UHS does reforms in the examination system – BS Nursing Admission Update

Are you interested in the most recent nursing education developments in Pakistan? The nursing evaluation system at the University of Health Sciences (UHS) has recently undergone considerable adjustments to align it with worldwide norms.

In this blog, we will look at various reforms, such as creating a new question bank, adopting a centralized entrance and examination system, and installing a biometric attendance monitoring system. Let’s look at how these improvements will improve education programs and prepare students for worldwide job prospects.

Development of a New Question Bank

UHS has created a new question bank for nursing examinations to replace conventional questions with organized multiple-choice and straightforward questions to achieve these objectives. The institution has conducted special seminars for faculty to use current methodologies and strategies for producing test questions.

The UHS Department of Examinations has initiated a faculty training course to equip examiners to develop new questions. The seminars are designed to teach around 30 instructors how to create structured multiple-choice and short-essay questions that span the whole curriculum and have high subject validity. The seminars will assist faculty members in improving their skills and developing new question styles that adhere to international standards.

Centralized Admission and Examination System

UHS has created a consolidated admission and examination mechanism for BS Nursing programs and constructing a new question bank. This system will include Objective Structured Practical Exams (OSPE) and Viva from a prescribed unified curriculum for BS Nursing. The unified entrance and assessment system will guarantee that all students, no matter where they live or institution, are judged solely on a consistent curriculum and get the same quality of education.

The new method will improve the standard of nursing education and students’ abilities. Students can now access the same good education and standardized testing system, preparing them for worldwide job prospects.

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Biometric Attendance

UHS has implemented biometric attendance essential for BS Nursing students to guarantee that the students attend courses regularly. This technique eliminates the potential of proxy attendance and ensures that students attend class to learn and improve their abilities. The method will also assist faculty members in frequently monitoring their students’ attendance.

The biometric attendance system ensures students take their education seriously. It will also assist students in developing a sense of duty for their academics, which will aid students in their future jobs.

Commitment to Quality Education

UHS Vice-Chancellor Prof Ahsan Waheed briefed the attendees and underlined the significance of nursing education. He added that nursing was among the essential areas of medical sciences and that they would uplift its standards. He further stated that due to their professional abilities, Pakistani nurses are in a growing market in Western and Arab nations.

UHS strives to offer high-quality education. Therefore, it strives to guarantee its nursing graduates have the skills and information to flourish in the global healthcare business. Hence, implementing a consolidated admissions and examination system is essential for achieving this aim.

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To enhance the level of nursing education in Pakistan, the UHS has introduced essential modifications to the nursing examination system. These reforms include the creation of a new question bank, the establishment of a centralized entrance and examination system, and the implementation of a biometric attendance system. UHS hopes to produce professionals that will fulfill the international demand through these measures.

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