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For any country, its air force is crucial for measuring its military strength. Fortunately, the Pakistan Air force has always been strong and constantly improving. Its professionalism and discipline have won many wars in our history. We all grew up listening to stories about legends like Shaheed Rashid Minhas, who sacrificed his life to protect the nation from its enemies. Every Pakistani saw how our air force defended the land of Balakot and defeated the Indian air force soldiers. Wasn’t the tea fantastic? Anyways, the air force is an integral part of our firepower, and its strength is the strength of our army.

Fascinated by these stories, many young Pakistanis aspire to be a part of the air force and apply each year. And what if I told you that you could be a part of PAF as a commissioned officer? Yes, you heard me right. You can apply for a designated officer position in PAF if you have a degree. Read this article for some more information.

You can also join PAF as an airman.

Fields available

The fields which are available to you are as follows

  • Logistics
  • Engineering
  • Doctors and dentists
  • Special duties
  • General Duties
  • Air defense

In the SPSSC, candidates can apply in the education and engineering branch. While in SSC, they can go for MET, air defense, and accounts branches.

Keep in mind that there are numerous other Air Force departments as well. You can ask about them in the comments section. Candidates can further learn about them on the website.

Permanent commission

Soldiers with a Short Service Commission, Special Purpose Short Service Commission, or Extended Service Commission  are qualified for a Permanent Commission (PC) following 3 years of commissioned duty under the requirements listed below:

  • The officer is younger than 36 years
  • Minimal grade of yearly OERs from the previous three years as high average
  • No adverse remarks
  • Good record in all areas

Soldiers who meet the qualifying standards are considered for the ISSB, and officers suggested by the ISSB are reviewed for PC. Female officers pursuing PC may be recognized after ten years of commissioned employment. The PC dates would correspond to the notification day.

Eligibility criteria

Eligibility criteria are different for a different post. But before we discuss this, let’s discuss what makes you intelligible for the tests.

  • If ISSB, GHQ, AHQ, or NHQ have rejected you twice, you cannot appear for the third time.
  • You will not get a third chance if you have been through the screening by SSB.
  • If SSB or ISSB has rejected you even once
  • The candidate is unfit as per AFAMB
  • If any court convicts the candidate
  • The candidate has provided bogus information in the application form.

But now, let’s talk about the eligibility criteria. They are different for different posts. We will give you the criteria for some posts here.

Logistics SSC
NationalityPakistani (male)
Marital statusMarried or unmarried
Age18-30 years
Height163 cm
Training6 months
EducationAt least 2nd division from an HEC-recognized university in BBA, BSCS, BSIT, BS.
Accounts SSC
NationalityPakistani (male)
Marital statusMarried or unmarried
Age18-30 years
Height163 cm
Training6 months
EducationAt least 2nd division from an HEC-recognized university in BBA, B-Com, MBA, ACCA, ACMA, BS accounting.
A & SD (Admin) (Permanent Commission)
NationalityMale Pakistani
Marital statusMarried or unmarried
Age16-22 years
Height163 cm
TrainingThree years at PAF Academy Risalpur resulted in a BS in Aviation Sciences and Management from Air University Islamabad.
Education1st Division in Fsc pre-engineering, or A levels with physics, maths, and biology.

How to apply

You can apply by visiting the official website of PAF. There, you have to register. After completing the registration process, you can apply for your required post. Make sure that you have read the eligibility criteria carefully. For specific information, refer to the advertisements

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