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BIEK: 11th class result 2023

So, BIEK Karachi has decided to announce the 11th-class results in November 2023. Our sources have claimed that this decision isn’t official yet. But the Karachi board officials have decided that they will announce the date very soon.

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So, returning to the topic, the Karachi board has announced that they plan to announce the results in November. But the exams are ongoing, so who can they announce the results? We will answer these questions in this article and some BIEK stats.

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So if you want to know more, let’s get to business.

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Karachi Board result date 2023

So, the Karachi Board for intermediate education has announced the result date even before the exams are finished. But how? Well, it is because all the educational boards in Pakistan run on a set schedule and timetable. That timetable is not made public, but the board officials know about it.

One of those board officials is our source, and according to our sources, chances are that the Karachi board will announce the results for the 11th-class students in November.

All you can do is prepare for the exams and do your best. We will keep you updated regarding the important news and updates.

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Some BIEK statistics

While you are going waiting for the results, here are some important stats from 2019

ProgramsCandidatesPassing ratio
General Science454236.63
Commerce regular4302130.7
Commerce Private600020.28
Humanities private967027.12
Humanities regular1562617.66

Seems like 2019 was a hard year for the intermediate students. But keep in mind that these stats are only relevant to that year. We included them in this article for educational purposes. After 2019, we saw the 2020 situation. All the students passed that year. The next year, most students passed their grades with exceptional marks.

This eventually butchered the criteria. But as the situation has normalized in the past few years, these stats seem realistic. Hopefully, it will be better in 2023.

Stop worrying about the result!

This is one thing we always tell our readers. You should stop worrying about what can go wrong and get excited about what can go right. What you could do was during the exams. The students can prepare using past papers, pairing schemes and other tactics we have covered on our website.

But if you worry and get stressed about things you cannot control, it will only ruin your preparation for the 12-class exams.


Although the decision has not yet been made public, the BIEK Karachi intends to release the results for the 11th grade in November 2023.

The board authorities have an internal plan for declaring results even during examinations. This timetable is anticipated to be followed by the Karachi board.

Students are urged to concentrate on their tests and do their best while waiting for the results. For educational reasons, further data from 2019 regarding passing rates for various programs are supplied. It’s crucial to remember that since then, things have changed.

The scores shouldn’t be a concern for students; they should instead focus on getting ready for their 12th-class tests. On the blog, relevant news and updates will be posted regularly.

You can click here to find out how to check the results. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the HSC Part 1 result announced?

No, the results will be announced in November.

How do I check my BSEK results?

You can check your results by visiting the official website or sending an SMS to 8583

What is the full form of bise Karachi?

The full form of Karachi Board is the Board of Intermediate Education, Karachi.

What is the total marks of HSC Part 1?

Total marks in part 1 are 550

Who is the chairman of Bise Karachi?

The chairman of BIEK is Dr Saeeduddin.

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