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PU Merit List 2024

Punjab University, one of the premium universities in Pakistan, has announced its merit lists. There are a lot of departments that have announced their merit lists. We have seen that many of our viewers were interested in PU and applied to it. So, we wrote an article informing you about the merit lists.

This article will discuss the merit lists, entry test dates, and all the department-wise merit lists. In the end, we also have a fun FAQs section for you. I hope we answered everything in that section. Otherwise, you can contact us in the comments section below this article.

So what are you waiting for, Sherlock? Let’s jump right into it.

PU 1st, 2nd, and 3rd merit lists

The Punjab University will announce its first merit list after they have sorted out all the applications. The entry test date is 23 July 2024. This means that the merit list will be released earlier in August. So, you can say that PU will announce the first merit list in August.

A lot of students apply to various programs at this university each year. This is because PU is one of the best universities in Punjab. They offer some of the best courses in the country and at the lowest prices across the country.

That is why you will seldom see any 2nd or 3rd merit lists. Because students do not let go of a seat in PU. But they will announce a 2nd or 3rd merit list if they need to announce it.

Here is the merit list Schedule

PU Lahore Merit ListOpen MeritSelf-Support
1st Merit List15-08 (10:00 am)18-08 (10:00 am)
2nd Merit List18-08 (10:00 am)24-08 (10:00 am)
3rd Merit List24-08 (10:00 am)29-08 (10:00 am)
4th Merit List29-08 (10:00 am)01-09 (10:00 am)
Final Merit List01-09 (10:00 am)07-09 (10:00 am)
Commencement of Classes11-09 (10:00 am)18-09 (10:00 am)

PU all department merit lists

So far, PU hasn’t announced the merit lists for all the departments, but we will be the first ones to update you as soon as they do. So keep that in mind and subscribe for notifications from us. We will bring you the latest news and updates regarding all PU departments, like when they will upload the merit lists or when they will start the classes.

DegreeClosing merit
BS CS92.37
BS Mass Com81.02
BS Commerce70.51

PU department-wise merit lists

There are a lot of departments that offer courses in different fields of life. Let’s go through the merit lists of some of these departments.


Zoology is the study of animals. Punjab University’s zoology department is on par with some of the best universities in Pakistan regarding this, for example, UVAS. They have been working on the well-being and study of animals of different species and genes.

ACADEMIC FRATERNITIES NATIONWIDE ALWAYS WELCOME their BS and MS programs for zoology. The closing merit for BS Zoology in the first merit list is 990

Arts and design

This department offers a variety of courses, including graphic arts, graphic designing, painting, sculpture, and their primary program, i.e., textile design. As Pakistan aims to perform well in the global textile industry, PU aims to produce professionals to guide the Pakistani industry to a higher realm.

The closing merit in the first list is 960

Law Department

Their law department has been one of the best departments for LLB in the country. The students must take LAT before applying to PU for LLB programs. So, the merit depends on LAT test results as well.

Allied health sciences

The Allied Health Sciences include nursing, optometry, physiotherapy, radiology, dispensing, and more. These professionals aid primary healthcare professionals in doing their jobs. The merit of this department is always high.

University College of Pharmacy

This is one of their prestigious institutes. University College of Pharmacy always has the highest merit among all the other degree programs. They offer Pharm-D and postgraduate degrees in the pharmacy field.

This year’s closing merit for morning classes is over 1000, while the closing merit for the evening seat is more than 990 in FSc.


There are a lot of Engineering fields that PU offers. This includes civil engineering, mechanical, electrical, computer sciences, and IT. The merit of these will also depend on the results of the ECAT.

Institute of Business Administration

IBA has been a trusted name if you want to apply to business fields like BBA or MBA. The merit for undergraduate degree programs is always high here. The closing merit can be as high as 960.


Finally, Punjab University has released its merit lists, which has sparked interest among candidates. This article discussed merit lists, admission test dates, and department-specific merit lists.

Punjab University is well-known for its high-quality education and low cost, making it a popular choice among many students.

While second and third merit lists are uncommon, they may be available if necessary. Departments such as Zoology, Arts and Design, Law, Allied Health Sciences, University College of Pharmacy, Engineering, and the Institute of Business Administration had their merit lists recognized.

Each department’s closing merit ratings are unique. We hope this post has answered your questions, but don’t hesitate to contact us if you require additional support. Don’t pass up the chance to reserve a seat. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the last date of admission to Punjab University in 2024?

We updated the last dates to apply for entrance exams

How much percentage is required for Punjab University?

You need at least 50% marks.

What is a general merit list?

This merit list is a collection of those students who have submitted the application form.

How much is the entry test fee for PU?

The fee is 1500 PKR

How many seats are there at Punjab University?

There are a total of approximately 3100 sats in PU.

Which course is best in PU?

Computer Sciences, IT, Business, Arts, and Pharmacy are among the top courses offered at Punjab University.

Are admissions open in PU?

Yes, the admissions are open at PU.

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