How To Prepare AEO Test

How To Prepare AEO Test 2022

Like with all others, educators’ posts have scale and grad names like SST or EST, so this is also having its own Post name and scale. Aeo means Assistant Education Officer.

Here in this article, you have got complete information about AEO-Test and how to prepare? whats Pattern?

  •  Information About AEO-Test
  • Strategies and Criteria of AEO-Test
  • Syllabus of AEO-Test
  • How to prepare AEO-Test
  • Sample paper of AEO-Test

Information About Test

AEO is an Assistant Education Officer who visits different schools, Checking School progress, and makes reports Attendance of teachers and students And then submitted to the DPO( Deputy Education Officer). AEO visits 2 times a month.

The Scale Of AEO is BPS-16th. And the Salary of an AEO is RS-60,000. Basic Pay will be 30ooo and the other 30 Thousand will be the allowance. A few schools have been under AEO.

At least  10 schools which are under AEO.But in some districts its number will change, maybe 11, 12 Schools.

Strategies and Criteria of AEO-Test

For AEO, a Master’s degree will be compulsory, that will be any subject. Both Arts and Science will be applying to this The Strategy is that AEO is taking his duty like an officer, AEO does not teach in Schools, just visiting Schools. And the office of AEO is DEO Office.

This AEO Test will be different from all other educators’ jobs by passing marks.AEO -Test passing marks will be 60, and all others are 50 marks. This test includes up to the Secondary level. 

In the educational field, this job AEO will be the best. The main objective of this job is to check the education system and then improve and do better development in the educational institution.


According to the new policy of the Punjab Govt. is changed the syllabus of the AEO-Test  2018-2019, the pattern will be 80 marks for the specified subject and 20 marks for others like G.K, English, SST, etc. But now this pattern will be changed as given below

 Assistant Education Officer AEO


Subjects                                                                      Marks

  1. Urdu                                                                              15
  2. English                                                                          15
  3. Islamiat/SST                                                               10
  4. Computer Science                                                    10

5. Science subjects                                                              40

  •  Physic
  • Chemistry
  • Math
  • Biology
  • Botany

6. Current affairs/G.k                                                         10

> Similarly for Arts, Numbering Pattern like this according to the last policy of Educators.

How to prepare the AEO Test

Here are also Two ways used to prepare AEO-Test but if you continuously Study 

  1. Online Sources
  2.  Books

Online  Source

Today’s world is the technology world, And everyone using the Internet, Many sites or social groups are available where these educator jobs will be prepared by Facebook groups, WhatsApp groups, etc.

Many websites are available that prepare these tests online, here some links below you follow these and prepare your all subjects, Online Tests will be consist of MCQs.


Many Educator’s books are available in the market. First, you need to read your  Punjab textbooks of the 9th and 10th class all subjects. Then YOU Buy educator book, some books tell you here that are mostly people readout.

  1. Dogar publishers for Educators
  2. Ilmi’s book for Educators
  3. Bhatti Brothers for Educators

These are good for preparing all educators jobs but better and more readout books will be the Dogars publisher for educators

Sample paper

Here Some sample papers of AEO will be given below, you can download them from here and prepare other files also like G.K, Current affairs, etc

  1. AEO Sample Paper
  2. Current Affairs
  3. General knowledge

Above all this is complete information about How to prepare AEO Test.

if any questions/confusion/suggestions, then you comment to us or contact us, our team responds to you within 24 hours.

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