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How To Prepare ESE Educators Test ( BPS-14 )

How to Prepare ESE Test ( BPS-14 )

In this article, you knowing about educator ESE-Test having a bps-9th scale, which is now converted into the bps-14th scale according to the new policy 2020-2021.

  • Information about ESE-Test
  • Helping Tips for study plan
  • Pattern
  • Sample paper 2018

Information About ESE-Test

The Punjab Govt. has been announced Educators jobs for Teachers every year almost. This ESE-Teacher also called PTS-Teacher, It means Primary Teacher School. As also ESE means Elementry School Education. The Teachers of this scale(bps-9th) is just in Primary schools and their levels will be always primary level,.

Yes, Pay will be increased but not promotion. But all of you happy to hears that according to the latest Govt. policy Scale upgrading the primary teachers having a promotion with bps-14th and also salary will be increased ( 28000 RS ).

All districts of Punjab will be applying for all posts of educators including this. As you know the total 36 districts in Punjab.

The National Testing Service (NTS) taking a test from all the districts of Punjab. And then the Govt. taking selection on merit. Both males and females will be applying to this post or job.

nts test preparation 2018

Helping Tips For Study Plan

As you know every exam/test required your attention, hardworking and study plan, so if you wanted to pass with great marks this ESE-Test, then you make your study plan and follow it.

  • you make your study Time-Table
  • To study daily any 2 or 3 subjects
  • Properly and Regularly learning
  • Today internet world, so you learn from the internet, different test preparation websites and groups, etc
  • you also taking help from social networks like Facebook NTS group, WhatsApp group, etc
  • you read every newspaper because current affairs also include in this test
  • you also touch with the General knowledge about everything
  • you have also Islamic knowledge
  • you also learn basic computer knowledge
  • Buying a specific NTs-book and read it daily properly

nts past papers for educators bps 9


The pattern of this ESE-Test will be consisting of both group Science & Arts


                 Subjects                                                                                                 Marks

  1. English( primary level)                                                                                     30
  2.  Urdu ( primary level )                                                                                       15
  3. Islamiyat & Pak Study ( P.L )                                                                         10
  4. Math ( Primary Level )                                                                                       20
  5. Science ( Primary Level )                                                                                  10
  6. B.ed ( learning, planning… etc )                                                                     10
  7. Current Affairs/General Knowledge                                                        05

ESE-Science Math(BPS-14)

                 Subjects                                                                                                 Marks

  1. English( primary level)                                                                                     15
  2.  Urdu ( primary level )                                                                                       10
  3. Islamiyat & Pak Study ( P.L )                                                                         10
  4. Math ( Primary Level )                                                                                       25
  5. Science ( primary Level )                                                                                  25
  6. B.ed ( learning, planning… etc )                                                                     10
  7. Current Affairs/General Knowledge                                                       05

Sample Paper 2018

Here add some and more important sample paper latest which takes place in 2018, and it is in the form of the PDF format, So all of your download from here and take practice to prepare your ESE-Test

  1. ESE-Arts Sample Paper         Download
  2. ESE-Science sample paper    Download
  3. Current  Affairs Free              Download 
  4. Basic Info. about Pakistan     Download
  5. Latest GK.Book Free               Download

Eligibility Criteria

Master’s degree(2nd division) will be eligible for this ESE-Test. And B.ed is necessary for this job. If you have no b.ed degree, then you do this degree within 3-years.


  1. Online

2. Books

  • Dogar Publisher for Educators(ESE-Test)
  • Ilmi Brothers
  • Bhatti Brothers

Next month the Educators jobs will be coming, so you mentally prepare yourself with great effort and hard work. And you read above the whole article with full attention, and hope so your every point will be clear,

Means about this ESE-Test you have no issue. But You follow these above interactions then you have solved the download sample paper, downloading link available here.

If you have any confusion, question, suggestion, or idea then you comment on me, our team and active members reply to you and answers your questions. 

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