Matric & Intermidiate New Improvement Policy 2023 : Education Board Rule Changed

All the Punjab boards will change their policy regarding improving marks. The secretary of Higher Education, Javed Akhtar Mehmood, has ordered all the chairmen of Punjab boards to implement this new policy. According to the new policy, students must take exams for only one part rather than for both if they want to improve their marks in a certain subject.

Previously, students had to take exams for both parts 1 and 2 if they wanted to improve that subject. But now, the board authorities have shown some leniency after 50 years of implementing this rule.

Also, the students will get 4 more chances to improve their marks within 2 years time frame. But they will not be able to get admission to any university for higher education.

Of course, the system has changed, and the rule had to change too.

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Education Board Rule Changed after 50 years.

As we told you before, the educational boards got direction from the Secretary of Higher Education, Mr. Javed Akhtar Mehmood. As the system has changed over the past years, some old rules are still being implemented. This was causing some problems for the students.

Now, students have to take exams for only one part to improve their marks in a certain subject. For example, if you feel you must improve in Urdu Part 1, you will only have to retake Urdu Part 1’s exam.

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The Secretary has directed all the chairmen of the Punjab boards. These chairmen have now got to get clearance from their respective boards of governance. After that, this law will be implemented all over the BISE in Punjab.

How does it help?

So, how will it be helpful for the students? Previously, students had to take exams for both parts to improve a certain subject. This was unnecessary and had to be changed or amended.

For example, if you felt you could do better in Chemistry Part 1 since you scored 85 out of 100, you also had to retake Part 2 Chemistry. This was an absurd rule, even if you scored 100/100 in part 2. That is why many students wouldn’t even try to improve their marks.

This rule will help improve the marks. Now, they would only have to take one part of the subject to improve their grade. No need to take unnecessary exams. A great move by the education department indeed.


After 50 years, Punjabi educational boards changed their policy, enabling students to raise their grades in particular topics by sitting for examinations for just one portion rather than both.

The Secretary of Higher Education’s decree intends to reduce the undue load on students and promote greater mark-improvement initiatives. The new regulation is anticipated to improve student results and streamline the process.

Finally, a great move from the education department. This is what it was meant to be like from the beginning. Make room for amendments and make the lives of students better.

Frequently Asked Questions – FAQs

How many times can I improve FSC?

You can improve only one time.

Is 80% good in FSc?

Keeping in view the competition these days, I would say no. You better step up your game.

Is FSc tough or not?

It is a subjective thing. If you are consistent and disciplined with your studies, it is not hard at all. Otherwise Fsc will make your life very hard.

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