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Lahore Board Announce 9th Class 2023 Position holders

The Lahore board has announced the 9th class toppers today. Generally speaking, all the boards in Punjab announce the toppers at least one day before the announcement of the results. And this is what BISE Lahore has done this time as well. So, if you want to know who these people are, continue reading this article.

We have covered this topic from a broader perspective, such as the parents’ reactions, how they will help the other students and the personal feelings of these toppers.

So keep reading.

Lahore board 9th class toppers

1stLaiba Shahid519
1stMuskan Rai519
2ndAhmad Arshad518
3rdMustafa Kazmi517

These are the students that secured positions this time from the Lahore board. These sorts of marks are insane. Getting these grades must not have been an easy code to crack. Congratulations to all the board toppers.

Support from Parents

These position holders get a lot of love and support from their families, parents, siblings, or extended family members.

Society gives you much support when you have achieved something in life. And this is what happens when you become a board topper. Your family respects you, your parents are proud of you, and your younger siblings look up to you.

Motivation for other students

Other students get motivation from you. Thousands of students want to become board toppers. And if you manage to secure the top position, you will surely get respect from the other juniors.

This is also the reason the boards announce their toppers. They want these toppers to inspire their juniors.

Update: The lahore board first year result is announced.

Getting recognition

The next good thing is that these students get recognition. Who doesn’t like positive attention? You work so hard, and each day, you sacrifice certain things so that you can turn your dreams into reality.

Does securing the first position on the board mean you become a successful businessman or a professional? No. This is just a skipping stone in the longer way.

But if students get fame and recognition for this achievement, it motivates them.


The release of the Lahore Board’s 9th class toppers not only honors academic accomplishment but also the steadfast family support, peer inspiration, and social acknowledgment these achievers get.

Aside from academics, this accomplishment inspires many others, inspiring them to dream larger and strive more. The acclaim and respect garnered emphasize the hard work and effort that went into these results, exhibiting ideals far beyond academic accomplishment.

As we commemorate them, Let us recall the core of these individuals’ journeys, urging us all to strive for greatness and personal improvement.

Congratulations to the winners and students starting their educational pursuits.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the passing percentage for 9th class 2023?
The passing marks are 40%
What is the last date for 9th class admission 2024?
The board will announce the schedule soon.
What is the age for 9th admission?
12 years minimum.
What is the fee for 9th class admission in Lahore Board 2023?
100 PKR
What is the best percentage of 9th?
The sky is your limit my friend.

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