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How to Attempt Paper Like A Topper – FBISE Reveals the Secret

How to attempt a paper like a topper? This is a question that every student in Matric asks the teacher. But no ordinary student who wants to achieve something in the exams asks this question. Congratulation, buddy

You also have that hunger to achieve success. Why? Because you are here. You searched this keyword and came here. It is students like you who make a difference in life. In this article, we will talk about how to attempt an exam like a topper. How? FBISE has revealed the physics paper of the topper of the 10th class exams. We will use that as an example and guide you on how to attempt the exam. So without any further delay, let’s get right into it.

How to attempt paper like a topper – FBISE reveals the secret.

Federal board of Intermediate and secondary education has revealed the solved physics paper of their 10th class topper. They did this so that other students may treat it as an example and attempt papers like that. But we have saved the trouble for you. We have decoded the paper and will give you guidelines about attempting an exam if you want to become a topper. So, let’s begin.

Clean handwriting

There is no way that a paper checker will have a good impression of you if you have bad handwriting. The first impression is the last. No paper checker will waste their time if your handwriting is illegible. Everyone will try not to read your paper carefully or deduct marks based on your handwriting. So, you must write your exam in good handwriting to get full marks.


You are reading this blog. Do you see how I divided this blog into headings? Isn’t it making it easy to read for you? Imagine trying to read a giant block of text with no headings. Or, try to read a paragraph that is too large. You will not read it. Readers do not behave that way. Or, go and look at your textbooks. The text is divided into relevant headings. Isnt it? Your paper checker thinks the same way.

Give headings

So, when attempting a question, try to divide it into different headings. This way, it will be easier for the paper checker to check your paper. Do it, especially in the case of long questions.

Highlight the keywords

Do you see how the position holder has written some keywords with bold markers? You can use this technique as well. What it does is that it makes the job easier for the paper checker. Paper checkers have a significant burden workload. When you highlight specific keywords that will make their job easier, you will be doing a favor for both of you. Your paper presentation becomes pleasant to the paper checker.

Highlight the keywords

Present the equations

When writing equations or formulae, write them with a bold marker or a different color. What it does is that it highlights the equation and sets it apart from the rest of the paper. Your paper checker will have no difficulty checking the paper.

present equations

Draw diagrams

Use diagram. I cannot emphasize it hard enough. You have to draw diagrams to prove your point. What do you prefer, just reading a text or having a diagram or drawing explaining the text? The answer is simple. The paper checker usually grants you more marks if you prove your point using a diagram. But the drawing should be neat and clean.

Draw diagrams

Components of a numerical

You have to divide the numerical into different components. These are as follows.

  • Data given
  • What to find
  • Solution
  • Answer

Also, try to write answers in words. This increases the appeal of the answer.

How to solve a physics numerical

Attempting the “Differentiate between…” questions

There is a sure way to attempt questions like “differentiate between alpha and gamma rays.” You can either do it the right way or the wrong way. What is the right way? You draw a line, give a heading, and explain the differences side by side. Do it just like how the topper has done in its answer sheet.

Give to-the-point answers

FBISE is notorious for awarding those students who have clear concepts. Stop beating around the bush and give to-the-point answers. The paper checker will get bored if you explain more than required. So, do not do this disservice to yourself. Write comprehensive and brief answers.

Convince the examiner

Try to convince your paper checker. Think of it this way, your paper checker is a student like you. And you are the teacher. When a student asks a question, how does a teacher respond? The teacher responds by giving an answer that will clear the student’s concepts and convince him or her. When you are attempting a paper, the roles are reversed. Now, you have to give a convincing answer. And how can you do that by doing everything we have described until now?

You can use diagrams, equations, or any supporting statements that will make your answer look convincing. When you attempt a question this way, it will make a huge difference.

Final words

In this article, we tried to decode the topper’s paper as much as possible. Now, the tips and tricks are in front of you. How many of these tips do you already use? Comment below. These tips and tricks will not only ensure that you get a higher score, but also you will feel a difference in how you study for the exam. Because once you try to convince your paper checker, you will notice that you are forcing yourself to understand the key concepts better. This way, you will learn the given topics and have much more command of the concepts.

With these tips and tricks, there is nothing between you and a high exam score.

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