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NTS Past Paper for SESE [BPS-15]

NTS Past Paper for SESE [BPS-15]

This article will be consist of NTS sample papers for educators wich having scale ( bps-15th ), This scale bps 14th according to the old policy, but now it will be converted into 15th bps scale. Here I will give you some past papers of SESE in the PDF format, you can easily from here. Also, I give you the most important MCQs questions available, you can read from here for preparation nts .

Sample Papers for SESE Test

Here I will give you some sample papers for SESE educators test, you can download pdf these past nts papers. And it will consist of different categories like PET, DM, Arts, Computer, and Science. SO here all category old papers available like a sample.

  • SESE nts past papers in PDF         [ PET ]                                           Download
  • SESE nts sample papers in PDF     [ DM ]                                           Downlaod 
  • NTS SESE Past Papers in PDF        [ Arts ]                                           Downlaod
  • SESE nts preparation past papers PDF  [ Science ]                                Downlaod
  • NTS papers download [ Current affairs ]                                              Downlaod
  • NTS past papers solved [ G.k ]                                                                Download

Most Important Questions for SESE Test

  1. Who was first Chief Justice of Pakistan?                                                  Abdur Rashid
  2. Which is the largest park in Pakistan?                                                        National Park
  3. Name the largest name of Dam?                                                                 Tarbela Dam
  4. The pound is crunchy of?                                                                                  Eygept
  5. Gaza is a famous city of?                                                                                  Palestine
  6. How many major sects of Islam in the world ?                                              2
  7. The second largest religion of this world?                                                     Islam
  8. Pakistan placed in world population wise?                                                     6th
  9. Don is a river of?                                                                                                  Russia
  10. Which is the largest buy of the world?                                                             Hudson Buy
  11. Nice is the name of … ??                                                                                          River
  12. Which river known ‘Father of  River ‘                                                                Amazon
  13. When Burma was separated from India?                                                           1937
  14. The sun most consist of only?                                                                           Hydrogen
  15. Hubble is…..   ??                                                                                                Space Telescope
  16. Super Nova is a … ??                                                                                         A dying star
  17. Time required y sunlight to reach earth…??                                                    498 sec
  18. which is the hottest planet in our solar system..??                                          Venus
  19. Name the author of ‘Spirit of Islam’…???                                                      Allama Iqbal
  20. The richest country in the world..??                                                           Switzerland
  21. Symbol of white flag..??                                                                                        Truce
  22. A balanced diet contains…?                                                                        macro and micronutrients
  23. Food is normally digested in the…??                                                             small intestines
  24. A gene is … ????                                                                                                 A Unit of heredity
  25.  Bacteria is reproduced by…??                                                                  mostly by the asexual method
  26. Cancer is also shown to be enhanced by…??                                              Components, viruses, heredity
  27. Chromosomes are …??                                                                               threadlike bodies that occur in nuclei
  28. Pedology is the study of… ??                                                                                  Soil
  29. Mango contains vitamins…??                                                                               A & C
  30. Mammals are…???                                                                                          warm-blooded
  31. Malaria is a disease that affects the… ??                                                            Spleen
  32.  Computer Monitor is also called..??                                                                   VDU
  33. Eight bites make… ??                                                                                                Byte
  34. The printed output from computer…???                                                         Hard copy
  35. To get a specific location in a document we use .???                                    Bookmarks
  36. Spreadsheet draws in … ??                                                                                  Ms. Excel
  37. Shortcut to open dialog box… ??                                                                          Alt+F12
  38. you can not close Ms office application…??                                                  Close from File Menu
  39. By default, the footer is printed on … ??                                                                   All Pages
  40. Which key used to insert a page break in Ms-office ??                                  Ctrl+Enter
  41. What is the greatest common factor between 24 & 64 ??                                     8
  42. A die is rolled and a coin is tossed. What is the probability that a 3 will be rolled and a tail tossed?      1/12
  43. Wendy has 5 pairs of pants and 8 shirts. How many different combinations can she make with these items?   40
  44. ( 11+901-53)*7 =                                                                                                                 6013
  45. Which is the first process does in BODMAS rule,???                                                Brackets

Hopefully, this article will be more helpful for all of you for preparing educator test (SESE). Here 45 more important questions with answer will be given. And also some nts papers are in pdf will be available, you can download from here.

If any question, confusion or suggestion then comments us or message us.

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