PMDC: MPhil and PhD are not basic sciences

As the medical colleges suffered from a lack of PhD teachers in basic sciences, PMDC surprisingly refused the status of MPhil and PhD in the basic sciences from other universities.

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You should remember that the universities have received letters from PMC regarding this matter. These letters were proof of PMC’s acceptance. But PMDC has rejected that status, which has threatened the future of many doctors who have received certifications in MPhil and PhD.

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This article will tell you more about the story and how this decision clashes with HEC.

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PMDC refuses to recognize postgraduates from general universities

As we have told you before, medical universities already lack PhD teachers. This made it virtually impossible for doctors to pursue postgraduate degrees. The medical universities only had a few options, and most students didn’t get a chance.

That is why PMC, the former governing body, had sent letters to general universities that MPhil and PhD were not clinical degrees; they were research-based. That is why they didn’t need PMC’s recognition. Hence, many doctors got admission to these general universities and obtained certifications in these postgraduate programs.

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Many students got worried as their future was in peril after PMDC’s recent remarks. PMDC has suddenly decided that it will not recognize these certifications.

You should also remember that PMDC didn’t consult with its academic board while making this decision.

“Council will decide the fate of those who have graduated earlier,” – Hina Shokat.

Meanwhile, all eyes were on the PMDC spokesperson. Hina Shokat said that PMDC had deleted these registrations, while the PMC had undo this decision. Now, they are returning things to how they were.

She also stated that those students who already have done their postgraduate in general sciences should wait for PMDC’s decision. However, doctors are prohibited from enrolling in new admissions.

Requirements as per the PMDC act

Hina also pointed out that those universities who want to get recognition from PMDC shall apply for it as per PMDC Act. After the inspection, they will be granted an NOC.

She further said that universities can apply as per section 25 of the said act and must fulfil the criteria. To register for a PhD program at PMDC, you should have at least 3 PhD teachers. But if a university wants to register for an MPhil program, you should have at least 1 PhD.

A clash with HEC

This is not the first time PMDC has meddled with other people’s business. Previously, they have tried to meddle in the Pharmacy Council’s business, stating that pharmacists cannot use the prefix “Dr.” While they had no authority to tell what pharmacists can and cannot do. HEC has also allowed pharmacists to use this prefix.

Now, PMDC is doing the same thing all over again. Chairman HEC has stated that PMDC does have the authority or right to recognize the credentials of PhD or MPhil. This right belongs to HEC.

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