College Of Nursing PIMS Merit List 2024

If you want to know about PIMS Nursing merit lists, you have arrived at the right spot. Nursing is a noble profession, just like any other medical profession. Doctors are helpful characters in society, while nurses are the unsung heroes who deserve all the appreciation. All of this is to tell you how critical these nurses are in our society. To become a nurse, you have to complete the BSN program. To complete the BS Nursing, PIMS is one of your best options. In this article, we will tell you when PIMS will announce their merit list for the BSN program. Let’s end the gibber jabber right here and get right into it. Shall we?

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Download merit list

Here, you will be able to download the merit list. So far, PIMS hasn’t announced the merit list for the BSN program. However, they will soon make an announcement. We will let you know through our articles. And you can get the latest updates like these by turning on the notifications. This way, you will always get the latest updates for scholarships, study abroad opportunities, and job postings.

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There are other options to do a BSN in Pakistan as well. So why the College of Nursing, PIMS? PIMS is one of the most prestigious institutes in the federal area. It was established back in 1948. This is the best training institute for health care professionals with state-of-the-art facilities. That is why you should attend PIMS to become a registered nurse in Pakistan. They follow the merit policy when admitting students to their program. This is also a plus point for them.

Future Prospects for Nurses in Pakistan

Now, let’s talk about your prospects if you choose to do a BSN in Pakistan. As of right now, most of you must be seeing that there is a proper infrastructure for MBBS and BDS in Pakistan. However, there isn’t much of an infrastructure for other healthcare professions. The graduates struggle a lot for job opportunities. However, the situation is quite promising for Nurses.

The nursing profession has evolved a lot over time in Pakistan. Nurses have more rights and power in hospital settings now. The seniors and the unions have ensured the nurses get their rights. That is why you will see even the males applying for BSN in Pakistan. The School of Nursing, PIMS, has a 90% female and 10% male quota.


In conclusion, enrolling in the BSN program at the College of Nursing, PIMS provides a road to a rewarding nursing profession. While waiting for the much-anticipated merit list, PIMS stands out for its pedigree, dating back to 1948, and dedication to merit-based admissions.

With increased acknowledgement of nurses’ rights, the shifting landscape of nursing in Pakistan has bright opportunities.

The PIMS School of Nursing, with its 90% female and 10% male quota, is a wise choice for anyone seeking to make a significant difference in the healthcare industry. Keep an eye out for the merit list and start on a journey that reflects Pakistan’s changing dynamics of nursing.

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