AFNS Past Papers [PDF Download]

To become a nurse in the armed forces, you need to enroll in the AFNS test 2023 course. For this, you need to pass a test. And we are here to help you pass this test. You can download the past papers that will greatly help you to prepare for this test. Download them now to increase your chances.

Nursing is a noble profession, everyone aspires to become one like Florence Nightingale. Nightingale can be considered one of the founders of modern nursing, who used to cure the wounds of wounded soldiers on the battlefield. You know where I am trying to get here. What better way to be like this than to be a nurse in the armed forces? Being in the armed forces is a serious business and there are high chances that the soldiers will get wounded. Hence, the army is always in need of nurses who can address the wounds of our soldiers and officers. This is also a chance for women to serve in our armed forces.

AFNS Past papers PDF

What better way to prepare for afns test than to prepare it using past papers? We know you want to study deeply and prepare in the best way possible. You might be thinking that you have to invest all of your time in reading the textbooks. But, you have to understand that Army is a serious thing. To serve in the army as a nurse is a high honor. And armed forces select their nurses after psychological testing as well. So if you are just a bookworm, then you may not be selected.

Hence, you have developed a mindset of working smartly and increasing your output and efficiency. And you can do that from the get-go, using past papers to study for the test. Of course, you will need the textbooks but have to understand that spending some time on past papers will get good outcomes. You will get an idea about the psychology of the paper setters and marks distribution. From past papers, you will also see if your preparation was according to the style of the test.

So do not waste your time and download the past papers now.

AFNS paper pattern

You can look at the following paper pattern to get an idea about the AFNS paper

1. IQ100
2. Biology50
3. Physics40
4. Chemistry40
5. English50
6. General knowledge20

Alright, you can study all the sections from the textbooks but what about General knowledge and IQ? You do not know what type of questions may be asked. But you do not have to be in the dark like everyone else. Download the past papers now to get your preparation to the next level.


In short, past papers will help you a lot. Not only do you get to practice using an actual exam, but also you can study exam questions. Past papers are a great source of information regarding the questions that may be asked in the exam this time as well. So if you are not downloading and preparing them, you are missing out on a big opportunity. This is a chance for you to serve this nation as an AFNS. So start preparing now.

Frequently Asked Questions – FAQs

If we were not able to cover everything in this article, then this section may help you get your answers. But if you still have some more questions, then feel free to ask us in the comments section.

How many marks are required to take the AFNS test?

You need at least 50%

Will you become permanent after AFNS?

Yes, it is a permanent job.

Are army nurses commissioned, officers?

Yes, after AFNS, you become a commissioned officer in the Pakistan army

Do army nurses get a stipend?

Yes, they get a stipend throughout their 4 years of academic training.

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