HEC: Universities stopped from granting NOCs and affiliations to new institutions

Are you interested in the recent decision by Pakistan’s Higher Education Commission (HEC) to suspend the issuing of NOCs and affiliations to new educational institutions? This ground-breaking initiative tries to address the deterioration of educational quality. Join us as we investigate the reasons for this decision and its implications for the higher education environment.

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The HEC has advised all public sector Higher Education Institutions to cease awarding new affiliations to institutions. This is an excellent move for improving the quality of education in Pakistan.

Universities stopped from granting NOCs and affiliations to new institutions

This decision was made in reaction to rising concern over the growth of educational institutions that lack proper facilities and teachers, resulting in lowered educational quality. Violations of these guidelines will result in non-recognition and severe action.

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Addressing Quality Concerns

The decision to prohibit new connections stems from real concern about the deteriorating quality of education delivered by various universities and institutions.

Many organizations lack critical infrastructure, skilled professors, and auxiliary facilities. These flaws unavoidably impede students’ educational experiences.

The HEC hopes that prohibiting new affiliations would reduce the practice of affiliating schools that do not fulfill the appropriate requirements, ensuring that students obtain a high-quality education.

Non-Compliance Issues

Despite the HEC’s unambiguous guidance, certain public sector HEIs continue to award new affiliations to colleges and institutions without following HEC guidelines.

This frequent noncompliance raises severe concerns and jeopardizes attempts to improve educational standards.

Furthermore, universities must remove all the ads and promotional campaigns for awarding the affiliation.

Implications for Affiliated Institutions

The HEC’s decision will have consequences for both schools seeking affiliation and those already connected. Universities will not issue NOCs until they have ensured that the institutions fulfill the criteria. This ensures that only institutions that satisfy the required requirements get the affiliation.

Extensions may be given to institutions with current connections provided the HEC nominee is included on the Affiliation Committee for renewal.

Compliance with these guidelines is critical to prevent potential repercussions.

Ensuring Quality Education

The HEC intends to guarantee that only universities with suitable infrastructure get affiliations by evaluating the Affiliation Criteria.

This strategic action will improve educational quality by boosting learning experiences and student prospects.

It represents the HEC’s dedication to maintaining educational standards. This creates an atmosphere suitable for academic advancement, eventually contributing to Pakistan’s socioeconomic development.


The HEC’s decision is an important step toward boosting higher education quality in Pakistan.

The HEC attempts to guarantee that students obtain a high-quality education by resolving infrastructure, faculty, and auxiliary facilities issues.

All public sector HEIs must follow these directions and collaborate to raise educational quality in the country.

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