Budget 2023-24: 10000 PKR rise in EOBI pensions!

Are you interested to hear about a significant increase in pensions? Especially in a society where retirement financial security is an increasing worry. Consider a situation in which pensioners get a much-needed raise in their monthly income, improving their standard of living.

If you are, you will be amazed to know what I will tell you next. There will be a massive increase in pensions supplied by the Employees Old-Age Benefits Institution (EOBI) of 1,500 PKR.

In this blog, we’ll talk about how they made this choice, their present financial position, and how the EOBI is devoted to improving the lives of its registered seniors. Prepare to be moved by a tale of kindness and care for our retirees!

Current Scenario and Financial Constraints

The EOBI currently pays 4 billion Pakistani rupees to its 430,000 enrolled pensioners. The government has imposed a 1,500 PKR increase in the monthly pension in light of the current economic climate and financial restrictions.

Even though this might not seem like a big move, given the current situation, it is a step in the right way. The conservative approach the government uses guarantees that they can fulfill their obligations without placing an excessive burden on the national exchequer.

EOBI Exceeding Expectations

Dr. Javed Shaikh, the EOBI’s Deputy Director General, indicated that the organization has been operating extraordinarily effectively this fiscal year. The EOBI has outperformed expectations despite having a target contribution goal of 33.5 billion Pakistani rupees (PKR).

Contributions have already exceeded 36 billion PKR by the end of May, and another 4 billion PKR is anticipated in June.

These outstanding numbers reflect the institution’s effective management and commitment to upholding its financial responsibilities.

Settlement of Pension Cases

For the EOBI, effectively handling pension claims is of the highest significance. The company is proud to have successfully resolved 90% of all pension claims, ensuring that worthy retirees receive their payments promptly.

Four hundred thirty thousand registered retirees receive pension payments totaling more than 4 billion Pakistani rupees. The institution provides pensioners an incredible 52 billion PKR in annual contributions, ensuring financial security and stability.

Enhanced Convenience for Pensioners

The EOBI has sent cards to all qualified recipients to make things easier for retirees. With these EOBI cards, retirees may easily access various easy money options nationwide and withdraw their pension funds from ATMs. The EOBI ensures that pensioners can easily access their assets wherever they are by streamlining the procedure.


The government’s choice to boost EOBI pensions by 1,500 PKR per month shows its dedication to enhancing the quality of life for retirees.

Although budgetary restrictions required a modest hike, this action shows that the government knows seniors’ difficulties.

The EOBI’s remarkable achievement exceeded its contribution goals and successfully resolved pension claims. This further solidifies its standing as an organization committed to the welfare of pensioners.

The agency ensures that accessing retirees’ cash is simple and quick by giving them EOBI cards. This will be a breath of fresh air for all the senior citizens getting the benefits. Of course, the state’s responsible for looking after its retired employees.

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