HEC Undergraduate Education Policy: Internship for BS students made mandatory

HEC has announced an undergraduate education policy (UEP). According to this policy, students will have to complete an internship of at least 9 weeks during their time as a student. And this internship is not limited to their main subject. This means that students can do internships in other areas as well. This will give them industry exposure. A good step by HEC.

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Besides this reform, HEC has stated that students must complete 30 credit hours of general education and at least 72 credit hours of specialization. This will also include a 3 credit hour project. In this project, they must apply their theoretical knowledge to find practical solutions.

It is a good opportunity for those undergraduate students who want to apply for scholarships. If they publish their project in a reputable journal, it is like a 5-star review on their application.

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Students can divide this 9-week tenure if they cannot complete it in one go. But, they will have to explain the reasons in writing.

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HEC has made it mandatory for students to do this internship. In that case, it also calls for the universities to sign MOUs with the industry to facilitate their students hunting these internships. This is a good move by HEC, as students will get industry exposure. It will also fill the gap fresh graduates face in the job market.

We hope these changes will be fruitful for our country one day.

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