9th Class 2023 Position Holders Announced Latest Update

All the Punjab boards have announced the 9th class position holders. So if you are here to know about these board toppers and want to score like them, this article will benefit you. Students have achieved a lot this time. These kids do not know where to stop. We are amazed.

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This blog will discuss when the boards announce the position holders and how you can become a board topper. So what are you waiting for? Start reading the blog and now begin the journey of becoming the topper.

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When does the board announce the toppers?

So, when does an educational board announce the toppers usually? The answer is simple. The boards announce the toppers at least one day before the regular results. For example, if the matric result was on 31 July 2023, the toppers were declared by 30 July 2023.

Here is the schedule for this time.

9th class result date22 August 2023
Toppers announcement20 August 2023
Supplementary examsAfter matric results in 2024

The toppers are announced a day at least. This is because the boards have to announce their results in special ceremonies. This is done to encourage these students.

Let’s head to the section where we will tell you who these hard-working students are.

All the board toppers 2023

LahoreLaiba Shahid520
RawalpindiRimsha Akbar518
SargodhaAns Ali519
GujranwalaMohammad Afnan519
SahiwalSarim Khokhar523
FaisalabadHafiz Mohammad Rehan517
BahawalpurTaiba Waheed515
Dera Ghazi KhanFaisal Munir518
MultanAnas Sheikh519

It is time to score like the position holders.

Now, it is time for you to score like the position holders. But how can you do that? I will give you some basic pointers. For a detailed guide, you can always read our blogs.

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Let’s discuss the main things that every student needs to become a topper.


The first thing you will need is discipline. If you are not disciplined, you cannot achieve anything in life. Hence, it is essential to be focused, know what is good and bad for you, set your priorities, and move forward. Why do you think you and the board topper have the same 24 hours daily? But the other student becomes a board topper? It is because he or she is disciplined.


The next important thing is to believe in yourself. Our education system or schooling system fails to develop confidence in students. This isn’t good. But those students who break out of this matrix become the toppers.


You have to be consistent. Thinking you will get the best results without being consistent is stupid. Hence, you should work each day with the same consistency to achieve success.

Parting thoughts

As we end our examination of the achievements of 9th-class position holders, keep in mind that their success is also feasible for you. The road to becoming a board topper may appear complicated, but with discipline, self-belief, and persistence, you may successfully travel it.

These characteristics not only lead to academic success but also to personal development. So, set your sights high, trust yourself, and begin your road to excellence now. Your journey has just begun.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the expected date of 9th class result 2023?
The expected date is 22 August 2023.
What is the total marks of 9th class?
The total marks are 550
How much percentage is required to pass class 9 2023?
You need 40% marks to pass.
Is 80 a good percentage in class 9?
Yes, it is a good percentage.
What is the maximum marks of 9th?
The maximum marks are 550

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