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List of Law Colleges in Lahore

Let me tell those students who want to pursue a career in Law where they can achieve their dream. We will tell you all the colleges in Lahore where you can do an LLB and become a lawyer. On your website, we cover all the topics ranging from LAT to HEC GAT. This article is a part of that series.

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Many students want to become doctors or engineers, but many want to do LLB. For those students, we have compiled a list of colleges in Lahore where you can get an LLB degree.

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If you guys show a good response, we will make similar lists for other cities as well.

List of Law Colleges in Lahore

Here are all the law colleges in Lahore.

InstituteDegree, DurationDeadline
1. Government College UniversityBS , 5 Years31-07-2024
2. Kinnaird College For WomenLLB , 5 Years21-07-2024
3. University Of The PunjabLLB [HONS] , 5 Years30-11–0001
4. Green International UniversityLLB, 5 Years20-08-2024
5. Lahore Leads UniversityLLB, 5 Years07-08-2024
6. Lahore University Of Management SciencesLLB , 5 Years29-03-2024
7. Minhaj UniversityLLB, 3 Years12-08-2024
8. The Superior UniversityLLB, 5 Years06-07-2024
9. The University Of Lahore ( Main Campus )LLB, 5 Years07-07-2024
10. University Of Central PunjabLLB, 5 Years19-11-2024
11. University Of Management And TechnologyLLB, 5 Years30-07-2024
12. University Of South AsiaLLB, 5 Years05-11-2024
13. Riphah International University LahoreLLB, 3 Years30-07-2024
14. University College LahoreLLB [HONS] , 5 Years15-08-2024
15. University Law CollegeBS (HONS), 5 Years24-11-2024
16. Alley Group Of CollegesLLB, 5 Years12-08-2024
17. Amna Inayat Medical & Educational CampusLLB, 3/5 Years05-01-2024
18. Asian Law CollegeLLB, 3 Years07-01-2024
19. City Law CollegeLLB, 3/5 Years05-12-2024
20. Global Law College3. University Of PunjabLLB, 5 Years


Make sure that you apply within the deadline. Otherwise, these universities will not accept your application. Also, keep in mind that each university will ask for LAT. HEC conducts LAT thrice each year. So study hard for it because LAT is your one-way ticket to LLB.

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Also, make sure that you enroll in an HEC-recognized university. Otherwise, you will not be able to get your license for practicing law.

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