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Gujranwala Board Past Papers 2023 PDF Download

Download the 9th and 10th Gujranwala board past papers here. Students willing to download these past papers and take their exam preparations to the next level can do this here. It is good that you already know the hidden potential behind the past papers.

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Here, you can read about how to use past papers to prepare subjects like Physics, chemistry, and biology. So, continue reading if you want to know how to become the next board topper using these tips and tricks.

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Download past papers

Past papers are a very beneficial tool for preparing for the board exams. You can get a lot of benefits from it. For example, you can peek into the paper setter’s mind and know what they ask. This way, you can tailor your preparation.

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Also, you can solve these papers with standard time limits set by the boards. This means that you can practice what it is like to solve a board exam. This is especially beneficial to the 9th-class students.

Before we move to the next section, remember that preparing SEQs and MCQs is the same as past papers. The difference is in the long questions. And this is what we will discuss.

Physics past papers

In physics, the long questions include a subjective type question and a numerical one. You can target specific chapters with the help of the pairing scheme. For example, if you feel you can do better with specific subjective type questions, target the numerical paired with them.

This is how you can use the physics past papers. You already have a list of all the questions that paper setters deem “important.”

Chemistry past papers

In chemistry, find out the most critical questions. These questions appear again and again in the past papers. Once you have done that, you will know whether a numerical question is asked. If a numerical is asked in long questions repeatedly, prepare that. Prioritize them as they will save a lot of time for you.

Biology past papers

There is no shortcut for biology preparation, or is there? Of course, there will be no numerical. And the biology book is full of text. You have to skim specific chapters. It will be great if you have past papers + the pairing schemes.

Firstly, skim the chapters that will not be asked in the long questions. Then, go through the past papers and note down the essential questions.

This way, you will save time for short questions and MCQs.


Unlocking the rich trove of the Gujranwala board’s past papers is the ticket to exam success. Using these tools, you may learn about question patterns and simulate real-world test scenarios. Create customized methods for physics, chemistry, and biology courses, and concentrate on important questions to simplify your preparation.

Past papers are your best friends on the road to achievement. Accept their advice and march fearlessly toward academic success. Your triumphant path begins right now!

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