AFNS Test Preparation 2024

Nursing is one of the most caring and responsible jobs in the world. A nurse spends most of her time with patients taking care of them.

She checks out the medications, diet, and much more of the patient. A nurse has to make daily, weekly, or monthly observation reports that need to be presented to the concerned doctor later. Such qualities must exist in your personality before you join the Armed Forces Nursing Services (AFNS).

Pakistan Army provides a great opportunity for the females of Pakistan to become a nurse in military hospitals. These females go through a selection process for joining the Armed Forces Nursing Service. These nurses are awarded higher ranks like lieutenant, captain, etc. In short, they get lots of perks and benefits during the service, and indeed, it is one of the bright careers for females who want to serve the nation in war and peace.

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But how you can prepare for the AFNS initial test, what the syllabus of the AFNS test is, and what is the best way to prepare for the AFNS test are all the questions that are answered through our detailed guide below. In fact, we would help you prepare for the AFNS test with the easiest methods available.

AFNS Test Syllabus 2024

The AFNS initial test is based on two factors. First, candidates are required to let them handle the verbal and non-verbal questions that do nothing but show their intelligence level. Second, the candidates have to answer the questions on academics that they have studied in their latest degree or certification.

The AFNS test syllabus has three important parts.

  • Verbal Intelligence Test
  • Non-verbal Intelligence Test
  • Academic Test.

A candidate should be prepared for all these aspects of the AFNS test syllabus. Failing anyone may disqualify a candidate from the selection process. But how would you prepare for these tests? or what is the AFNS test pattern, right? Below is a detailed guide for AFNS test preparation for 2023. Go through each point thoroughly to have an accurate idea of what to do in terms of the AFNS test syllabus and AFNS test preparation.

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AFNS Verbal Intelligence Test

AFNS (Armed Forces Nursing Services) Verbal intelligence test contains some statements that require a candidate to answer as per the selection committee’s needs. There are 85 to 90 multiple-choice questions (MCQs) that decide whether or not the candidate is eligible for the post. The time allowed for these MCQs is 30 minutes only.

This was about the verbal intelligence test but how can you prepare for it? The best way to prepare is by buying an AFNS test preparation book. There are lots of books available online that help candidates prepare for the AFNS test. These books contain lots of exercises for a verbal intelligence test. Select a target every day and keep practicing. Also, there is plenty of online test exercise for verbal intelligence tests that are just one click away from your smart devices.

While you are practicing, take care of time and type of questions. Remember time can’t be ignored while you practice because it may affect your other portions of the test on the actual exam day. Try to practice them under the available time. In addition to this, don’t just blindly attend to these questions. Look at the type of question and the psyche behind that. This will help you in the questions that have similar backgrounds but changed scenarios.

AFNS Non-Verbal Intelligence Test

The successive test to the previous one is the non-verbal intelligence test. This test also has 30 minutes allowed and 85 to 90 MCQs to attempt. As the word itself explains that it contains no verbs (words), the test requires a student to find accurate shapes or symbols that complete thought or sense. We would highly recommend checking past papers and MCQs sample test papers for these sections.

As far as AFNS test preparation 2023 is concerned, you should buy an AFNS test preparation book or order one online from us that is only designed for the test. There are hundreds of books that particularly aim to prepare the candidates for this test. Also, you can check online quizzes that help in the AFNS test preparation. As discussed earlier, time and type of question should be the first things to be considered.

AFNS Academic Test

An academic test is a test of major subjects that the candidate has studied in his school or higher secondary school. There are 25 minutes given to solve 50 MCQs. The particulars of the academic part contain the following portions.

  • English Portion
  • Biology
  • Physics
  • Chemistry
  • World G.K
  • Pakistan Study
  • Islamic History

For the AFNS test preparation, you should be concerned about the academic books that you have already studied or you can buy/ order one that is exactly designed for the test. To know your AFNS test preparation level, attempt online quizzes that will give the best idea.

AFNS Past Papers

One of the additional ways is looking at past papers for AFNS test preparation. Note down important questions that have repeatedly come up in the previous papers. Later, scan them in the book to prepare them for the best. Past papers will help you for the actual exam you would sit in. It will also give you an idea from past papers about how the examiner asks questions of the candidates in the actual exam.

Best AFNS Test Preparation Methods

One of the most important things is the AFNS test preparation method. Following is a complete guide that will let you prepare well.

  • Make a suitable timetable that covers the entire study portion.
  • Keep daily targets and write them in a pocket diary.
  • Kidlin’s law states, “If you can write the problem down, then, the matter is half solved.” Therefore, write and complete the targeted portion of the studies.
  • Divide the number of topics into the number of days available. It will give a straightforward idea about how many topics we can prepare within one day.
  • Attempt mock exams or practice past papers.
  • Revise every Sunday.
  • Be patient and be consistent in your studies because success comes to those who work hard and bear tough situations.

To conclude, AFNS is a very secure and bright future for females who want to join the Pakistan Army as a nurse. You need to be patient and consistent in the pursuit of your dream. Indeed, success is not, then, indefinite.

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