Download Naib Tehsildar Admit Card 2023 NOW

The Punjab Public Service Commission has announced seats for Naib Tehsildar, and the testing procedure for the recruitment has started. Those candidates who have applied for the post can download their admit card and take the test on 18 June 2023. In this article, we will discuss how you can download the admit card, the exam date, and further instructions regarding preparation.

So if you are eyeing the position of a Naib Tehsildar, what are you waiting for? Continue reading the article and learn how to improve your chances for the exams and more.

Naib Tehsildar Admit Card 2023 [DOWNLOAD NOW]

Naib Tehsildar is a position that anyone will want, based don’t the authority this seat offers. Hence, thousands of candidates have applied this year for the test. We will reveal the date for the exams later in this article. But before the exams, there is one crucial thing that you need.

The important thing that you will need is your admit card. You cannot enter the examination center if you do not have an admit card. This card will work as your ID card for that particular exam. And the candidates can download their admit cards from their portal.

But if you do not know how to download your admit card, don’t worry. We will tell you in this article how to do it.

So without wasting any more time, let’s get right into it.

  • First, visit the official website
  • Then, click on the announcements section
  • Find the naib tehsildar option
  • Click on it, and a new webpage will open
  • Fill in your details and click on “Submit.”
  • Now, your admit card will appear on the screen. Download it.

See, this is how easy it was to download your admit card.

Naib Tehsildar exams date

Now, let’s come to the exam date. Although we cannot access your admit card, we know the expected exam date. Most probably, the exams will start on 18 June 2023. So buckle up!

There is not much time left for the preparation. Most of the time, we tell the candidates not to worry. But this time, maybe you should get worried a bit.

We got your back! Read the following section to learn some tips and tricks for preparation.

How to prepare for the test?

How to prepare for the test? This is a question that all the candidates ask us. And we have the same answer for all of you. You can follow some tips to get better marks in your PPSC exam.

  • Manage your time wisely. You should know how much time will be allocated to you, and you should try to attempt to guess papers in that time restrictions.
  • Prepare using past papers. They are the best resource since you will know about the paper pattern.
  • Most of the time, the questions are asked repeatedly. So, the past papers are your go-to option.
  • Study the PPSC preparatory material regularly


So this is it; we hope you prepare the best and get the success you want. The exams will start on 18 June 2023, most probably. The students can start downloading their admit cards from the website. We have told you how you can do that. Just remember one thing; focus on the preparation and not the results. Once you do that, nothing will bother you.

Frequently Asked Questions – FAQs

Here, you will get answers to your most frequently asked questions.

What is the time slot of Naib Tehsildar in Punjab?

The time slot will be different for different groups of candidates. Make sure you read your admit card for the details.

Is Naib Tehsildar a gazetted officer in Pakistan?

Yes, naib tehsildar is a gazetted officer in Pakistan. It is a class-I officer and the Deputy Commissioner’s principal Agent.

How many attempts are there in PPSC?

Usually, you can appear 3 times for PPSC for a specific job.

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