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Gujranwala Board Announce 9th Class Position Holders 2023

Gujranwala board has been performing its duties since its inception. All the students affiliated with the board have always gotten what they came for. And this year, the board is set to keep that tradition. Very few students reach the top, and the committee proudly announces their names. This year, the board has announced position holders as well.

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The board will announce the 9th class results on 22 August, but they have announced the position holders beforehand. This is due to numerous reasons. We will talk about them. Let’s jump right into it and learn about the toppers this time.

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Importance of Position holders

Why are the board toppers so important? Before knowing that, let’s see who the toppers are this time.

1stKainat Zahra518
2ndUsama Aslam517
3rdSamar Fatima Hashmi514

Bravo! What a result this time. These grades are beyond excellent. If not for the subjective type questions, these students would secure full marks.

So, why are these position holders so important? This is because they inspire other students. Also, they are good publicity for the boards. The boards use their name to boast of their reputation as well. But more than anything, these students are the pride of BISE Gujranwala.

How they became toppers?

Becoming a board topper is not an easy job. Becoming one takes a lot of hard work, discipline, and consistency. But what are those things that a student has to do to become a board topper?

Firstly, the students have to become disciplined and focused. Early to bed and rise to make a man healthy, wealthy, and wise. The students have to focus on this as well. They are focused and follow strict schedules.

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Secondly, their concepts are clear, and they build the foundation of this success each day. It is not like achieving this success out of the blue.

Thirdly, the students work smartly. They use pairing schemes, past papers, and model papers to ensure they are well-accustomed to the board’s paper pattern.

Awards and accolades

What are the advantages these students get?

  • The board invites them to a lavish ceremony and honors them.
  • Schools and colleges offer them scholarships.
  • Every academy respects these students and offers them everything to stay in their institute.
  • Some boards take them on trips to Nathia Gali or Murree.

Foundation for Bright and Brilliant Future

Does becoming a board topper ensure a bright future? No. But does it ensure the foundations of that? YES. All the ingredients for a successful professional are also necessary to become a board topper. So if you are a position holder, you already have all the key aspects to lead a prosperous life.


So, you know about these students now. BISE Gujranwala has announced the results of the toppers. We also told you how you can become a topper as well. So, what is the thing that is pulling you behind? It is time to stop and reflect on it. You are reading this article; this means that you value your performance and are a goal-oriented student. Keep it up, and you will be successful.

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