Educators AEO Past Papers

Educators AEO Past Papers In PDF- AEO Sample Papers

Educators AEO Past Papers In PDF

Here I will give you some latest past papers solved for Assistant Education Officer ( AEO), As you know that this AEO will be a 16-grade scale so its preparation will be necessary to clear this test.

So here I will give you some past papers for educators(AEO), you can download from here. And also I give the most important questions related to this post in this article.

  • NTS Past Paper Solved free download
  • The most important question with the answer

nts past papers solved

NTS Past Papers Solved Free Download

Here in this category, I will give you some latest past papers of nts educator for AEO in PDF format.

  • NTS preparation ( AEO )                       Download
  • NTS Sample paper ( AEO )                   Download
  • NTS paper ( AEO )                                 Download
  • NTS sample paper (AEO)                     Download
  • NTS MCQs                                               Download

The Most Important Questions With Answer

There are some most important questions with answers given below, you can prepare from here

  1. The Punjab University will be established in ??                                                              1887
  2. Responsible for curriculum planning and development in Pakistani is ..?                Curriculum wing
  3. Relationship of the subjects at a different level is called…?                                           grin emotion
  4. Being the science wisdome philosophy aims at…                                                             search for reality
  5. The Deoband academy was totally                                                                                       None Government
  6. The first head of Deoband is…                                                                                              Malana M. Yaqub Nanautw
  7. Scientific society was established by…                                                                               sir Syed Ahmad Khan
  8. A major objective of the Aligarh Movement was to promote…                                        Scientific look
  9. The Education Conference 1947 was held in…                                                                 Karachi
  10. When the National Education Commission was established in                                    1959
  11. Who was the head of National Education Commission …                                               S.M Sharif
  12. Charter Act was presented  in…                                                                                             1813
  13. She has not seen her family… three years                                                                            for
  14. I have no … the motive in offering this advice                                                                    ulterior
  15. Opposite meaning of Optional                                                                                               compulsory
  16. Opposite meaning of degenerate                                                                                           progress
  17. If x^2-9<0 ??                                                                                                                             -3<x<3
  18. m is equal to a square of t, what is the value of m, when t=2                                           4
  19. Find the area of a right triangle, base=3cm and height=4cm                                         6cm^2
  20. Find the perimeter of a triangle if base 5 cm and height 4 cm                                           20 cm
  21. If A=B/5 and 10 A =14, then B=?                                                                                             7
  22. 24% of2=?                                                                                                                                      0.48
  23. If 8*8=4^x, then a value of x=??                                                                                             3
  24. If Bilal type can type 3 pages in 50 min, how many pages types in 5hour..                  18
  25. Atom has larget 2nd ionization energy                                                                                 Sodium
  26. Atomic radii increase in…                                                                                                       Top to bottom in Group
  27. The relationship between Ionic association and conductivity…                                    Inverse
  28. Modern periodic table of elements…                                                                                   Mendeleave
  29. The minimum energy required to use in a system called…                                               Activation Energy
  30. The pollutants damaging the building…                                                                               No2 & So2
  31. Carboxylic acid has a higher boiling point than the corresponding alcohols

because of the…….Ans= H.bonding is much stronger in carboxylic acid than in alcohols

32. Guanine and adenine are nitrogenous bases                                                                       Purines

33. Which part of the pistol services as the conduit for entry of pollen tube to reach ovary and the fertilized egg                       Ans=  Style

34. Two organisms live in a close association with each other. one organism is helped to the association, whether other will not help and harm to the association, best describe the relationship…        Commensalism

35. If the thymus gland is taken out in a three-year-old child, what problems will the child experience later in life ??

Answer= He will be prone to viral and fungal infection

Here all above 35 most important questions which are taken in AEO test, these questions many times comes in the NTS test, so all of you can prepare these question, that will be benefits for you. These questions will be arranged from last 5 years educator test paper.

Hopefully, this article” Educators AEO Past Papers In PDF” will be helpful for all of you, these both categories nts past papers solved papers in pdf and 35 important questions with the answer will helpful for also of you. If any question, confusion or suggestion, then comments us or message us or email us.

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