School timings in Punjab 2024

Winter has arrived, bringing changes to the everyday routines of special children in Punjab. To ensure that kids are safe and comfortable during the cold weather, the Department of Special Education has decided to adjust school hours.

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New schedule

According to a recent announcement, school hours for special children will be altered from January 10 until the end of February. Monday through Saturday, 9 a.m. to 2 p.m., with a shortened day till noon on Fridays.

This adjustment is intended to accommodate the unique requirements of special children and to keep them safe and warm throughout the winter. The Department’s participation demonstrates their dedication to establishing a caring and inclusive learning environment.

Change of rules

Aside from changing school hours, the Department has made further alterations to assist kids in dealing with the cold. Recognizing that warm clothes might be costly at times, they have changed the dress code.

Students can now wear sweaters and jackets of their choice in addition to their uniforms. Not only does this keep them warm, but it also helps children to express themselves, making the classroom environment more friendly.

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These changes demonstrate a better understanding of the difficulties that unique children encounter throughout the winter. The Department is attempting to ensure that external influences do not impede learning by addressing both the amount of time spent in school and the requirement for warmer clothes.

More holidays in winter

School schedule changes are part of a more significant response to winter. Prior to this statement, the government had prolonged the winter vacation, delaying the resumption of all schools until January 9. The delay was required due to the persistent cold weather. It was initially scheduled for January 1.

This move is consistent with what other provinces have done, such as Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. The winter vacation has also been extended until January 7. But not everyone agreed. The Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Private Education Network (PEN) protested the decision and begged officials to reconsider. This is because the private schools have to pay the teachers and do the rest of their work. Such changes in the schedule hurt them financially.

Final words

The changes in school times for special children in Punjab are a great move as we approach the winter season. It is more than just changing the clock; it is a comprehensive strategy that takes into account students’ requirements, comfort, and personality. Relaxing clothing regulations and prolonging the winter vacation demonstrate a thoughtful and sympathetic reaction to the cold weather’s concerns.

Finally, the steps done by the Punjab Department of Special Education send a clear message: education should not be compromised, especially during the winter. Punjab ensures that the warmth of learning remains for its special children by making these considerate changes.

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