How to Prepare SESE Test (BPS-15)

One of the most common complaints I hear from those taking the SESE Exam is that there isn’t enough preparation material available. I’ll share some links below to prepare for the SESE exams.

In this article, We are providing all helpful information about SESE senior elementary school educators’ tests. To help you pass the exam, we will share interview questions and answers, past papers, exam tips, and sample questions. These preparatory materials will help you feel more confident during your preparation to achieve good results in the SESE test(BPS-15).

Note: The Punjab Board will Announce 12 Class result on 20th of October

The preparation is not easy. To become a secondary school teacher, you must pass the Senior Elementary School (SESE) Teacher Test. Many candidates want to know how to prepare for the SESE test. But they are unable to find valuable resources. is the best resource to find all this information in one place.

In this article, you’ll know about:

  • What is SESE in the education department
  • Qualification required for SESE (Arabic BPS-15)
  • Qualification required for SESE (PET BPS-15)
  • Qualification required for SESE (DM BPS-15)
  • Syllabus for written test
  • How to prepare for PPSC educators’ test
  • Why should we focus on  past papers
  • Links for sample papers
  • FAQs

What is SESE in Education Department

SESE stands for Senior Elementary School Educator. The Senior Elementary School Educator Test is a test for applicants who want to become teachers in government schools for children of classes 6-8. The standards of the written test will be based on subjects such as English, Urdu, Islamiat, and Social Studies, but these are not the only ones you will be required to study as certain other topics can also come into play.

Educators’ jobs are generally teaching jobs, and all of these are based on a BPS/Scale. In Middle School, SESE refers to Senior Elementary School Educators.

However, the Punjab Government has changed its policy. BPS-14th has been converted to BPS-15th. According to the upgrading policy, the salary for this SESE post will be 32000. Applicants for this position should be masters in the Arts or Science.

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Qualification required for SESE (Arabic BPS-15)

MA/BS(Honors) (16 Years of education) in ARABIC (at least 2nd Division)    OR

BA with Shahadat-UL-Almia (at least 2nd Division)

Professional Qualification

B.Ed.BS.Ed, M.Ed, MS.Ed, and ADE will be considered professional qualifications.

Note: The equivalence of Deeni Asnad Shahadat-ul-Aliya, Shahdat-ul-Sanvia Aama, and Shahdat-ul-Sanvia Khasa, awarded by approved Deeni institutions, will be determined based on Higher Education Commission of Pakistan Notification No. 8(61)/a&a/2017/hec/1260. This notification was issued on 13 October 2017.

Upon qualifying in English and Pakistan Studies at Bachelor (pass) Level from AIOU or another Chartered University, Shahadatul Alia Fil Uloomal Arabia Wal Islamia will be recognized as equivalent to Bachelor (pass) Degree by the Higher Education Commission.

Qualification Required for SESE (PET BPS-15)

MA/MSC/BS (Honors) (16 Years Education) in Sports Sciences/Physical Education (at Least 2nd Division) 

Professional Qualification

B.Ed.BS.Ed, M.Ed, MS.Ed, and ADE will be considered professional qualifications.

Qualification Required for SESE (DM BPS-15)

Master’s degree/BS (Honors) (16 Years Education) in Fine Arts (at Least 2nd Division) (16 Years Education) AND

Professional Qualification

B.Ed.BS.Ed, M.Ed, MS.Ed, and ADE will be considered professional qualifications.

Note: Degrees must be issued from a university recognized by the Higher Education Commission.

Candidates with degrees in Engineering, DVM, and Agriculture can also apply under the new educator policy.

test preparation for teachers

Syllabus For Written Test

The syllabus consists of one paper with MCQ-type questions and a duration of 90 minutes.

  1. Qualification-related Questions——– (80%)
  2. General Knowledge including Pakistan Studies, Current Affairs, Islamic Studies (Ethics             for non-Muslim candidates), Geography, Basic Mathematics, English, Urdu, Everyday Science, and Computer Studies.—————————-(20%)

Age and Gender

Male and Male transgender, Female and female transgender are eligible to apply for these posts if they have prescribed qualifications.

Male and Male transgender: 20 to 30 + 5 years general age relaxation in the upper age limit = 35

Female and female transgender: 20 to 30 + 8 years general age relaxation in the upper age limit = 38

Place of Posting 

Candidates who qualify can be appointed anywhere in Punjab.

How to prepare for PPSC Educator Test

To pass the exams, preparation and practice are essential. However, because everyone has a different background and different amounts of time to prepare, different approaches work for particular individuals. Here I’ll share some techniques that will definitely work for you. There are two ways to prepare for these exams. 

As these are subject-related exams, you’ll have to focus on the textbooks issued by the Punjab textbook board. You can go through all the material in these books until the 10th class or some higher grades. Once you are done with these books, go for online resources like notes, pdf, past papers, and sample papers.

These sites(Ilm ki Dunya and Gotest) must be kept in memory because this is the age of technology, whether you are a student, a professional, or someone else. You have to face many problems this way, so keep watching the site to get the latest information about the education system and all other news.

Why Should We Focus on  Past Papers

Past papers can assist you in preparing for the test and enhance your knowledge of the subject. By identifying your weak areas, you can make improvements to them.

When preparing for exams, understanding how previous exams were graded is essential. This will allow you to identify areas of improvement before the test so that you will not be surprised on the day of the test.

You should take as many practice papers as possible to prepare for the  PPSC educators’ exams. You can find past papers and sample papers on this website.

Links for Sample Papers

Here in this section, I will provide you with some links where you can download past papers for reference and prepare for your exams. These papers are in pdf format so that you can easily download them. These papers include science, social study, general knowledge, and current affairs.

I hope you’ll find this article, “How to Prepare the SESE Test(BPS-15),” very useful and informative. You will also find some valuable resources to download to best prepare for your PPSC educators’ exams.

If you have any questions or queries, you may leave a comment below. We’ll be happy to assist you in this regard.


Q. Where can we apply for the post of SESE.

Ans: You will apply online through the PPSC official website.

Q. What is the duration of the PPSC educators’ exam.

Ans: The PPSC educators’ exam will last 90 minutes.

Q. What is the pay scale of SESE teacher.

Ans: According to the new policy, the Grade is revised. The new grade is BPS-15.

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