MDCAT from any province acceptable in the entire country

PMDC has announced that they will allow MDAT from any province for the sake of admissions. This means that students who want to get admission to universities and colleges from other provinces in Pakistan need to take this MDCAT only. The entry test from their province will be acceptable all over Pakistan. MDCAT will be conducted on 10 September 2023

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According to the reports, more than 150000 students have registered for the test. And the number is expected to jump to more than 2 lac this year. We are talking about country-wide numbers here. And above that, PMDC has allowed students to make final changes to their applications on 6 and 7 August. So make sure to correct any mistakes in your application.

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Also, UHS has declared that you will need MDCAT for admission to allied health sciences such as DPT, Anaesthesiology, MLT, Doctor of Pharmacy, and other healthcare professions. So, this decision is crucial as a student in Sindh can apply to any of these programs in Punjab based on the MDCAT he or she took in their province.

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Whether this decision facilitates the students or not, only time will tell. We still have to consider multiple aspects related to this announcement, such as whether it is just for students in other provinces or now. Whatever the result may be, we know that PMDC will make decisions for the sake of students.

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