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BIEK: 12th class result date 2023

The Board of Intermediate Education Karachi will announce the 12th-class results on 20 October 2023. So far, the news is mere speculation and came from anonymous sources within the board. We must work with this and consider it the truth until anything is confirmed.

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You must follow our website for the latest news to get confirmed information. Otherwise, you won’t be able to keep yourself up-to-date. You have to worry about your studies and leave these matters to us.

This article will discuss the result date for BIEK 12 Class results. But that is not the end. You will also get information regarding how to choose a university and what you can do to get admission as fast as possible.

So let’s get down to business.

Karachi board 12th class result date

So, the supposed result date is out. You have to wait till the 20th of October, 2023. But there must be one question in your mind, how is the board taking so long before they announce the results?

Well, we got an answer for you. So far, you must have noticed that there is a set amount of time before any educational board announces the results. This is because it takes a lot of time to complete the process.

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Paper checking is a responsible job, and you cannot do it without spending some time on it. It is not like the AI is fast enough to do this job 😀

So, the paper checkers must take some time to do this job. That is why the boards take at least 3-4 months to announce the results.

But they also have a calendar that they are following. Hence, they can announce such dates beforehand.

2nd annual exams 2023

If you have failed a subject, unfortunately, you can clear that subject in the 2nd annual exams. This was an amendment to the board’s policies regarding improvement and supplementary exams. Before, the students had to take supplementary exams, but now they only have to take a one-second annual exam to clear the failed subject.

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How to choose a university?

So, how are you going to choose a university? Well, the subject isn’t that hard if you ask me. But again, I am talking about having so many experiences in the field of education. For most of the students, by the time they are in their 1st year or second year of the university, they realize that the university is not for them.

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But by that time, it is already too late. So, a certain degree of career counseling is required for this decision. We urge you to find the best options before applying to any degree program.

For example, pre-medical students do not know what to do if they fail to secure admission to a Medical or Dental school. It is extremely hard to decide for you guys since you are already under the stress and depression of not achieving your dream. There are many options for you guys in allied health sciences, like:

  1. Pharm-D
  2. DPT
  3. DVM
  4. Nursing
  5. MLT
  6. DMLS

And many more!

For pre-engineering students, the engineering field is too vast. There are just too many options. Students have to see the pros and cons of each degree program.

But how to choose a university? Obviously, you have to see the current trends of marks that students have obtained in FSc. Also, you have to study the previous merit lists to better understand your standing. If you can secure an admission with your marks, go for it.

Always remember the important dates as well. You do not want to miss any date. You will not get considered if you fail to send the admission form even by a single second.

But the most important thing is whether you enjoy your degree. There is a famous quote that goes by this:

Choose a job you love and you will never have to work a single day in your life.

So, always go for your interests.


The article offered advice on selecting a university and addressed the rumored date for the announcement of the Karachi Board 12th Class results. Although the precise date has not yet been determined, chances are that result will come out on 20 October 2023.

Students can retake failed topics at the second annual exam. Analyzing academic achievement, considering personal hobbies, and being mindful of significant deadlines are all crucial when selecting a university.

A successful educational journey will be aided by making an educated choice and obtaining a degree in an area of interest.

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