Topper of 10th class 2023 Lahore board

The toppers from the Lahore board this year are something else. Scoring this many marks in this day and age of social media is quite astonishing. Students of this age often waste their time scrolling on useless apps. But Kudos to these students, their parents, and their support system that has enabled them to do this well in their examination.

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You must have gotten an idea of what we will be talking about in this article. Yes, the topic of our discussion today is Lahore Board’s toppers. Not only will we tell you about these toppers, but also we will tell you how you can be a topper like them.

Are you excited to read this article? If you want to achieve big in your studies, YOU MUST BE. So without wasting any more time, let’s get right into it.

BISE Lahore 10th class position holders

Before doing any more gossip, let’s get straight to the chase. These are the board toppers this year. As you can see, they have scored pretty high. I mean, scoring this many marks was a myth back then. But students these days are doing something else. They must be. Otherwise, this is impossible.

I mean, just look at Maryam! She is just a random kid from Lahore. But her 1095 marks have made her feature in our article. Let’s get to the details.

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Position Name Roll number Marks
1st Mareyam Yousaf 156982 1095
1st Saba Saqib 171359 1095
2nd M Moheed Sajid 247534 1094
2nd M Hannan Baig 257437 1094
2nd Aiman Ansar 145365 1094
3rd Abeera Javed 145368 1093
3rd Bareerah Atif 144975 1093
3rd Rameen Shah Chishti 153301 1093
3rd Asma Ijaz 155866 1093
3rd Nashrah Kamran 162992 1093
3rd Amna Atta 170362 1093
3rd Saim Ali 272205 1093
3rd Hafiz Hamza Mukhtar 212591 1093
3rd Saim ul Haq 224739 1093
3rd M. Awab Siddiq 226400 1093


Seems like the girls are overachieving in academics. Most of the students in this list are young and inspiring females who dream of doing something big in this society.

These students from Lahore are the cream of the crop, and they will be admitted to some of the top colleges in this country.

Scholarships, sponsorships, fame, money, and whatnot. These students will continue getting it all if they keep achieving like this.

What does it take to be a topper?

Okay, so what does it take to become a topper? Well, let me guess, do you think you will have to sacrifice your personal life and become a bookworm to become a topper? No, my friend. That is not the case.

You can easily score this big while enjoying your free time with a perfect work-life balance. You can play games, read comics, and watch cartoons and movies. At the same time, you can score pretty high if you have focus and the right direction.

You can follow these simple tips and tricks to study like a topper:

  • First, you have to clear all your concepts.
  • Never skip a day. Study less each day, but be consistent
  • Focus while studying
  • Prepare past papers
  • Use exam schemes

It would be best if you did these things; nothing can stop you from scoring high marks like these.


See, there is no rocket science in becoming a board topper. All you have to do is study, take care of your health, and remain positive. Always remember one thing, the board toppers have the same 24 hours you have in a day. The only thing is that they use their time wisely.

We will end this article on a positive note that you can achieve anything if you believe in yourself. So it would be best if you did that first and foremost.

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