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For us, education is of utmost importance. To have a good education, we must take care of it. Assistant Education Officers’ jobs are announced from time to time by the Punjab government.

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You can clearly understand the exam pattern and difficulty level of each paper by examining the sample papers. provides valuable resources like past papers, sample papers, and important questions and answers that you can use to prepare for your AEO exam.

The Punjab government is going to announce many jobs in the education department. A summary of 16000 jobs has been signed and moved forward. Once the Chief Minister Punjab approves it, Govt. will announce these jobs. The time will run out if you don’t prepare beforehand.

In this article, you’ll learn about:

  • What is an AEO job
  • Role of AEO
  • Why should you focus on past papers
  • The most important questions 
  • Solved past papers free download links
  • FAQs

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What Is an AEO Job

AEO stands for Assistant Education Officer in the Punjab Education Department. The Assistant Education Officers, commonly known as AEOs, are employed at BPS-16 and are responsible for monitoring and analyzing government schools and improving their performance.

Primary schools are assigned to AEOs and sometimes elementary schools as well. AEOs can sanction causal leaves to teachers in primary schools. The performance of an AEO’s Markaz is judged according to a combination of access and quality indicators.

Roles of AEO

  • Conduct school examinations in a fair and equitable manner.
  • Maintain a high standard of education.
  • Taking responsibility for the results of students
  • Provide suggestions for improving overall academic performance.
  • Maintain up-to-date financial and administrative records.
  • Assist the headteacher in maintaining the school’s records.
  • Ensure that all service-related matters are handled, including service records and performance evaluation reports.

Why Should You Focus on Past Papers

By identifying your weak areas, you can work to overcome them. The past papers will assist you in preparing for the test and improve your knowledge of the subject.

You can identify areas for improvement before the test by understanding the marking scheme for past papers, so you won’t be surprised on test day.

Taking as many practice papers as possible is the best way to prepare for exams. Past papers and sample papers are available on this website.

35 Most Important Questions 

Listed below are some of the most important questions with answers that you can use to prepare for your exam.

Q1. The Punjab University was established in?

Ans:  1887

Q2. Who is responsible for curriculum planning and development in Pakistan? 

Ans: Curriculum wing

Q3. The relationship of the subjects at a different level is called?

Ans: Vertical organization

Q4. Being the science wisdom philosophy aims at?

Ans: Search for Reality

Q5. The Dar ul Uloom Deoband academy was totally…

Ans:  Non-government

Q6. The first head of Dar ul Uloom Deoband was?

Ans:   Malana M. Yaqub Nanautwi

Q7. Scientific society was established by

Ans: Sir Syed Ahmad Khan

Q8. A major objective of the Aligarh Movement was to promote

Ans: Education

Q9. The Education Conference 1947 was held in?

Ans: Karachi

Q10. When was the National Education Commission established?

Ans:  1959

Q11. Who was the head of the National Education Commission?

Ans: S.M Sharif

Q12. Charter Act was presented in?

Ans:  1813

Q13. She has not seen her family… three years.

Ans:  For

Q14. I have no …  motive for offering this advice.

Ans: Ulterior

Q15. The opposite meaning of Optional is?

Ans:  compulsory

Q16. The opposite meaning of degenerate is?

Ans: Progress

Q17. If x^2-9<0?

Ans:  -3<x<3

Q18. m is equal to a square of t. What is the value of m when t=2

Ans:   4

Q19.  Find the area of a right triangle, base=3cm, and height=4cm  

Ans:     6cm^2

Q20. Find the perimeter of a triangle if the base is 5 cm and the height is 4 cm.

Ans:    20 cm

Q21. If A=B/5 and 10 A =14, then B=? 

Ans:    Seven (7)

Q22. 24% of2=? 

Ans:    0.48

Q23. If 8*8=4^x, then a value of x=?

Ans:    3

Q24. If Bilal can type 3 pages in 50 min, how many pages can he type in 5 hours?

Ans:  Eighteen (18)

Q25. Atom has larger 2nd ionization energy  

Ans:   Sodium

Q26. Atomic radii increase in

Ans: Top to bottom in a group.

Q27. The relationship between Ionic association and conductivity is?

Ans:   Inverse

Q28. Modern periodic table of elements?

Ans:   Mendeleave

Q29. The minimum energy required to use in a system is called?

Ans:   Activation energy

Q30. The pollutants damaging the building are?

Ans:   NO2 And SO2

Q31. Carboxylic acid has a higher boiling point than the corresponding alcohols because of the?

Ans:   Hydrogen bonding is much stronger in carboxylic acid than in alcohols.

Q32.  Guanine and adenine are nitrogenous bases.

Ans:     Purine

Q33.  Which part of the pistol serves as the conduit for entry of the pollen tube to reach the ovary and the fertilized egg?

Ans:   Style

Q34. Two organisms live in close association with each other. One organism helped the association. Whether others will not help or harm the association best describes the relationship.

Ans: Commensalism

Q35.  If the thymus gland is taken out in a three-year-old child, what problems will the child experience later in life?

Ans: He will be prone to viral and fungal infections.

The 35 most important questions above are taken from the five years of educators’ past papers. These questions often appear in the test, so you can prepare them, which will be beneficial for you. 

Solved Past Papers Free Download Links

I have included some of the latest past papers of educators in this category in PDF format for your convenience.

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We hope the article “Educators AEO Past Papers In PDF” will provide you with valuable information. The past papers in PDF format are presented along with 35 important questions with answers. If you have any questions, concerns, or suggestions, please do not hesitate to comment, message, or email us.  


Q. Is there a minimum qualification for applying for the AEO

Ans:  Yes, Master’s Degree /BS (Honors) (16 years of education) in English, Urdu. Physics. Chemistry. Botany. Zoology. Biology. Mathematics. Statistics and Computer Science is required for the post of AEO.

Q. What is the pay scale of an AEO’s post

Ans: The AEO’s position falls under BPS-16.

Q. What does AEO stand for

Ans: AEO stands for Assistant Education Officer BPS-16.

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