Punjab boards: Position holders of 9th class

Thousands of students take 9th-class exams each year. But only a selected few reach the top positions. A lot of hard work and dedication is involved when you want to become a board topper. It takes consistency, blood, and sweat to sit on the summit.

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All the Punjab boards announce the position holders each year. In this article, we will talk about the position holder for this year and those students who have achieved this feat in the past.

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So without any further delay, let’s get right into it and discover how to achieve the top position.

Punjab boards position holders

Here are the position holders for this year. The total marks in SSC part 1 are 550. So, it is commendable if students were able to score this much.

1stAqsa Farooq520
1stCh-Tabish Siddiq520
2ndAyesha omer519
3rdMossadiq Shahbaz517
4thHafsa Ali516
Punjab boards position holders

These students didn’t become position holders since day one. Nor did they get any special treatment. But they proved themselves by doing their best. Now, it is time for you to do the same as well. And you have that ability as well.

Later in this article, we will tell you how you can do it.

Punjab board toppers result date and time.

So, when do the Punjab boards announce their toppers? It has been a long-running tradition that the education boards in Punjab announce the position holders a day before the result date.

For example, if the result date is 22 August 2023, the boards will announce the toppers on 25 August 2023.

This way, they can televise their results and hold a ceremony. These board toppers get rewards and tours arranged by the board. For example, BISE DG Khan takes the position holders on a tour of Nathia Gali or Murree Hills.

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It is an old ritual but has also been subjected to much critique. People point out that private schools and academies use these publicity stunts to advertise their institutes and businesses.

This is why the boards have contemplated terminating this custom as well. Whatever happens, we will break. The news on The Educator.

How can you study harder to become a position holder?

So, let’s talk about how you can also become a position holder. We have compiled some tips and tricks for you. But if you want a detailed article, let us know in the comments below.

  • Focus: First of all, you need to have focus. If you cannot focus on your studies and procrastinate, you will not score well.
  • Time management: The next thing is time management. You have the same brain and 24 hours a day like a topper. But what is the difference between you and them? They use their time wisely.
  • Consistency: Hard work alone will not yield success. But if you work hard each day with consistency and perseverance, you will ace the exams.
  • Past papers: Once you have studied the entire syllabus, study past papers. Most of the questions get repeated.
  • Pairing schemes: Boards announce pairing schemes for subjects like Chemistry, Maths, Physics, Biology, English, Urdu, etc. You should use these to prepare for final exams.

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Frequently Asked Questions – FAQs

Here are some of your questions on related topics.

Who is the topper of the Punjab board?

Aqsa Farooq became the topper by scoring 520/550

What are the passing marks for Class 9 in Punjab Board 2023?

The passing marks are 40%.

What are the total marks for the 9th class on the Punjab board?

The total marks are 550.

What are failing marks in the 9th class?

You fail if you score below 40%.

Is 80 a good percentage in class 9?

Yes, it is a decent score.

What are the new passing marks for FBISE?

Per the new policy, students must score at least 40% to pass a subject.

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