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Study in Spain without IELTS

Spain has emerged as a popular destination for international students seeking to study without the burden of IELTS. For those of you who don’t know, IELTS stands for International English Language Testing System. And why do students try to avoid it? Well, sometimes, it can be more challenging for students to pass this test and get the grades required for various scholarships across the globe. Scholarships are available for Bachelor’s, Master’s, and PhD programs, with the Spanish government announcing over 850,000 chances for the forthcoming academic year 2024-2025.

DegreeBachelors, Masters, PhD
Scholarship CoverageFully Funded to partial
Eligible NationalityAll Nationalities
Awarding CountrySpain

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The Spanish government provides scholarships and technical training programs supported by the Ministry of Education. These scholarships acknowledge extraordinary academic accomplishments and allow students to continue their studies without having to take the IELTS.

One interesting aspect of studying in Spain is that some colleges offer English programs without requiring IELTS scores. This is beneficial for students who may struggle with language examinations but perform intellectually. Spain is all about making education available to everybody.

Why you should study in Spain?

Spain has both public and private universities that are not just economical but also do not require IELTS. Because the application procedure is simple, it is a popular choice among foreign students. With a plethora of scholarships available, Spain has become a popular choice for students worldwide.

Spain is famed for its rich culture and customs, and its 76 institutions attract students. These institutions provide a broad educational center for students from all backgrounds by offering a wide choice of programs in numerous subjects.

Universities in Spain with no IELTS

We spoke about Spanish universities offering scholarships without IELTS. Let’s talk about some examples that you can go for

Universidad Antonio de Nebrija

It is a private university in Madrid and has been operating since 1995. The university has 7 schools, which shows that it offers degrees in diverse fields of study. These 7 faculties are education sciences, law, political science, economics, engineering, and psychology.

The University of Salamanca

This is one of the oldest universities in the world operating since 1218. It is located in Salamanca and has a rich history and culture that will inspire you to do well in whatever program you are studying. The University of Salamanca, a public sector university, is the oldest Hispanic university and has more than 30000 students from across the globe. So, the international student community is something to look forward to.

Pablo de Olavide university

Open since 1997, UPO is a public sector university located in Seville. It has more than 10000 students in various undergraduate and postgraduate programs. UPO openly welcomes international students and has signed MOUs with about 268 universities across the globe in different student exchange programs. In 2010, it enrolled about 600 international students. If you do not want to take IELTS, UPO will welcome you with open arms.

University of Valencia

Located in Valencia, this university is another old university located in Spain. It started back in 1499 and has currently enrolled more than 50000 students. Most of the courses here are taught in Spanish, which is the reason you may not have to take IELTS. Only a few degrees are taught in the English Language. UV has three main campuses, and you will fall in love with each one of them.

Required documents

Although different universities will have different sets of requirements, these are some generic documents that each university is going to ask you for. So, get them ready before you go for any applications.

  1. Application form
  2. Academic certificates
  3. Detailed Marks Certificates
  4. Statement of Purpose
  5. Recommendation letters
  6. Resume
  7. Passport
  8. Passport-size photographs
  9. Financial support proof
  10. Visa application form
  11. Health insurance coverage
  12. Acceptance Letter
  13. Accommodation Confirmation

Some of these documents are required when your application is accepted and you have been awarded admission.

Fully-funded scholarships in Spain

If you want to apply for fully-funded scholarships, these are some options that you have.

Spanish Government Scholarship

Suppose you think you have the proper credentials in curricular and extra-curricular activities. In that case, the Ministry of Education, Spain, is looking out for students for students who can win this scholarship and enhance their education while studying in Spain.

European University of the Atlantic Scholarship

The European University of the Atlantic has twenty slots available for the Specific Training Program for Students, which will be offered alongside the Computer Engineering degree.

UIC Barcelona Scholarship

Known as the Excellence Scholarship, UIC is looking out for students with excellent educational credentials to apply and study in Spain without any financial concerns. Are you one of them? If you are, then apply now.

How much money do you need to study in Spain?

The table below will help you understand how much money you will have to spend in Spain if you wish to study in public sector universities. Of course, if you have a fully-funded scholarship, you do not need to worry about it.

Annual fee400-1000 USD
Undergraduates12.50 EUR to 36 EUR per credit hour
or, 750 EUR to 2100 EUR annually
Masters and Doctorate5 EUR to 55 EUR per credit hour
or, 900 EUR to 3300 EUR annually


Spain is the ideal destination for those seeking a high-quality education without having to take IELTS. It is a favorite choice because of the various scholarships, lack of language constraints, and different educational opportunities. Spain welcomes learners from all over the world to explore, study, and prosper in an environment where language tests are not required.

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