Study in Saudi Arabia – Scholarship Programme [Apply now]

This is a fantastic opportunity for those students who want to study in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA). KSA has announced scholarships for Pakistani students. In this article, we will tell you all about how you can apply, the specific details about this scholarship, and much more. Are you ready to go to KSA and study in the land of Prophets? There can’t be a better opportunity than this.

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You can apply to one of the top-ranking universities in KSA.

Starting date7 September 2023
Deadline7 December 2023

KSA Scholarship programme

Students will be able to apply for three different types of scholarships.

  1. Fully funded scholarship: All expenses of the university will be covered
  2. Partial scholarship: A certain percentage is waivered
  3. Self-finance: The student has to cover all the costs.

Regarding the details, it is best to visit the university’s website and contact the authorities there. You can get the professor there and submit a proposal. If the professor is interested, he can guide you through the process. This is the best method to apply for this scholarship. Otherwise, you can visit the official website for more details.

Why should you study in KSA?

There are a lot of benefits to studying in KSA. As Muslims, we always wish to live in KSA and be near the holy cities of Makkah and Madina. But that is an emotional argument. Let me give you some rational reasons to study in KSA.

Best Universities

KSA universities are among the best of the best regarding quality of education. Saudis have been investing in educational infrastructure, boosting their level of education.

Research facilities

Circling back to KSA investing in education, this also means that the universities will have the best research facilities. As undergraduate and postgraduate students, enrolling in a university where you will get the best research environment should be your priority.

Life of an international student

Saudis take care of international guests. They are known for their hospitality. You will love your time in KSA.


Students from all over the world visit KSA to study at their universities and educational institutions. They have more than a hundred thousand graduates over the years. And you have a lot more options these days.


So, this was the news. And it was the best news. You can study in KSA and enroll in their scholarship program. It is also a part of their vision 2030, where the crown prince Muhammad Bin Salman has vowed to create a country in the middle east that beats the Europe as center for trade, education, and culture in the world. You can become a part of that vision by enrolling there.

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