few.

Commerce, Banking, and Business Administration

Students interested in pursuing careers in banking and accounts can go for this department—the degree programs available range from BBA to Islamic Finance.


Their Pharmacy department comes second only to Punjab University. BZU’s pharmacy department graduates are among the top professionals in this field. So if you want to work as a pharmacist, getting Pharm-D from BZU might be one of the best decisions of your life.

Engineering and Technology

They have a lot of facilities for students who enroll in engineering degrees. Their engineering programs include civil, mechanical, electrical, and computer sciences.

Food Sciences and Nutrition

You will love this department if you are interested in nutrition and dietetics. They offer Human Nutrition and Dietetics, Food Science and Technology, Dairy Technology, and Food Safety and Quality Management degrees.


Being one of the biggest universities comes with having some of the best departments in this field. Those students who want to pursue a career in law and work for justice in this country, GO FOR IT. But you must take LAT if you want to secure admission to LLB.


Admissions at Bahauddin Zakariya University (BZU) for the fall semester of 2023 have been announced, giving students a good opportunity to pursue their selected fields of study.

With the deadline approaching, interested students should submit their online applications as soon as possible.

The article has covered several departments’ BZU admissions timetables, application processes, and key directions. BZU provides a comprehensive range of degree programs, from Veterinary Sciences to Engineering and Technology, to accommodate students’ different interests and professional objectives.

Students are invited to take advantage of this opportunity to join BZU, a famous university known for delivering cheap quality education.

Don’t pass up this chance to mold your future and begin your educational adventure at BZU.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some questions that you people have asked on the internet. We tried to answer them here.

What are the BS programs for BZU 2023?

You can apply to a lot of BS programs. For full details, read our article.

What are the eligibility criteria for admission to BZU?

You must have at least 45% in the test

Is Bahauddin Zakariya University a private or government university?

BZU is a public-sector or government university.

How many fields are there in BS?

There are many fields in BZU, ranging from arts and sciences to medical degrees like pharmacy and veterinary sciences. There is also LLB.

Which department is best in BZU Multan?

The pharmacy department is the best in BZU.

What is the full name of BZU?

Full form of BZU is Bahauddin Zakariya University.

What is the rank of BZU University?

BZU ranks 9th in HEC rankings.

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