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The Pakistan Engineering Council (PEC) has changed the standard admission requirements for engineering schools in a ground-breaking move that welcomes an underrepresented category of students. This news will catch your attention if you’re an ICS student who wants to study some other branch of engineering.

This blog will discuss the recent policy change that makes ICS students eligible for all engineering programs. We will also discuss its ramifications and advantages. Prepare to learn more about how this paradigm-shifting change transforms Pakistan’s engineering education system.

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The Recent Notification

According to PEC, the 46th Vice Chancellors’ Committee (VCC) meeting took this decision on 2 February 2023.

The new criteria state that applicants to engineering programs must have completed the Fsc Pre-Engineering Examination. They must also have received at least a 60% overall score.

ICS students are now permitted in addition to the conventional combination of Physics, Mathematics, and Chemistry.

However, these students must take Chemistry as a supplementary topic or course during their first semester after admission.

The change also makes it possible for students with a pre-medical foundation to apply for admission to programs in biomedicine or bioengineering.

Implementation of the New Policy

Several colleges have already adopted and put into effect this progressive policy adjustment. The following universities have already implemented this policy:

  1. National University Of Science and Technology
  2. Ghulam Ishaq Khan Institute of Engineering Sciences and Technology
  3. University of Engineering, Peshawar
  4. Air University, Islamabad
  5. The University of Management and Technology, Lahore.

With these colleges setting the example, it is anticipated that many more organizations will do the same, expanding the range of options for ICS students interested in a future in engineering.

Implications of the New Policy

This regulatory shift will significantly impact the engineering education industry and students.

It dispels the widespread misconception that ICS students may only pursue careers in disciplines connected to computer science and gives them an equal opportunity to enroll in engineering degrees.

The PEC has recognized the dynamic environment of technological breakthroughs and the rising demand for workers with both math and computing skills by acknowledging the importance of computer science in engineering specialties.

Benefits for ICS Students

Thanks to this new development, numerous new options are now available to ICS students interested in engineering. Now they have access to various engineering specialties, such as mechanical, civil, electrical, and others.

Programming and logical thinking are two talents that ICS students frequently have in plenty, and both are highly sought after in the engineering industry.

ICS students may provide fresh ideas and make new contributions to the engineering sector because of their solid understanding of mathematics and computer science fundamentals.

Transitioning into Engineering Programs

ICS students now have access to more opportunities, but it’s crucial to remember that they must pass a remedial Chemistry course or subject within the first semester.

This clause ensures students have the knowledge base they need to succeed in their chosen engineering specialty.

ICS students must see the chance to increase their knowledge and improve their abilities. They may fill any knowledge gaps and succeed in their engineering education with perseverance and effort.


Pakistani engineering education has reached a vital turning point due to the Pakistan Engineering Council’s recent policy shift. Now that ICS students have been admitted to all engineering schools, they may follow their aspirations of becoming engineers.

This change gives ICS students an equal opportunity to advance the discipline of computer science and acknowledges the significance of computer science in engineering.

This forward-thinking strategy is anticipated to open up a world of opportunities for ICS students and close the divide between computer science and engineering as more colleges adopt it, eventually fostering innovation and growth in the nation.

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