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How To Prepare CSS 2023 Compulsory Subjects

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Here in this article, I will tell you about complete information and easy steps to prepare the css exams of compulsory subjects. Also, I will give data about the compulsory subjects where you can easily learn and prepare CSS test 2023. How To Prepare CSS Exam 2020

  • What are the compulsory subjects for CSS?
  • How much time is enough for CSS preparation?
  • How can I prepare myself for CSS exam?
  • What qualification is required for CSS in Pakistan?
  • how to start css preparation at home
  • How to pass CSS exams 2019 step by step guide
  • CSS past papers in pdf
  • CSS preparation books
  • CSS best preparation book for compulsory subjects


As all of you know that this css test is a competitive test and the following subjects are compulsory…

Subjects      Marks

  • English Essay 100
  • English Precise & Composition. 100
  • General Science & Ability. 100
  • Current Affairs 100
  • Pakistan Affairs.            100
  • Islamic Study. 100

Total.Marks                                      600


This point will be the most important at the time of preparation of css exam, because here you will need to manage the proper time and more hardworking needed, because this test will not be any simple nts test, this will be the competitive test for your bright future, and this taken by fpsc, so you need these three things for attempting your css test.

  1. Management of Time
  2. Hard Working
  3. Always be Motivated

So, adopt these three things, then you will be done your good preparation of css exam, and also making your bright future.

  1. Management Of Time

For your good preparation of CSS exam , then this point will be very important. If you want and your mind doing css after graduation, then you try to make your good Study level, means with intermediate study, you also need to study such subjects that will be benefits for your aim that will be coming after your graduation.

Role of Parents Should be very important for their children future, so nowadays they try to teach and making a mind of their children’s elementary or secondary level with that thing, which I mentioned in Urdu read it below…

>>Bata MahnatKroAor Mind Me Bita Lo K Tum Ne Agy Ja K CSS Hi Krna Ha…


The 2nd thing of your best and good preparation of your css exam is your hard working, this thing will be greatly effected on your success in your life and having a great status in society. Without hard working, no anyone can pass this competitive css test.

Total 12 Subjects, with 1200 Marks and keep in mind this is Not Mcqs Type Test and this is not relaxing able test. This Css test needed large efforts and hard working, then this will be possible to get your goal.


Any type of test, motivation is very important, it will behave like a backbone, so adopt this thing always if you want to best and 100% preparation of your CSS exam, then build up motivation and confidence, so this will be possible you will go to continue your hard working and manage the time.

Read:- National MDCAT Book

From the above two factors, this factor will be important for your preparation of CSS exam, and Passing with great marks and easily attempting And making your bright future. One thing in your mind many factors do effects on you and your hard working, maybe you lose confidence and not thinking about your goal and future and left the CSS, this will be of the big mistake of your life if you can do. SO Always think positive and always be motivated then no anyone stops you to go forward for getting your goal.


Here in this section, you just follow the above three points, then you will be able to pass the Css exam with more study with hard working and with full confidence. If you can do and follow above these 3 things then I grantee you, you can do anything, and you can easily pass the CSS exams with good marks.

  • Motivation & Confidence
  • Hard working
  • Time Manage


For CSS exams, candidates must be done your graduation like minimum BSc or BA with 1st division marks, then you are eligible for applying and appearing in css exam, that will be held in February. And this test not just for Punjab, but this test is for all Pakistani citizenship which are from anywhere, even from KPK, Balochistan or Sindh.


If you are the hardworking and motivated candidate, and you will not afford to CSS preparation in best academy or intuition, then don’t be worry, here I will tell you and guideline you to CSS preparation at home, just follow simple steps that are given below.

css syllabus 2023

  • Faith in Allah and fully confidence on yourself.
  • Make your mind to do this css test
  • Do Hard working in your home and studying those subjects more than you think I’m a little bit weak, and more focus on that subject and make a good grip.
  • No negative thinking about anything, because this thing makes you less confidence, so always be thinking positive
  • No think that I have no opportunity to study in the best academy where doing good preparation of css, you know many students who join these academies but not clear their css test, why? Even they paid many huge fees of the academy, books, and notes but not pass the test. BECAUSE the main reason is that CSS preparation depends on you. It means that can you are willing to do css? Do your hard work or not?
  • One would have great confidence and fully motivated, and willing and wishing to done css test and wanna become his future bright, this thing will not easy, yes, in talks this will be show easy, but it’s hard in real.
  • Compulsory Subjects plays an important role in your getting high marks in css exam.
  • Optional subjects it’s your hand and you can choose them that you have more knowledge about that subject and more focus on that subject, so this will also depend on you and your hard working.
  • So, you can do preparation of css exam at your home with great efforts and motivational
  • >>>>>>URDU SECTION<<<<<<
  • Simple c bat hy, Ghar me bhat k b apcss exam clear krskty ho, han ,muskil or tough hy but impossible tu nahihy. Ap ghr me bhat k mahnt kro, full concentartion k sat study kroaor main thing study kopora time do aorrelvancy k sat daily base par. Ap compulsory subjects ko 90 to 100 % prepare krn or ya ho sktahy, logune.keay hn ap css topper k interview utha lain, uhno nay din rat 1 kr de the or apne maqsad me kamyab b hoy. Ap ko kuch toppers k interview yaha iss site me melngy wo lazmi read out krn ta k apko pata chal jay or idea ho jay k unho ne apni css ki kasy teyri ki?Tu don’t worry ap ghr bhty teyri kr skty hn, apne ap py yakeen rakhn.


If you want to pass CSS exam then this will be possible and easily, here above I will tell you about css exam passing with great marks, so I mentioned above, so step by step guideline giving for the best preparation of css paper. SO READ CAREFULLY.


HERE in this section, I will give you past papers of css exam, because this will be also best help for the preparation of css exam 2019. I will give you here In PDF format and you can easily download from here, but these css past papers will very help to you in preparation of css paper.

CSS 2018 Past Papers Compulsory Subjects

  • English Essay                                    Download
  • English Precise & Composition     Download
  • Islamiat                                              Download
  • G.K & General Science                    Download
  • Pakistan Current Affairs                Download
  • Current Affairs & G.K                    Download
  • English                                              Download 
  • General Science                               Download 
  • css past papers 2016                      Download 
  • css past papers 2015                      Download 
  • css past papers pdf                         Download
  • css past papers                                Download
  • CSS 2019 Papers                            Download
  • CSS Papers 2019                            Download 
  • css past papers pdf                        Download
  • Past Papers of CSS Exam            Download 
  • CSS past papers 2017                   Download 
  • Css English essay 2016                Download 
  • css past papers of English           Download 
  • css past papers 2018                    Download 
  • Css Essay past paper 2019         Download 


Although all of you know that for the best and good preparation of CSS test 2023, so many books available in markets like Dogars book, Caravan book, Elmi book, and advanced publisher. And this test very competitive test. Many repeated questions came in the exam.


Many books for css compulsory subjects preparation available in the markets, but one will be the best book for your preparation.

3 Authors Books Name

  • Caravan
  • Advanced publisher
  • Jahangir Publisher
  • Elmi

But best preparation books for css exam 2023 that will be

Jahangir Advanced Publishers is the best one book for compulsory subjects for preparation of CSS exam 2023.

Hopefully, this article will be most informative and very important for the preparation of CSS exams 2023. If any question or confusion, then all of you asked here in the comment box, I ‘ll tell you a complete guideline.

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