How to Prepare SESE-Test(BPS-14)

How to Prepare SESE-Test(BPS-14)

This Article will be including NTS-test and giving all information about SESE-Test. Many peoples confused for preparing this test and many others problems they have a face. This article will be best for of all and especially new educators applier whose first time applying.

  •      Information
  •      How to prepare
  •      Eligibility Criteria
  •      Syllabus
  •      Sample Paper


As all of you know that the educator’s jobs are the teaching jobs, and all these jobs having BPS/Scale giving to the Teachers. SESE means Secondary Elementry School Education is the Middle School Teacher having bps-14th, but due to the new policy of the Punjab Govt. bps-14th converted into bps-15th. And the Pay of this SESE-post will be 32000 according to the upgrading policy. The Arts and Science Master students applying for this post. Both male and female will be applying for all educators jobs, And separate merit and selection took place for them.

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                          How  To Prepare

First of all, you know about that SESE-Test, which subjects include for this test? And whats Syllabus??  You study properly and daily with the timetable. You giving time to every subject even you are specialized in any one subject. Because due to the new policy all subjects are including in test.


There will be Two ways you prepared All educator Tests even this…

  1. Online
  2. Books

1.    As you know this age of the world is the modern and technology, Many online sites are preparing these all subjects which are including in this SESE-Test. Like Ilm Ki Dunya will be the best online source where you prepare well subject by subject. And Online Test site is GoTest will be the best site, you take the online test which consists of MCQs and then giving your results.



2.   You should always touch with books, you read all subjects Punjab text books of 5th class to 8th class. And you also buy one Educator Book by any author like Dogars publishers, Ilmi, Bhatti brothers. If I prefer then Dogears publisher will be the best because their books also explain reason with answer keys, others just tell answer key not explain

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                                              Eligibility  Criteria

As you all know that the educator’s jobs will be coming, so the eligibility criteria will be

  • Master ( 2nd division ) will be applied, the 3rd division will not be applicable
  • B.ed will be necessary, without not applicable. But you have done this degree within 3 years, the education depart giving Time-limit
  • Merit will be formed with all previous degree means ( 10% metric, 10% Fsc,10%Bsc,10% Msc,5% b.ed,5%others,50% NTS test )
  • Bsc Degree will be not eligible
  • Both male and female will be applied
  • This time Engineering, DVM, Agriculture also will be applying by the new educator policy 2018-2019
  • Engineers, DVM, and agriculture just apply this, not others like ESE, AEO or SSE


SESE(bps-14)  for Arts (Up to Elementry level)

Subjects                                                              Marks

  • Urdu                                                                              30
  • English                                                                          30
  • Islamiyat                                                                       10
  • SST                                                                                 10
  • Computer Science                                                     10
  • Current affairs/GK                                                    10


SESE(bps-14)  for Science (Up to Elementry level)

Subjects                                                              Marks

  • Science                                                                           30
  • Math                                                                               30
  • Islamiyat/SST                                                               10
  • English (Secondary level)                                          10
  • Computer Science                                                       10
  • Current affairs/GK                                                      10


SESE(bps-14)  for Computer Science (Up to Elementry level)

Subjects                                                              Marks

  • Urdu                                                                               15
  • English                                                                            15
  • Islamiyat/SST                                                               10
  • Computer science (Master level)                            20
  • Computer Science Secondary level)                       30
  • Current affairs/GK                                                      10

SESE(bps-14)  for PET (Up to Elementry level)

Subjects                                                                       Marks

  • Urdu                                                                           15
  • English                                                                       15
  • Islamiyat/SST                                                          10
  • Health & Physical Edu. (Secondary level)       20
  • Health & Physical Edu. (Master level)               20
  • Computer Science                                                   10
  • Current affairs/GK                                                  10

SESE(bps-14)  for DM (Up to Elementry level)

Subjects                                                              Marks

  • Urdu                                                                                15
  • English                                                                            15
  • Islamiyat/SST                                                               10
  • Fine Arts/Drawing  (Secondary level)                    20
  • Fine Arts/Drawing  (Master level)                          20
  • Computer Science                                                       10
  • Current affairs/GK                                                      10

Others subjects also making these same criteria like Urdu, Arabic, etc…

Sample Papers 2018

  1. Current Affairs
  2. G.K
  3. SESE 2018
  4. SESE Test

Above reading all instructions carefully, hope you have no confusion. If you have any confusion/Problem/question, then comment us, our team responds to you in 24 hours.


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